Ship Of Monsters

This is an atom. This is the universe. An atom is infinitely small. The universe is infinitely large. However, everything is ruled by the same laws. Man has learned to release the power of the atom and with it wants to conquer the universe, but he dreams of leaving the earth and leaving his seed on a distant planet, perhaps with the subconscious desire of starting a new race, one that will remain ignorant of atomic power and warfare. And that is a planet known to us. Lets go, on a characteristically dark night, to Venus. A night in which they’re organizing the most important planetary flight in their history. Gamma, Commander in Chief of the interplanetary craft. The last male has died on our planet due to the atomic scourge. You will fly to other planets in search of males to make the most perfect of them the founder of a new race. Have you understood the scope of your mission? I will bring the most beautful male specimens to Venus and the most perfect of them will sire the new generations of Venus. And you Beta, foreigner to Venus, daughter of Ur, planet of shadows, you’ve been assigned as a companion to Gamma on this heroic quest. You are the best navigator of your people. In you we trust. The elliptical orbits coincide. You must go. The Ship of Monsters The left motor has lost two tons. Looks like our guests have started a party. We should be patient with them, they’re males deprived of liberty. We’ve kidnapped them, we can’t imagine they’d be happy about it. The left motor!
I told you. Freeze the males. It’s necessary to make an emergency landing on the nearest planet. I don’t recognize that planet. It’s Antarssis 135-sub-2, planetoid of the 4th order. How do you know? Before the men of my planet disappeared because of the atomic war they left all their knowledge in my electronic brain. They planned on exploring that planetoid, then later decided it was not worth it. It is inhabited by beings that seem to be intelligent, but they do not know what they want and enjoy destroying each other. It has an atmosphere! Dense, comprised primarily of oxygen. The friction could set our craft on fire! Brakes! Emergency cooling! We’re entering the atmosphere. The temperature has tripled. I hope the structure will hold… A wishing star! Lets make a wish! I hope for a pretty girl, but one who loves me.To the star that crosses the firmamentI ask you to give me a divine loveto get me off the road, on the back of a horse,looking but not finding, someone for my affections.I want her to be not too fat and not too skinny just make sure she’s full of life!the say around here that I’m a bad guythey swear it by judge and jurythey say I’m a crook and a liar and I chicken out in the endbut know that it’s not true, my horse’ll tell you I never lieWhat’s going on, man’s best friend and you’re dumping me on my head? Good thing we’re alone, if you had said that in front of anyone else I’d have to plant my boot in you.To the star that crosses the firmanentI ask you to give me a divine lovea divine loveBreathable atmosphere, normal temperature. Odd vegetation.
Yes. Let’s explore while Torr finds the problem. Liar, man, liar! Hey, don’t start raising false accusations! If I’m lying may the ground open swallow me up, along with all of you! Well, just Tero then. I swear what I’m saying is true! It was by the big lumber yard, two bandits popped up behind me and bam! They fired a shot. Well, I heard the sound of the bullet two times. First when the bullet passed me, and then when I passed the bullet. The only thing I could think was that I only had one shot in my gun. And what’d they do? They kill you? Well, even dead and all I would’ve let you know, I’m reliable. Well, I pulled out my gun and my knife, put the knife in the very center of the barrel, I fired a shot, the bullet split in two, and bam, right between the eyebrows. Both of em? Well, one flinched a lil and I got him in the eye. You should’ve seen how he cried, and since he only had one eye it was more of a trickle than tears. And that wasn’t all, with all the noise from the bullets the dinosaurs woke up! Now you’re just talking gibberish. When have you seen dinosaurs in Chihuaha? Go to the big lumber yard just as the sun comes up, near the north side and you’ll see, its infested. Infested with dinosaurs! Well, small dinosaurs, not too much grass to eat near there. But fine dinosaurs, boneless, wonderful plumage. There I was, in a crowd of dinosaurs, all crowded up very friendly-like and there was a 16 point stag with black hair and blue eyes! A black haired deer? Bear. Didn’t you say it was a deer? Just let me tell the story. Anyway, I approach the bear- With blue eyes. French bear. I pointed, got closer- With what weapon? With a stick! You’re telling me that you attacked him with a stick? No, the stick was to move the branches. See, you move the branch and there’s the bear. But don’t run, get close to him, eye to eye, breath to breath, and once you’re close, throw crap in his eyes. And where would I get it? At that point you’d be swimming in it Ruberto. Anyway, so there was this 16 point stag- The bear. The deer dummy. I got