Ship it Day at Proxibid 2018

It’s an opportunity for different people
throughout the company who might have ideas and not otherwise have an
opportunity to express it, to come together collaborate with different
people in there in the organization and be able to maybe fulfilling some of
their ideas come up with some neat products that maybe the company wouldn’t
think of that’s in the normal pipeline and come up with something outside of the box. Unlike most Ship IT Days where they’ll do
normal workdays for eight hours three days in a row a lot of the teams decided
to try and push all the way through 24 hours straight and stay here all night
and that was much different and add a little bit different bonding feeling. I really enjoy the folks trying to
prototype a new business opportunity a new application seeing what we could
learn by just going really hard and see what a new app would look like.
I enjoy the teams that have tried mobile apps and new technologies that never
tried before I personally was working on helping with
some of their account managers with the problems they face every day The the notion of a ship a day and
everybody that is remote being able to participate in that it’s just part of it
you know but yeah some of those remote teams even though they might be in
different time zones or even halfway across the world you know and they’re 12
hours different from us all got to have fun and really enjoy and and get that
collaboration There’s food and there was either the
crazy guy pushing the cart a round I don’t know what was happening the whole
time but it wasn’t just work as hard as possible let’s have fun and do whatever
you could in the day and build relationships and get stuff done and all
of that happen and I’m surprised how much of it went well there’s some things
that went poorly but you know it’s just a ton of fun.

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