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  1. Of course not simple thing to acquire if you don't happen to have those lying around, but I've been experimenting with multi-cannons combined with APA that's engineered to a matching shot speed. That's a pretty fun combo and they seem to also run out of ammunition about the same time.

  2. I've always thought the vulture needed just one more hardpoint. Great vid. Gotta work with what you got on that ship.

  3. As always, great build guidance. Will have to try the engineered bursts you mentioned. Thanks for all the very informative vids you pump out.

  4. Great review again. I was wondering about the balance between resistances: for a pve bounty hunter would you try to even out the resistances or maybe even higher on thermal. What about the vulture for pvp? Lots of question I know! I have a pac frags build by the way with armored pp.

  5. Mate, inertial impact is shit. even if you put it on fixed weapons the 3° of jitter will be noticable, more so or LR lasers. The experimental completely defeats the point of LR, i would much rather go for short range bursts if you wanna use it….

  6. Nice build, my Night Fury Vulture has almost the same except for it had advanced PAs with focus mod. Rapid fire ultra fast bolts of plasma, toothless would be proud!

  7. I'm on Git Gud mode, once you learn how to use Plasma, you don't want to use other guns anymore, especially against larger ships.

  8. Could you run faster boot sequence on the FSD if you need to get the hell outta there?
    The issue I always have with combat is that I really suck. I've been getting a bit better flying my FAS with fixed shards taking out what feels like 35 trillion scouts this last week, but I always seem to cap at about 12 of them before I feel I have to go and repair and restock, so I'd be tempted to use both weapons on gimballed cos I'm a dirty scrub who needs to "git gud" but I'm too easily distracted to keep playing one style and I flit back and forth between combat, exploring, trading, mining and smuggling way too much to make a sustained push at improvement…

  9. Thanks for the video, got to try this. Btw, is there a way to have coriolis.io show the engineering-materials including the materials for experimental effects?

  10. can't have a vulture guide without posting the vulture discord (44th Vulture Syndicate)
    we all fly vultures and offer great advice and training for those that wish to fly vulture

  11. I dont think this was tested. Great vídeo but i think in weapon department you ll have better options. Inertial impact for long range is not a good mix.

  12. Good time for a bounty hunting build with the CG Bounty Vouchers at Sopwith Dock, easy money.
    I've been modding up my Krait getting ready for a little open play again LOL

  13. You could also do Phasing Sequence on the plasma (would recommend on both). Can be hilariously effective against NPC's with their weak hull.

  14. I disagree with thé Burst/Inertial/LongRange, as it was already pointed out.
    Thé jitter caused by the Inertial experimental mod IS ruining the long range. Just try.
    If you don't engagé close range, do anything at least à bit usefull.
    With dirty/drag, better To use a short range, and manoeuvrability and Speed will help to stay close and out run à Viper easily, and IS more efficient than thé overcharged.
    Or Focused, i liké that !

    Otherwise i agree with other stuff !

  15. Also fun, 2 Short Range, Inertial Impact Fixed Burst Lasers. Upping the DPS to 85 it easily rapes the shields of any ship. Warning though, with Short Range you have to stay in their face at 1.5km or less, but trust me you won't be in their face for long.

  16. exigeous, so im in my krait and ive got 3 l multis and i want to engineer my multis with tod mcquinn and i want to have max damage/pen. what modifications and experimentals do you recommend?

  17. Hi Exigeous,
    At 0:38 we see you fighting at a 3rd person view, is it viable?
    How did you do that? Can we change the camera angles and distances from the preset views of the camera suite? Thanks for your enlightenment o7

  18. I'd personally recommend the high capacity corrosive multi-cannon / efficient beam combo. I have great fun with it. Use the beam to drop shields and toast small ships hulls then fire up the MC to shred through Anaconda hulls. 😀

  19. I go full efficient thermal vent beam laser and overcharged corrosive multicannon. I can stay in the has res for a good half an hour and if I wanna carry-on I just make more. Also I would recommend the guardian shield reinforcement module. It gives this beast 898 shields with over 50% resistances. I'll post my build for you. It may not be the most effective, but its so much fun to fly and I have taken out a wing of 3 anacondas with this build without them taking my shields down even

  20. Would you take this ship to a compromised nav beacon unengineered for combat rank grind or would you take a bigger ship?

  21. What does Git Gud Mode really means?
    Do i have to be really good to use this loadout or should i learn to play better if i use this loadout?
    Sorry for mistakes. English isnt my native language

  22. I'm a gimble scrub simply because my joystick has a horrendous dead zone (Thrustmaster T-Flight) and I simply can't use fixed, trust me, I've tried before. So I'll follow your build but use 2 gimbled bursts instead, thanks for the video!

  23. VR Pilot here!
    Your tricks with the 6km weaponrange reminded me sooo much of EVE Online I instantly started playing Elite again! :'P
    Thanks for the engeneer guides!