my .30 carbine- Didn’t you say you were weaponless Laureano? Let me tell the story Ruberto. I aimed and at 1000 meters I got him in the hoof, the wrist and the ear! And how’d you manage that? I got him while he was scratching. I’m sick of this, you’re just a liar! I bet you don’t even know how to draw your gun! Know what? I’ll even let you draw first? Hey man, wait! Both of us together. He’s cheating! However you want it. Heart or head? Don’t shoot man, don’t shoot! Don’t get so puffed up Ruberto, it doesn’t become you. Even less now that you’re losing weight. I mean, c’mon, you’re just a whistle, a sigh, a wisp. You’re dehydrated even. Anyway, don’t take it like that, lets have a drink like friends. It’s cuz you’re always making up stories man. Get us a drink! Let me see-
Don’t look a gift horse in the mouth. So how many drinks have I had? Five. Man, I can only handle 4, at 5 I’m overdrawn, I’ll be seeing real dinosaurs soon. What do you mean, real? The other ones weren’t? I mean, dinsosaurs with bones. Those are the kind that’ll eat you. Anyway, time for me to get going, I’ll drop by some other time. A human being! Like us! The kind that no longer exist… Over there maybe. Hey hey, you cowardly animal, it’s not like you saw- Wow… Looks like you screwed up star, I only asked for one. What am I supposed to do with two? ooo, ooo, uh, no Eenie meenie miney moe. Why don’t you speak to me in spanish? Are we on Antarssis 135-sub-2? Antarssis 135-sub-2? Nah, I think that’s a cotton camp over near Torreon, now you’re in Chihuhua, Mexican Republic. Mexico? Mexico, Mexico, Mexico. Mexico, Land of God. And in Chi- Mexico: Semi-tropical country situated between the north and central meridians. For all they’ve tried the Mexicans haven’t been able to destroy it. Races: White mixed with Indian. Area: 2 million square kilometers. Population 30 million, people are hospitable and gracious, but hot-blooded. huahua, where the people are fine and valiant, with big hearts. Room enough for all the ladies. And all the men are like you? Well, what should I say? Well, the rest of em can take care of themselves. I have to say that I’m of the finest stock. Well, what street are you looking for? What town are you from? Or are you with a circus? Circus? And wh- Circus: A popular human diversion. Men and animals interact here. Animals do human jobs and humans do animal jobs. Like so. ere is it at? The tents should be here soon. Goodbye and thanks for everything. Now wait, hold on, don’t flake out on me, why you going so soon? We can’t stay. What do you mean- What’s going on? Man, now I’m tellin lies to myself looks like, and in bulk! Laureano, you have to admit you have good taste. The males are in hibernation. When will they be in condition to begin the return trip? Before the next solar cycle. The robot captured on Palis, the dead planet, is making the repairs. He’s incredibly able. Good. Take care of the males. I should inform you that on this planet there are males very similar to our species. Capture the most beautiful one bring him back. We’ve located him, when the craft is ready we’ll trap him. Understood, good luck. The radiation is increasing. Take him away Torr. He’s a male, a strange and terrible one, but a male nontheless. We’ve kidnapped him and we shouldn’t victimize him further. Very well. You’re the leader. We’ll put them in a secure site while the repairs are finished. So what’s going on Lolobrijida, what’s new? What? Speak up, I’m feeling a lil off today. What? You wanna sleep in the house? Nope, you’re sleeping in the barn tonight, cuz tomorrow I want cold milk and alot of it, you’ve been dry lately. Well, it hurts my heart to tell you, but if I don’t, who will? They’ll be safe here until the ship is ready for takeoff. It’ll be a good hiding place. Torr? I need to speak to them. Unfreeze them. Uk, enough! Men of the planets, I ask you to hear me. The craft that was taking us to Venus has suffered an accident, but soon we will be ready to resume the voyage. We don’t want to go to Venus. We’re free men of the galaxy, we demand our liberty! I follow the orders of the Council. You are Venus’ guests. I’m sorry. Guests? Prisoners, you mean. You’ve had the nerve to kidnap us and freeze us. I am Tawal, Prince of Mars, and I shall never forgive you. Me Uk, me King Fire planet! Me free! I am Crassus of the Red Planet and I will devour your entrails by the light of Utare and its 7 moons. You don’t have the right to take our freedom. You can’t control the atom. My race lost their material form but we lived on regardless. Our visage as well as our power is terrible. Give us our liberty and none shall harm you. On Venus you shall be free and happy. Now! Torr? You must hurry with the repairs. And now to our most agreeable prey. Huh, what’s this? Weren’t you figments of my imagination? Pardon us, can you tell us how to get to town? You want to get to St. Ignacio the Greater or the Lesser? I don’t know, wherever there’s lodging. Well, in St. Ignacio the Greater there are no hotels and in St. Ignacio the Lesser there aren’t even hostels. In neither. Well, we have to find something while the rest of the