Ship Of Heroes – What Is It?

Ship of Heroes. A spiritual successor to the ever popular
and beloved City of Heroes. One of admittedly a few projects that are
currently going for the title of the next city of heroes. Funnily enough I covered this game in a news
video this week and very soon after was contacted to see if I wanted a code to hop on and check
out the character customisation so here we are. Ship of Heroes is actually an interesting
concept if you’re into backstory of games and the setting. So city of heroes famously was just that,
a city, full of heroes and then later on a city full of villains too. Ship of heroes is actually a space ship, full
of heroes. Without writing a massive section out which
would essentially just be copying and pasting the lore sections from their website, essentially
there’s a material called unobtanium, the earth got messed up, people got on this ship
and flew around in space, the unobtanium made people evolve and now they’re super heroes. The interesting thing about this concept is
where they could take the game in the future, theoretically and what they have planned to
take advantage of that story. So there’s really no limitation, the plan
right now is to have the main city level built up with content and then add in extra levels
to the ship which are all unique, then the master plan is to have the ship travel to
different destinations based I think on real time, so maybe this month we’re in orbit or
landed on this planet and next month we’re on another planet, be docked with a space
station, all the while having unique and new content available, different storylines unfolding
and an overall journey like feel. Now that’s obviously far in the future, both
in game and in real life because the game is 2 and a half years into development and
it’s still extremely rough. First off I want to say that it’s very clear
they’ve taken massive inspiration, bordering on almost a carbon copy of City of Heroes
in terms of aesthetic, the UI, the website, if you’re at all familiar with the game you’ll
just see it straight away. The character creator besides being much less
functional than that of the original right now is basically the same exact layout. So that’s a great thing actually, I don’t
mention that as a minus because let’s be honest here, city of heroes has probably one of the
best character creators ever created. A lot of people say black desert online has
the best character creator and yeah it does, because you can change every little detail
about every little part of the body. Of course the chest and ass aren’t litttle
because it’s number 1 waifu simulator but still, that’s some good customisation…But
city of heroes has the best for me because you can pretty much make any super hero you
could imagine and every single person tends to look extremely different, you’re given
the tools to express yourself not just in little details but in much more impactful
ways. Ship of Heroes at this stage is about as basic
as it comes and yet still probably more in depth than your typical character creator. Bear with me in this part because I’m gonna
use a lot of I thinks and probablies mostly due to me having not checked things in a while. So I think that ship of heroes right now has
much less archetypes than city of heroes does, they seem to have only 4 with a 5th greyed
out which I imagine will come soon, being control. I remember city of heroes having many more
than this probably over 10. It’s all gucci though because you click a
class and then there’s a ton of sub class style things which then all have a long list
of skills and powers, as well as changing secondary powers. So even at this early stage, they have a ton
of stuff in there to pick from. Whether all of this stuff actually works,
I have absolutely no idea. In terms of aesthetics, the character creator
right now has very few actual options for each body part but I mean that’s pretty expected
with it being a very early version. You can still make a semi decent looking character,
I of course never can so I just click things and then the end result is what I can only
describe as female half robot hellboy with some glasses on and a belt that wouldn’t change
colour. That’s literally about all I can say about
the current state of the game because honestly there really isn’t a game for there to be
a state of right now, aside from this big map that has really short rendering and an
invisible train that dragged me half way around the map which was actually pretty funny. I did also see one other person but they ran
away at super speed so not sure what was going on there. You know what though, at this point in my
life and with making content, anytime a project is early on, I try to give them the benefit
of the doubt unless they’ve been embroiled in controversy or scandals, not going to name
names…..Ashes of creation. Sorry, had to do it, see you in the comments
fanboys, don’t @ me. So I do give ship of heroes the benefit of
the doubt, the one thing I can say here, they don’t seem to be a massive project, they don’t
seem to have a ton of backing or money from what I can tell, they seem to have started
this project out of love and passion, with volunteers and some professionals also. To get to the point where they are now, where
they have a clearly working actual game in terms of foundational, is already a good sign. So they have a backend and frontend that work
together, you can get a code for the game, make an account, add the code, download the
game, log in, make a character and be in this shared online space with other people. That’s about all the fundamentals of a foundation
for an online game inplace, everything else is just content, mechanics and optimisation
which is obviously a massive factor but mmorpgs typically take an actual development studio
5 years to create and we’re only about half way into that with Ship of Heroes. The things I like about this project should
be pretty obvious. They have a great framework to just straight
copy which seems to be the route they’re going in terms of the source material of city of
heroes, city of villains or cox and that’s…c..o..x. Don’t be childish guys it’s an abbreviation. One thing I will however say that really sucks
for these guys and the people developing the other city of heroes inspired games is that
when they started, they had a large amount of motivation and reason to make the game,
they had hundreds of thousands of potential customers who needed a home after city of
heroes closed in november of 2012….They announced the project in 2016 and since then
have put multiple years into the project and then randomly out of no where in 2019 out
comes actual legit, playable, 100% true to the original city of heroes servers with essentially
a blessing to continue operation. That for me is some kind of sick joke in terms
of how that must have hit these guys. Now I’m not saying that these projects have
no , or a dimished future due to that but it does kind of throw a spanner in the works
because they could have been a not amazing, not innovative or AAA polished game but a
passable, copy of the original and got away with it due to there being no alternative. Now they pretty much have to just be city
of heroes 2.0 with better everything or what’s really the point of playing the game? People are already going to be saying what’s
the point of funding those games now when city of heroes is actually back and looking
like it’s here to stay. So that’s massively unfortunate. It’s obvious without even speaking to them
or if they’d every publicly admit it that this is the case because 30 seconds on their
website and you find things like this sentence “Ship of Heroes needs to exist for many reasons. For those of us who still mourn the closing
of City of Heroes, we need a home. That community needs an option to move forward
with the story and events of the old game, into a new setting, with new challenges and
new opponents — to see what might have come next in the saga. They need to once again put on the cape and
fly.” So I believe they probably wrote that section
before City of Heroes just randomly popped out of nowhere and said yeah about that guys,
the home is back, sorry. Obviously this doesn’t mean the projects and
specifically this project can’t succeed but I’d imagine they’d have a much easier time
of it if that just never happened. I do just feel bad for them though, despite
also being happy that city of heroes came back because I did enjoy returning to and
playing that game despite not actually playing it now. The big issue here is that the game launched
a kickstarter early on, I believe in 2017 and the kickstarter failed, they had to actually
pull it down and cited a lack of financial support basically. That was before City of Heroes came back and
now that it is, I have no idea how the financials will work to make sure this game continues
on to a full release. Either way, I’ll be keeping an eye on the
game and since they reached out to offer me the opportunity to look at the game first
hand, I figured the least I could do is make a video on it, share the experience, a bit
of insight and give them a bit of free advertisement since it looks like they’ll need all the help
they can get and I don’t see any of the other big mmorpg channels really covering it at
all. Hopefully they can push on towards a release
or at least a permanent uptime alpha with an actual game to play in the meantime as
a proof of concept and a measuring stick for how much work is left to be done. Also please let me know in the comments of
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