Shipping Container Wooden Door Part 2/2 – Living Tiny Project Ep. 007

As you can see we do have a door now. Well, as promised before, this week’s episode is gonna be all about the… how we installed this wooden door on our shipping container house. Actually, this is the second part of the episode. That’s true. If you didn’t watch part one, that’s how we installed the metal frame and how we cut the container and all that, you can click on the link below, on the description below there is a link. Or here. Or here, yeah. So now that, I guess, you stopped, you watched the first part, let’s talk about the second part. So, the first part is all about the preparation of the wooden door. So, it’s about the sanding, painting, assembling the… the metal parts. The metal parts. And the second part, how we installed the wooden frame on the metal frame. So… And how we solved the problem. Oh, yeah. That’s true. if you watched the first part, you know that we had a problem, we had a gap to solve in between here. But, let’s talk about that later on this episode. Yeah. So, let’s go to the part one. Now he are going to try on and see if everything works. Is that done? Mission accomplished? First step accomplished. We still have to do the little… how you call it? You know. The other side, the other metal pieces. Ok. Let’s keep working then. Well. Now, next step. I still don’t know the name of this part. I think it’s hinge. Something like that. So. We need to carve a spot for this to be flush with the wood, and position on place. So… Let’s get to it. Let’s get it started. So, this one was way quicker. Yeah. I guess the trick is because before… at first I do like a deeper cut, straight cut, and then I take off the material like this. Yeah. If I do in the right thick… thickness… the first cut makes a lot easier. Then just like keep going down
like this. So, you just put down like this and then you just take off like this, I guess. Good. Yeah. Indonesian style. It’s pretty cool how last year I had one day of wood carving class, back in Indonesia, if you didn’t watch that it’s gonna be
the link for the top here or in the description below, and the one class that I had actually helped me a lot to do this part of this task. Yeah. It’s crazy because just to learn the position of the chisel. And why are you using this side of the tool? I guess, you see, there is like this angle and this straight angle, Yeah. If I do like this tends to go up and then I don’t cut too much. if I do like this tends to go down and I
end up cutting too much. So. it’s less risky to do like this. Like always the last one is the best one. We are ready to do some sanding and then we can finally paint the door. Which color? I don’t know yet. Yeah. We don’t know about the color yet. But, we’ll eventually get there. But first, we’re gonna try to build a support, so we can hang the door from the side, so we can paint without touching the floor. Let’s try to do it. So now that we installed all the metal
parts, I guess we can go to painting. Yeah. She doesn’t like to paint. But, we need to do it. Actually, when you paint you waste a lot of paint and material, material in general. So, I’m too environmental for that. Yeah. The truth is painting is never really green. Yeah. I mean, sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do. This door is gonna be outside and in Brazil we have a really humid weather it rains a lot, and it’s.. I don’t know, some people say that we should just leave the wood as it is, But, I think wouldn’t last for too long the door. I know. Just, the climate here doesn’t help. Maybe if we were in a different country would help. Maybe in another part of the country, because Brazil is too big. Yeah. But, basically we needed to paint. And that’s how we did it. Painting is always a mess and what I really don’t like about painting is that you need to do quick. And do something quick when you don’t know what you’re doing is stressful. It’s really stressful. And she always get mad at me, because I’m not too nice when I’m, you know, in a hurry. And I don’t know if the compressor is gonna just… the paint is gonna dry on the compressor… And when I finally put the camera on place he moves around. Yeah. So that means, we don’t have too much footage about painting. We always have some footage, but not all, because it’s just, I don’t know, it’s just a crazy moment to paint. But somehow we managed to get to this point. You are getting better, actually. We still need to do some finishing on the painting. But for now it’s gonna stay at it is. Do you remember that he had a problem on the first part of this episode? Yeah. We thought the gap in between the wooden frame and the metal frame would be a big problem to solve, because we did a mistake on the size, I mean, how wide was a metal frame. In the end, actually… it was… not a problem at all. It was actually a solution. Yeah. It’s funny how sometimes we need to do things wrong, even though we know it’s wrong. Don’t get confused. What I mean by that, is that I know how we should prepare a wooden frame to be installed, a door wooden frame to be installed. I have seen many videos, I have seen
people doing it, I never done it. So, this frame we started doing in the proper way. As you remember when we built the metal frame around the door we actually built the wooden frame and made sure it was squared as you’re supposed to do. We just nailed a few pieces of wood to make sure the square would stay on place. But, after that, the door, the wooden parts, stayed in another container for like… A month or 2. Yeah, maybe 2. Yeah. The main problem is that we had other stuff to do, like the ceiling, the other stuff that you saw already. So, while we did that we storage, we stored the door the door and the frame on another shipping container, that is always closed. So, it’s really hot inside and here is humid. There is no insulation there. There’s no insulation and here is hot and humid. So, of course after a month and a half or two the frame was up straight anymore. Before you guys say anything, we know this is not the right way to do it. So, basically the square we had was not a square anymore. So we decided to do in a different way, that’s not the right way. But, worked for us. Yeah. We took all the pieces of wood that we put, we nailed there, we took off. And then we assembled… So, yeah. We basically we had a door that was all loose and not, it was not straight at all, the frame. This was the gap we were talking about. In having this gap helped us to push and pull the wooden frame as much as we want, to whatever direction. So, in end was really good to have this gap, because we got to make the wooden frame straight again. So, what we did, we cut a few pieces of wood and whenever we need the wooden frame to stay on that place and not go any further back, we is slip this wooden piece in between the frame, the wooden frame and the metal frame, and then we screwed right on the middle. So, that means that the wooden frame
could not go further than that. Yeah. And whenever we wanted the wooden frame to go further, because was banded on this direction and we wanted to do like this we didn’t put the wooden piece there, so, we just screw and with this screw we could control how deep we would put the screw. And now, I guess it’s squared. It’s not, of course, never is 100% squared, but it’s enough. We do have a door now. It’s actually really tight. Great. I can lock the door now. But, somehow we managed to put all the parts together and now we have, basically a door. And then we put the foam, the expensive one. expended expenss… It’s expensive as well. It’s also expensive. But, expansive… expanded. I don’t know. The foam that you just… expand it. That expands. So, now we have the frame on place, we have the foam on place and the door is finally on place. So, last thing we need to do is to give the last layer of painting. So, we need to sand it again, to fill the gaps again, sand again. And then decide the color and we can paint the door. And we didn’t do the finishing of the frame on the side because we are gonna do insulation here. So, in the future when we do the insulation we’re gonna do the finishing. For now it’s just gonna be a what it is. Yeah. So, … Next week we’re going to talk about how we installed aluminum windows in this shipping container. Because that’s the only door that’s gonna be a wooden door, all the windows, the other windows, that we have another 8 windows. And another two doors they’re gonna be made out of aluminium. Yeah. And glass. And glass, of course. So, next week is gonna be the part one of the installation of aluminum windows and doors on the shipping container. I hope so. So, see you guys next week. So, now let’s talk to camera 2. Camera 2 It was nice to use you for the first time. Yeah. I really like you. You are nice. Not really, the menu is a little bit confusing. You’re a small, you are light, you look cool. But your menu is terrible. Yeah. That is the first time we are using this camera. What else should we talk about?

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