circus shows up. Circus? Yes, the best in the world. Well, come in to this poor and modest home. One side you, come in, come in. Well, let me introduce myself. Laureano Atreviño Gomez, son of Old Laureano who married Mother Dubijes when I was about to be born. And with whom do I have the honor of speaking? And you live here? Well, just my brother Chuy and I, say hello Chuy, don’t be a bumpkin. Chuy Treviño Gomez. Are there animals? Yes, they’ll arrive in 2 or 3 days. They’ll arrive with the tents. That’s terrible! Where will you be staying until then? Well, that’s the problem, we still don’t have lodgings. Well, if you want to stay here, though there being two men rumors will spread well, let me talk, better than sleeping in the woods, right? I mean, with the cold and all, you might get rheumatitis, and that’d be a shame with such a pretty walk and all. So…will you stay? We’ll stay! You don’t know how grateful we are for you letting us stay here. No reason to be grateful, to the contrary! I might be able to offer the comodities that you’re used to. Well, that’s no reason to worry, we have a friend that will take care of everything. Damn, well…I don’t think I have a bed or cot for your friend… Let me call him. Huh, so is that a telephone or something? Holy-! Here’s our friend. That’s him? He’s a robot. He’s the star of our circus. A robot?! Well, it’s gonna be real hard to feed him, we don’t have a gas pump. He doesn’t eat, you wind him up. Hey hey, what you got against my brother, pick on someone your own size! I said someone your own size! Hey hey, you touch him and I’ll wreck you! He’s not going to do anything to him, he likes children. Raw or cooked? To play with. Huh, so he’s a singer? Doesn’t look it, got a cold face. I’m starting to think maybe this is a lady robot. You’re quite charming. And you, are you single, married, what? Don’t tell me you swing the other way… Single? Married? What’s that? No way, you mean to tell me they don’t get married where you’re from? Honestly, we don’t understand you. It’s the simplest thing, a person gets married when theres love. Love? Now you’re gonna tell me you don’t know what love is? You’re pullin my- Torr, you who know everything, tell me: what is love? Love: That word is not registered. The people of my planet did not know it. Perhaps that is why they disappeared. Ask him. I order to you to tell me what love is when you wake up. leg. But to show you you’re not getting to me I’ll explain. Talking about love is always interesting. And once in a while it leads to other things, if ya know what I mean. Let’s just put a 20 in the juke to set the mood. Hey Chuy! Where’s that 20 with the string? The one you can yank back? How should I know? Why dont you use a real one and stop being so cheap? Me, cheap? What’d you do with the 20 I gave you last month? Bet you spent it along with the one with the string and you didn’t even give me the string back. Well, hurts my heart a bit, but here goes. Now the explanation.If your lips ask methe definition of lovemy words tumble and can’t spell out passion’s flameWell, it’s not gonna be eloquent, but pay attention anyway.and love is always between two, because with more its just a flingand perdition.If there’s a girlwith her hands in the cookie jarthinking she’s so clever and flitting hither and thitherwhat does she know of passion?It’s kind of like how when you and I met and we hit it right off. Well, maybe not from there to here, but from here to there for sure. And then one talks to the other and asks “Why don’t you take me seriously? This is serious” and thats how it starts.and love is always between two,because between three, well now, thats just frenchWell, in France they fix things very prettily, kisses everywhere, not here, its always bullets. Not that I’m afraid of bullets though, I’m just afraid of the holes they the church with expectancyto the altar with fantasieswe tell the preacher that we’re gonna get marriedhe gives us his blessing.And then? Well, then, uh, well, uh, there’s the wedding night.. Chuy, cover your ears! Well, uh, then comes the kids, some look like, me, some like you, well, not specifically you, uh, you know, what do you think? And for that you have to see someone to get permission? Well, you can do it without permission, it’s just sort of frowned upon around these parts. And how does this desire between two people manifest itself? I imagine that to ask for permission it has to be worth it… Of course! It all begins with a look, and then one gets closer… Chuy! Go see if the pig gave birth! The one who’s gonna give birth ain’t the pig! Where were we? When he gets closer. Ah, the good spot. Well, one gets closer… Interesting discovery. Lady, control yourself! That sort of thing is given, not taken! I like this man! I ask for permission to keep him. I don’t have the authorization to do that. We have to take him to Venus and let the Council decide. But we could take others. This one’s mine. Beta, didn’t you listen? Love is voluntary here, no one grant it but him. He’ll be mine anyway, there’s no way you can stop me. Go to the ship, we’ll discuss it there. You have no right!
