SHIP Interview Charles Reese Medicare Counselor

I can feel on the phone when I talk to people and I can save them a hundred dollars here or a hundred dollars there I can feel them smiling I can feel them feeling a little better about life and I think that’s very important I’ve been Medicare volunteer for 12 years 12 years and one of the things I find that once they start to reach that
age of 65 or 62 and they’re going for Social Security They’re going for their
Medicare They really find that there’s some challenges there that that really
need assistance and that’s where the Medicaid and
Medicare assistance program comes in I find that, you know, a lot of folks are isolated a lot of folks are struggling and a lot of folks are entitled based on their income for a lot of these programs but they don’t know and one of the advantages one of the things that I feel good about is that when you can go in and you can talk to a
person who is paying a Part B premium but their income qualifies for
that to be waived I mean you can almost hear the joy and relief on the phone once you put that through you fill out the application and those people now have a little extra
income to buy a few more groceries or they do something
that enhances their quality of life That’s very very rewarding The need is never going to stop they can call us we can actually help them navigate through the system and believe me sometimes it
really takes that navigation for them to get a full benefit of a lot of programs
especially now that their income is fixed There’s a lot of choices and what we do is just to assist them in terms of helping them make the choice they make their choices
but we show them all the options We’re all going to get old As we age there’s no escaping dealing with the healthcare system or the economic system You’ll feel good about helping others
navigate the system I think that if you go through the training You give it a chance You’ll see the value not only for yourself but you also see the value in
others who you are able to assist State health insurance assistance programs Available in your area Local, unbiased, and trusted Medicare help Visit for more information Depending on your area the SHIP program may also be known by one of these names

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