Shipping and Receiving | Hat Films SEXY MUSIC VIDEO

BURP Oh I need those lyrics up, Ross Little bitch It’s there, It’s ready It is rolling This is for us (Wild Echoing) So me and Ross in the living room Watching a documentary about Ants *In disbelief* What?! It’s late at night Feeling sleepy and i’m wearing really tight pants Oooooh Ooohh Oohhhh Then I decide I don’t wanna watch Stuff about *Insects* So I reach for the remote control But all I think about is hot sex! *Really sexy moan* I notice you going to reach for it So I try to pass it to you *Orgasmic yelp* Our hands touch for the first time But hopefully not the last, it’s true *Exhales loudly* I blush. You blush We both blush *Shocked gasp* Then I get an erection When you show some affection Slow down we’ve been friends for so long I don’t want you to take this wrong I always wanted to taste your dong What?! I’m not sure, feeling scared. It’s a lot to take in. But when I think of my future, all I picture is him *GASPS* What??? Let’s go upstairs i’m feeling hot And I need to cool off Grab some towels, grab some oil I think Trott’s in the bath Who’s that?! Come on in The water is *fine* *Exaggerated Moan* And i’m feeling randy Cause i’ve been drinking red wine Take it off All your clothes This bath’s feelin’ empty And much like my Butthooooooole There’s room for plenty Hah Hoh Urgh Oh Ehh Blehhh I blush. We blush. Now let’s get to the FUCKING! Yah Fuck! Ehoowww Agh Ohawwoo Woooahow *More screams*

100 thoughts on “Shipping and Receiving | Hat Films SEXY MUSIC VIDEO

  1. What the f*ck did I just watch. I'm so confused as to why I watched this. Anyway… I don't even know. Have a good day lol

  2. This is just … Amazing.
    How did you connect and rhyme insects with 'hot sex' I have no idea, but you did it. You sure did 😀
    Great song & job 😀

  3. I look at them then they look at ne then i look at them then they look at me then i ran a fast to a female

  4. What the fuck.
    this was actually hilarious. trott's bit when he say ''the water is fiiiine'' broke me…

  5. Well let's be honest we all knew something like this was going to happen eventually Also this song is strangely catchy.

  6. I love this, but unfortunately there's a guy in one of my modules that both looks and sounds like Trott, I can't look at him without thinking of this…

  7. me and 2 of my friends were listening to this in the car and me and one of my friends knew the song while my friend in the passenger seat looked like he was having vietnam flash backs.

  8. Trott killed the subtlety. Just…. shot it in the fucking face, the instant he turned up. Not that there was much to begin with…

  9. This is definitely top 5 at least for me of everything you guys have done. Love it so much. Reminds me of Flight of the Concords a lot too XD

  10. Why have I never heard of this until now??… Wtf 😂😂😂😂

    Also all I can think of is Sips and Sjin and the red matter explosion destroying their Shipping and Receiving 😂😂😂

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