That’s an order! Don’t take it badly…what happened? What happened to the lady that was here? She had to go, we have to prepare for the circus’ arrival. Man, I did’nt even notice, I’m really out of it. I’m gone gone gone…where were we? In one of your rites to show feelings. Look eye to eye, feeling a strange feeling. That’s not a rite, that’s a kiss. A kiss? Why don’t you leave the circus life? One can only do so many flips before the trapeze breaks and you know it’ll hurt both you and me. I’m saying we could get together, get married, and you know what? If you accept I’ll even let that robot into my home, though can’t say I like him much. Do you accept? Yes? What do you say? I can’t answer how I’d like. Do you love another? That’s not it. It’s….I don’t know… I have an obligation to fulfill and I mustn’t fail! Give me some hope. I promise you’ll get a solid answer soon. Torr, let’s go. Oh baby, what lovely bulbs you have. So her name’s Lolobrijida? Lolobrijida. And she’s a cow? Well, of course. And she creates sustenance? uh.. What a marvellous animal! Quiet down, she’s a real flighty animal, it’ll go to her head. You gotta use reverse psychology, smack her self esteem. She’s a dry cow, doesn’t give milk. Makes me angry. Let’s go Torr. So we’ll meet tonight? Without a doubt. Thanks Tractorr. When can we leave? In the morning. Torr? You couldn’t understand because you don’t have feelings, but I should be happy to go back home. However… Gamma calling Beta, attention Beta. Repairs complete, fuel being generated in the auxillary tanks. Load the men as soon as Beta returns. I’ll kidnap Laureano in the meantime. Gamma calling Beta. Beta, return to the ship or I’ll have to punish you! Beta! You…! It can’t be! Beta! Don’t do it! Don’t condemn yourself Beta! Torr, bring Beta. No! No, I don’t want to go! Drinking human blood is the worst crime in the galaxies. You know the punishment. Beta shall be disintergrated before the morning. I beg you for clemency. The wellbeing of the universe comes before pity. Obey Gamma. The order shall be carried out. Come back immediately. What’s this about? Why have you dragged me back like this? I saw your crime and I informed the Council. And what was decided? You’ll be disintergrated before morning. You can’t do that! We’re like sisters… You know I must obey. Very well. I only ask one thing. Do it right now. Now? Yes, don’t prolong this the inevitable. Please. Thank you. Let’s go. Yes, I’m ready. Give me that, let go! Now you will only obey me. At last! I will make my ancestors dream a reality! Vampire race, dwellers in the shadows, Uranites! At last the blood of the earth shall be ours! Males of the galaxy, listen to me! You’ve been tricked! Gamma is leading you to death! Why? The men of Earth have already been chosen. Thus you will die, since they can neither return you or let you live. Then we shall die fighting! Wait Uk, I don’t want you to die. I believe you. You could have just killed me now. I too have been sentenced to death on Venus, and I don’t want to die. I want to save myself along with you. How and why? Because I need your help to dominate this weak, beautiful planet. I want to set you free on the Earth! Kill! Destroy! Make mankind go mad with terror! And then, we shall dictate our conditions. The entire planet shall be ours! What do you say? Uk, yes! And you?
