She Who Runs on the Waves (1967) movie

Gorky Film Studio Sofia Film Studio
(Republic of Bulgaria) She Who Runs on the Waves Based on the novel by A. GRIN Writing credits: A. GALICH, S. TSANEV
Directed by P. LIUBIMOV With:
Designers: A. DENKOV, G. ANFILOVA Costume designer: S. VAITENKO Music by Y. FRENKEL
Lyrics by A. GALICH Sound by L. BUKHOV Choreographers:
G. ALEKSIDZE, N. MARKARYANTS State Cinema Symphonic Orchestra Conductor
E. KHACHATURIAN Did you notice I made mistakes
in the second part? I did. It passed here,
but you have to be careful. I put 6 shirts in your suitcase.
Is that enough? Yes. On the other hand the glissando
was good. I liked the octaves. – Yeah, octaves, that’s what we need.
– And what do you need? – Why are you angry?
– I’m not angry. I’m tired. 20 concerts in 12 days.
And 20 more to go. – So? You should be glad.
– I am glad. But I’m tired. Don’t worry. We’ll rest on the train,
play some cards, have a good sleep. Why didn’t you let me play an encore? Garvey, we’re only stopping
for 3 minutes. – Garvey!
– I’ll only be a minute. – What can I do for you?
– I would like some cigarettes. What are those? – Excuse me? I didn’t hear.
– I asked, what are those? Engravings. – Of what?
– Of our region. What region? Liss, Zurbagan, Guel-Gyu. What, you mean really? I don’t seem to understand you. Excuse me, but… These cities,
they’re imaginary, aren’t they? I’ve always thought so. – Imaginary, how so?
– Simply. A man sat down,
this writer, Grin. He sat down and wrote everything
down on paper. You’re a joker. Liss is nearby,
30 minutes by bus. Garvey! You’ll miss the train, Garvey. Could you give me my jacket please? Go buy your cigarettes and
get back on the train. – Goodbye.
– What do you mean ” goodbye” ? Well, we have to say goodbye,
I’m staying. – My God! Jump on!
– I’m staying. I told you. – What? Why?
– Let’s not talk about it now. Are you crazy? This is childish.
We have a contract! My God! 20 concerts!
I’ll take you into court! Garvey! My boy!
I’m begging you! Garvey! In the old age or in the prime of
years. At night or in broad daylight. Your voice comes to me
like an unexpected light. And you call me. Might-have-beens, might-have-beens, You’re calling, calling, calling,
for me to follow you. You’re calling me. And even if your gentle call promises
suffering and trouble, I am serene and ready
and I’ll follow you. Might-have-beens, might-have-beens, I’ll follow you, I’ll follow you,
I’ll follow you. I’ll follow you. Garvey! Garvey! Garvey! Do you want to play? – Play what?
– Play pirates. – No, I’m busy.
– What with? – Well, I’m looking at the see.
– There’s nothing there. – So what?
– Come on. – Why are you not playing?
– I never play. I’m sorry for you. It’s still a question who should feel
sorry. And why are you here? I don’t know. You don’t know? Are you a spy? Spies
don’t know, adults know everything. – What do they know?
– Everything. – Let’s board it.
– It’s empty anyway. Oh Lord, I’m really looking forward
to the high season. Let’s try anyway. – Let’s try!
– Let’s try! – Stop!
– Stop! Stop! Get out! All of you! Quickly! Three, four! Might-have-beens can come
in bronze and marble. They can flicker by
in the dark night. But our might-have-beens
have a view on the sea. Along with hot water
around the clock. And all of this is for your pleasure. In the best hotel in Liss,
the ” Frigate” . – She’s waiting for ” The Waverunner” .
– What? You know, from the tale. Have you seen a sail? No, I haven’t . – I’m sorry.
– What are you sorry for? – For not seeing it.
– Then, I’m sorry too. – For what?
– For asking. I’m sorry. I’m in a hurry.
I’m in a rush. – Good evening Mister Garvey.
– Oh my! Why so solemn? Well, I’m at work here. – Listen.
– I’m listening. I’d like to ask you about the girl
we saw her this afternoon. Her name is Beeche Senyel. How do you know? Well, it’s low season.
Everybody is in sight. – Can I see her?
– Probably. Some time. Why do you say that? Because she left.
She took the bus to Guel-Gyu. – But she asked me to tell you…
– Me? She asked me to tell you:
“Don’t linger” . Don’t linger? Don’t linger. – Can I see Miss Beeche Senyel?
– Probably. Some time. Why do you say that? Because she left.