  24. Nice. Been looking for a good vulture build. Happy to spend a few hours sorting this build out. Thanks, voted, and of course I'm subbed 🙂
    PS: Love your bite size vids. You say in 4 mins what other videographers say in 20. I hate rambling!

  25. Finally reached out to find guides. Been looking for a build for my Vulture. Currently out on an expedition, and I've unlocked exactly zero engineers. So this'll be my next project until the mamba drops. Hopefully it's everything we want.

  26. I use the Vulture when bounty hunting with my clan leader whos usually in an Anaconda or Ferd… I use beam lasers when we go out, and this lil beast absolutely melts shields! I prefer beam lasers overall since my play style is shoot and scoot! Im the annoying fly buzzing around your head…lol

  27. I use two fixed Frag Cannons because I love being able to see the scratches on the Anaconda’s belly before tearing it a new one

  28. Saw Horizons dirt cheap and decided to hop back into the game. Was immediately lost. Your tutorials are being a great help.
    I decided to start clean instead of continuing my many years old abandoned save.
    To my surprise the Vulture has had a pretty dramatic price drop, I was scared it was due to some nerf I missed, but it's good to see it's still the beast I remember flying. It's my favourite ship.
    Keep up the good work, Commander, you're doing the community a solid.

  29. New player here, thanks much for these videos. Would love to try out some combat in the 4-Engineer Vulture, but the short link to the build seems to go nowhere. The other three are working.

  30. The way I see it, sitting in one system taking out wanted npcs is police work. Checking bounty reports and tracking those players down, THATS bounty hunting because theres actually a HUNT involved. Thats not to say i dont see why people do that. It does often result in crossing the bubble going after a player who is offline but still, its cooler.

  31. I’ve been playing this game for almost 2 years. Never unlocked any engineer. And my bank account is still under 10mill😂

  32. I’m trying the unengineered build, and i always go over the power plant limit, has anything changed, or am I doing something wrong?

  33. OMD I love this build! It's like using my Vulture as a sniper rifle! They don't even know where I am before their dust! Thank you!

  34. Hello fellow commander! Currently I'm trying this build. I swapped long range for over charge on the pulse cannon since I try to practice being close behind my target all the time. After some engineering I noticed that it's near impossible to land any shots on target further away than 200m. Does long range decrease the jitter? on my build, I can't even land a quarter of my shots even if I have my target dead on in front of me.. would long range fix this issue, please help! 🙂 Many thanks in advance for answers! o7

  35. wait…a boost speed of 550? That is fucking nuts. The engineering is gonna take a metric fuck ton of time but totally worth anything you would recommend.

  36. Hi CMDR Exigeous ! Nice video, as for others I've been watching since a couple of days ! Question: How many engineers are required for the "Engineered build" ? Sorry if it sound like a noob question, 'cuz I am a noob ! :p

  37. Wouldn't it be better to use mirrored surface composite bulkhead considering most (if not all) npc's use lasers?

  38. Thanks for the great video, I’ll try the unengineered build, any advice on what to do with the new bonus internal we got from last update?

  39. I must be doing something wrong. I don't have this ship fully engineered so I went with the unengineered and simply did the few components I could.

    However I came into a low intensity conflict zone hoping to get some combat bonds and couldn't hold my own against the Pythons, Alliance Challengers and Asp Explorers from the enemy team.

  40. Similar build here, but I use a pair of gimballed large efficient Beam Lasers – one with Thermal Vent (so I never overheat), the other just oversized (MOR DMG PLZ). Drains the capacitor every so often, sure, but that's right about when I have to come off-target for maneuvers anyways. Really melts the poor bastards away fast!

  41. i know this is an older video, but why have the PA build at all, when it has a lower DPS than the burst laser build? did the stats change at some point?

  42. Im just back after 1 year break! I have a Vulture and parked at Alexandre Dock. I have very low experience so virtually no rep! Great video, ill check out the enginnering feats!

  43. Why would you recommend inertial impact along with the long range mod? The jitter from inertial impact makes it practically impossible to hit anything even within the normal 500m falloff so it's completely pointless to increase the falloff range to 6km. Inertial impact is a trash effect that should never be applied to anything, ever.

  44. I have a vulture with PA's; it's very difficult to hit elite eagles but it's honestly one of the more OP things I have when fighting the big 3.

  45. Long range+inertial impact? No dps gain but loss instead(becouse of +3 jitter) Who teach you that lol? Pls do not take offence mate, but try gimbal Short range blaster(both weapons) multicannon(corrosive)+beam(thermal vent). Just try. Supercomfy. It is do not take much time to make this. Vulture is great in close-range brawl.

  46. Great video, I did everything the same except gimballed efficient beam with increase damage, and gimblaed multicannon with corrosive and increase damgage, hitting is better than not hitting. LOL

  47. i just put this together, without thinking too much and long range burst lasers with inertial impact is an absolutely horrendous combination. the long range give you the ability to hit up to 6km, but the jitter caused by the inertial impact means you can shoot all you want, but you realistically wont hit anything unless its a few hundred meters away well within the damage falloff of the lasers had you not used long range.

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