Yesssss. And you? We’ll trust and obey you. I know you’ll find the children to your liking. Go! And you? Women. Go! The animals shall be yours. Go and kill them! And you? You and I know that human blood, warm, acrid and flowing, fills us with life. You are an admirable woman, one worthy of being Princess of Mars. Why not? You’re intelligent and capable. You’re ugly. You lack the red beauty of the women of Mars. Let’s go, we have much to do. But you are admirable. Did ya hear? Sounded like a train, huh? But it hasn’t come through here for three years. Maybe the circus has gotten to town. Yeah, that must be it. Huh, whats this now, was there a cyclone or something? Must’ve been some damned strong wind, knocking over doors and all. Hey Lolobrijida, still as dry as ever? Let’s say goodnight
Look! Lolobrijida, you took me too seriously! I was talking about milk when I was you were dry, not meat. Who’s the funny guy who tore her apart? And why are you crying man, tell me who it was! How should I know? Well, yeah, you were with me. l left here alive and well and they didn’t even leave her tail. Bring me a lamp! This won’t end here! Yeah, demon dogs, you must be very happy, they left lots of bones for you! And they left me without Lolobrija. There we go, you left a trail! The bastard who killed my cow looks like he’s barefoot. I’d say his feet are too big to be from around here. No problem, I’ll follow him anyway. Should I come along? No, you stay here and tell Gamma when she gets here that I won’t be long. Keep watch. Which way? Every way. Poor Lolobrijida, had a good appetite right to the end. Look up every once in a while. What for? So you don’t twist yourself around. Looks like he jumped here. Did he fly? Nah, he’s too big, no way he could fly. Looks like this is his spot though, he’s bound to come back. Damn peel eyed owl! Go scare people somewhere else! I don’t have time for you? Could he be a kangaroo? Nah, there’s no pouch trail… Again owl? Get out of here man! Where were we? Trail ends here… Damn, looks like he wants a fight now. Who’s there? Who’s that shouting over there? Oh brother, you’re an ugly one, looks like they carved you out with a hatchet. Anyway, don’t try to scare me, you should’ve the fright this owl just gave me. I was sitting right here and-wait, who are you brother? Hey now, that game’s too rough, who’s gonna pay for that horse? Finally noticed, huh? Stop screwing around and get rid of that mask or hood. You know, I’m starting to think you’re not friendly. Now you’ll see what it’s like to have me as an enemy. Here’s a warning shot! Well, you asked for it. So bullets don’t do a thing? Hand to hand then animal! This is an uneven fight… Who are you? Why do you wanna fight? See, talking is the way people understand each other. Let’s have a lil conversation. Who are you? Ruberto? Rigo Perez? I forgive you killing my horse! But who are you man? Well if you wanna scare me this bad I better oblige you. Holy.. Bunch of rebels without causes around here… Hey now, don’t gang up! Into that log, c’mon hands and feet! St. George bless me and protect me! Who could those costumed thugs be? They’ll see, the time for arguing is over Laureano! Outta my way! Gimme a beer with a lil something to soothe the nerves. This ain’t a boutique Laureano. You set down the beer and the tequila and I’ll mix it myself! What’s up? Looks like you saw the devil himself. Where’s Ruberto? Ruberto! Where’s he at? Hey now, you’re hurting my ears man. Ruberto, you got work out here that’ll last you all your whole time as sherrif and if you manage to pull it off you could expect to become local magistrate! What, your bandits back? Nah, I can handle bandits, it’s monsters, big big monsters! And what monsters Ruberto! C’mon, have another drink and quit yanking my chain. Listen to me or I’ll think you’re chickening out. There was 4 of em, one with only one eye, but very watchful, marked everything. Always open, always open! Hey now, how could that be? Ruberto, remember Rosa, that girlfriend you had? Deep set eyes, heavy eyelids, her eyes never shut even when she was asleep? Just like that, but more in the middle and spiky! No way, what else? He had eagle feet and went- Like a lion, really! Like a lion! Sure, and he had scales like a fish. You saw him too? Sure man! My house is full of those things, I smack em around with my shoes. Believe me this time, really this time, believe me. Sure, why not? I believe you’re full of it! You don’t believe me either? Don’t believe me? No one believes me! I swear that the monsters are just outside! We gotta finish em off or the devil’ll take us! Bring him to me. Calm down Uk, he’s not yours! Go! Go. This night we’ll destroy the nearest settlement. I want to unlease a wave of death and terror. Afterwards we’ll fly to all the settlements. The Earthlings will have to choose between being our slaves or perishing! I like you more and more. I admire you and am proud to be by your side. No Uk, down! Leave her Uk, don’t touch her! Leave her I say. Calm down, we shouldn’t fight amongst ourselves. Now we have more important things to do.Kickin up dustclouds, gonna get a lil drinkI come to town to tell my storywith his eye wide openeven above his eyebrowI saw animals that don’t belongneither here or in TexasYou know how they’re always braggin they got the biggest stuff in Texas? Shut up, if they saw that animal they’d fall right to the ground outta fright. They were like some kind of juiced up steroid filled monkey on pro-vitamins. I told Ruberto.
