Ship to Shore: Introduction & Overview

The Ezra Lehman Memorial Library website is
your gateway to an incredible array of information resources and tools. This tutorial will introduce you to the major
features of the website and our most important library services. You will be introduced to the discovery search,
research guides, research assistance, and our Ask Us Anything search box. The library homepage includes all the important
features about which we will learn in this tutorial. The Discovery search box is a simple way to
get started finding sources on any topic. This box searches for most of the library’s
books and articles in one step. You will learn more about the Discovery search
in our other tutorials. Research Guides are a key way to find the
best sources for your particular assignment. These include individual Subject Guides designed
for each major, Course Guides made for specific classes, and one-hundred Topic Guides covering
the most popular current research topics. A team of library faculty and staff are ready
to assist you with your research needs. Research assistance is typically available
in-person from 9:00 a.m. to midnight, with librarian help until 9:30 p.m. During the afternoon and evenings, library
staff serve as your first line of assistance, helping you with basic questions, and by referring
you to faculty reference librarians for more in-depth help. There are many different ways to contact a
librarian. In-person assistance from a reference librarian
is available through face-to-face, chat, and phone most days until 9:30 p.m. Or, you can
always text or email a librarian for help, 24×7. When emailing, please use your Shippensburg
University email address and include your full name. A research consultation is the best option
for in-depth assistance. If you need help with a research assignment
or project, you can sign-up to meet individually with a librarian who will help you get started
with your research. Just choose a day and time that work well
for you. Please fill out the appointment form completely. Be sure to include your name, Shippensburg
University email address, class, and assignment details. When describing your assignment, please give
as full a description as possible. For example, tell us “I am working on a
10 page paper about symbolism in fairy tales such as Sleeping Beauty. I need help finding scholarly journal articles.” – That would be much more helpful than just
telling us “I am researching fairy tales.” Research guides are some of the most important
pages on the library website. Choose Research Guides when you want to find
library resources for a specific class or on a specific subject or topic. There are two main ways to find research guides. You can browse alphabetical lists by category,
or search by keyword. For example: Imagine you are in a Psychology class, Psych
355, taught by Professor Morin. You can browse for the appropriate Course
Guide easily by clicking the “Psychology” link and choosing PSY355. When available, Course Guides are the most
helpful pages because they have been designed specifically to help you with assignments
in your class. For example, the “Biographies” page on
this course guide provides students with a comprehensive list of biographies, by psychological
condition. These are the books students need to use in
order to complete their class assignment. The second way to locate research guides is
to search by keywords. Imagine that you are in a psychology class
that doesn’t have a course guide. You could use the Ask Us Anything box to search
by the keywords “psychology articles”. In the Library column, you will find the available
research guides. The Psychology Guide listed first is a good
example of a Subject Guide. Choose these guides to identify the most important
databases and background sources in your subject area, for example, the most important psychology
databases. Searching by keyword is also an effective
means to find one of our 100 specialized topic guides or to search our detailed list of campus
Frequently Asked Questions. For instance, if we search on the phrase “financial
aid” – in the Library column, we see a great example of a topic guide called “Higher
Education Funding”. Imagine that you are writing a paper or giving
a speech on the topic “financial aid and the problem of college debt” – this Higher
Education Funding topic guide would lead you to excellent high quality sources for your
research. On the other hand, if you were looking for
Shippensburg University policies or information about financial aid, this same Ask Us Anything
search box will find the most important Frequently Asked Questions on the topic. If you need help with finding and using library
research services, contact a librarian. We will be happy to help!

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