Shipping Container Home In Ecuador | Tiny House Interiors

Shipping Container Home In Ecuador When the owner of this home was a kid he wanted to decipher the mechanisms of old clocks; as he grew older his passion for mechanics continued with motorbikes and landrovers So it’s natural that he wanted a utilitarian home he could also dismantle just like the elements of a clock The whole house is designed for disassembly, meaning it can be broken into modules and transported to a different location if necessary To highlight the containers‘ legacy, and with it their scratches and dents, the architects removed the factory paint from their exterior skin In contrast, the interiors were painted sanitary white or clad in light wood, making them more habitable These design decisions, along with large windows everywhere, indoor-outdoor patios, and a balcony on the top floor fill the industrial home with natural light, air circulation while enhancing its connection with the peaceful Ecuadorian outdoors

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