And what’d Ruberto say?Oh Laureano, you’re drunk, buck up ladif you saw what you saw, dont you chicken out if you’re a manThat’s just what he said? So you’re afraid? ‘Course I am! They’re not make believe, they’re flesh and bone, solid bone! Venomous spikes on that bone, and an ugly face to boot, who’d wanna fight that? I’ll help you! Don’t help me, that way you won’t bother me.So now tragedy’s door is openand I know I’ll be fighting til I diethough I feel bad for Rubertocuz I know he’ll die first followed by his city councilWell, there we go. Better if you head home cuz these days I got a monster magnet so strong that everywhere I go I run into them. But I see one of em already! That’s nice, now head home, you’re wasted. But I see him, look! Look, he’s lovely! Let me introduce you to Tractorr. Where am I? I got frozen stiff as a statue but I didn’t see my life flash before my eyes so I guess I’m not dead. Who gave me a mickey? You are my prisoner. Your prisoner? Wow, I must’ve given off the wrong impression, I always had eyes for you, so why the sudden change? Things haven’t changed. This was always my plan, to do with you as I please. Well, uh, would I be wrong in saying that these things aren’t about what just one person wants? They both have to want to. And me, well, I don’t like you in that way, I mean, I like you, but as a sister in law. If you want we could go tell- Hey, where’d you bring me? To our interplanetary craft. Interplanetary? Oh boy. So you’re from another world? From a distant star? From Venus. Venusians? I thought you were white girls or something. Look, you have a really heavy stare. I can feel it going right through my eyes and whacking me in the back of the head. Cut it out or I’m gonna go home. Don’t be dumb. Soon the entire planet shall be in my power and maybe you’ll have the fortune to share it with me. I will be a queen. You wanna make me a king? Well, it could be of hearts, spades or jacks, not diamonds, don’t like those. Come
Hey, cmon, don’t do that. Remember I’m taken. Don’t tell me you’re gonna cause problems already. I’ll give you time to think it over alone. Torr!
There we go, the Tractorr’s here! I know what he’s up to now though. Knock me out again and- Laureano!
Gamma! Where am I? Huh…jail? And why are you here? Laureano, you’re going to hear unbelievable things, but they’re true. Tell me. Laureano, I’m not from this world. Yes, I was thinking that exact same thing, you fell from the heavens, right? Yes, that’s right. Exactly, because you’re an angel. I’m telling you, I’m not from here. I’m from another world! The craft is under Beta’s control. She has the command belt in her posession, We can’t do a thing without it. The belt of command, is that the thing around her shoulder? I can get that away from her, wouldn’t be the first thing I snatch. I want you to help me. I don’t know if I could. Don’t be dumb, it’ll be worth your while. Obey me or I’ll destroy your town! Nah, you can’t. No? What, she’s serious? It has immense power. Don’t push the button, don’t push the button! Hold on, sometimes love is at first sight and sometimes it takes a while to build, I’ve always been a bit slow about it. Wait a bit? Well, let’s get out of here then, there’s too many nuisances here. Beat it, they’ll grab you!
What? Uh, grab on to my arm so you don’t fall. Stop men of the galaxies! This man is our hostage. He will remain here while I interrogate him. Come. Well, we fighting or loving or what? Now you will tell me what you told Gamma. Well, I don’t really feel like it right now. No? Well, I’ll just make the planet disappear then! Wait, don’t be so hotheaded kitten, that’s how someone says they don’t want to when they do, it’s reverse psychology. Well, go on then. Well, love begins with a look- No, not like that, you have to sing it. Who would feel like singing with a gun jammed against his ribs? You put the gun down, I’ll put my hat down, we’ll be nice and even. Well, in the end I have the control belt. So that’s the control belt? Yes, now get to singing! So that’s really it, huh? Ok, listen up.You, me, the moon, the sunher, him, the rose, the carnationspring, the wait, summer, a touchautumn, a rebirth, winter is like hell.that is loveyes sirwho says it’s not?you’ll see that’s how love is, you’ll see that it’s sospring has good thing’s for love, you’ll see that it’s soin autumn, don’t trust in love too much my heartin winter, the best, I think, is to beginyou, I, the moon, the sunher, him, the rose, the carnationspring, the wait, summer, a touchBelieve me, it was with good intentions!autumn, a rebirth, winter is like hell.that is loveyes sirwho says it’s not?you’ll see that’s how love is, you’ll see that it’s sospring has good thing’s for love, you’ll see that it’s soin autumn, don’t trust in love too much my heartin winter, the best, I think, is to give upGive me that! Give it to me! Get him! Now how do I get this damn thing open? What button do I push to stop all of this? Hey! Tell me! Throw me a bone here! This thing is taking off…hello, command? command? Why’s everything bouncing around like this? Looks like this thing is outta control! You’re finally here brother! Laureano!
Gamma! Take the control box and see if you can stop all this. There, it’s done, now we can fix everything. So time to head back to Chihuahua! Or what, not yet? Not yet, but almost. And now? I have to complete my mission and return to my people To Venus? You can’t go and just leave me here. Why not? Well because- Chuy, go outside and see if it’s raining. It’s not raining. Well, something’s gonna rain on you if you stay here. Rain, right, you just wanna see if she wants to become my sister in law. Listen to your older brother like I’ve taught you! Hey sister in law, push those buttons so he’ll come play with me. You can’t go and leave me here Gamma. But- There’s no buts about it. I want you truly and forever. To want? What’s that? Well, it’s hard to explain, but, it’s this. It feels unique. That’s why you should stay, I mean, that’s why haven’t you found this kind of thing on other planets? Because it’s unique. You told Beta the same thing. But it wasn’t love there, those were tricks. How else was I supposed to get the control belt? Beta! The loose males! They’ll tear everything apart! Let’s go! I’m scared. We’re in danger Laureano. We have to fight. If it came between me dying or the town dying… well, hopefully no one needs to die, death is ugly. Anyway, it doesn’t matter, I have someone to cry over me. You think they’re there? I believe so. The entrance is nasty looking, wonder how we’ll get out this. Hold on, don’t get ahead of me. I’ll go in. I’ll come with you. I’ll be right back. On this planet the male takes charge. Shoot them. You’ll have to finish them all off. Well, no way around it, gonna take em out. No, careful, his fangs are venomous! Try to get him to poison himself! I’ll call Torr for help! So is it a horse? Bring it on then! Let go, let go, fight like a man! Careful! Careful Gamma, a vulture’s heading your way! You’re gonna die from your own poison. Bad idea to have hollow fangs. Where is Laureano? Laureano? Get me out of here! Help me! Wow, he ate him! Now you’re jumping to conclusions, he didn’t eat me, just covered me. Where are they? C’mon, lets get out of here before the rest show up. They’re all finished. All of em? Well, I should go bring Ruberto and show him that they were all here. Well, maybe I shouldn’t go. If they don’t believe my well crafted lies they’re gonna believe these ugly truths even less. But anyway, we took em all out! And just so there’s no loose ends…over here Tractorr. Here we go, a lil flame. I have failed, Regent of Venus. How is that? Torr the robot has all the events recorded. He shall take the craft to Venus. What’s the meaning of this? Just like you heard regent-lady. Venus should solve its own problems and leave the Earth in peace. The Earthlings are good people and are happy here. Besides, they know love. The robot will let you know about that. It’s the most lovely thing in the galaxy and the universe. I’m staying here. You can’t do that! I’m sorry. Goodbye. I knew you were world class! Thank you star, you gave me more than I asked for. And now… Don’t complain Laureano. Well, not complaining at all… The End

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