She took the bus to Guel-Gyu. – But she asked me to tell you…
– Me? She asked me to tell you:
“Don’t linger” . Don’t linger? Yes, only that: ” don’t linger” . The Waverunner. Hey! Anybody! To what do I owe such an early visit? If you consider 1 am to be the start
of the day, then I am awfully early. -Hands up!
– Listen! Hands up. – What, don’t you know who I am?
– No. Liar. Everyone knows Captain Guez. Well, now I know Captain Guez. By the way, I didn’t introduce
myself either. Thomas Garvey. I’m a pianist. It’s the first time
they’ve sent me a musician. Nobody sent me.
Can I lower my hands? Why, are you tired? A little.
But I can hold for a little more. Well, all right. Sit down. Sit down! What is it? Why are you laughing? No, it’s a nervous smile. What a strange way you have
to receive passengers on your ship. We take no passengers
on Captain Guez’s ship. I didn’t know that. I’m new in Liss. How did you end up in this hole? Is it really so bad here? Here? It’s the provinces. I didn’t know that.
I got off the train and stayed. – You were left behind?
– No, I stayed. What for? Is it worth having such a long
conversation at such an early hour? And why not? We’re not in a hurry
to go anywhere, are we? Why not talk heart-to-heart? Do you think it is often that two
people can talk heart-to-heart? Well? Why did you get off the train
and stay here? In life there are such moments. If I hadn’t done it,
I would have regretted it. I didn’t want to fall into line,
even if only once in my life. And what were you
resigning yourself to? Circumstances, everyday life. Incidentally, different names
but the same meaning. Your hands. Your hands! Raise them? Don’t mock. You’re a lucky man! You’re fortunate! You found the people
who can understand you. Who are these people? Myself and my crew. Captain Guez and
his sailors. The last true seamen. Now you’ll see them. – Don’t ! People are sleeping.
– Let them wake up! Well! Butler, you wake up slowly. I charged too much load
last night, Captain. So, my friends, this is Garvey. He’s a musician. He wants to…
What is it that you want, Garvey? Huh? I saw your ship and I fell in love with it. I am free. It doesn’t matter
where you go. So? We don’t take passengers. Admit that the wisest thing
about rules are exceptions. That’s right! It’s true, I don’t have a lot
of money. Here’s all I have. You’re not very well paid
for your music. Money is of no importance. Play, Garvey. – I don’t know. Should I?
– Yes, do. The instrument is not bad. Please, have a seat. You know, when I go out to sea, I completely forget that somewhere
out there, there is dry land. What’s the matter? Oh, that’s what it is. Do you like her? I think I’ve seen her before. Where? When? I don’t know. Are you dodging? Why are you dodging
with me? Where did you see her? In Liss. – No.
– Why? – She could not have been in Liss.
– Then it was someone resembling her. Nobody looks like her. But we are alike, Garvey. Both looking for what can’t be found.
Only, I keep it to myself. And you? We’re almost at Dagon, Captain. What a maddening way
to always come in without knocking. Lack of education. Well? I have an idea, Captain. If we take some women on board in
Dagon, can we take a load too? – At Brown’s ? No.
– Why? At Kreg’s . Yes? – I’ll think about it. What else?
– I’ll take the ship to the roadstead You? No, no, no. The entry at Dagon is too difficult.
I’ll deal with it myself. And you entertain our musician! Well, you drank with the Captain, now you’ll drink with his mate. This whiskey is better. By the way, it was bought
with the money you gave Guez. Would you have any objections
to taking a few women on board? Why would I? The pretty girls are in a hurry to
go to some celebration in Guel-Gyu. They’re the kind of girls who go
wherever you tell them. And she’s the kind of girl for whom
I’d go wherever she says. All right. I have things to do. Excuse me. Good evening. Please, stand up! Please. You may sit. Dear friends! We don’t take passengers on our ship. It is our tradition. However, you know how pleasant it is
to transgress traditions and rules. If only for exceptions. Garvey, I’ve heard you play. I must say you’re a great musician.
But that’s of no interest now. I know why you got off the train and
stayed here. The voice called you. And I would like
to read you a reflection of which, unfortunately,
I am not the author. Sooner or later, In old age or in the prime of years,
at night or in broad daylight, The might-have-beens call us. And we look around, trying to
understand where the call comes from. And then, after awakening in our own world, we understand deeply
and treasure every day. We look narrowly at our life trying
with all our being to understand whether the might-have-beens
are starting to come true. And meanwhile time goes by, and we sail by the high misty shores
of the might-have-beens discussing the matters of the day. So, dear friends, today we won’t
discuss the matters of the day. And who are you, darling? Me? I don’t know. That’s right.
Nobody knows who they are. You’ll find out when you die:
it’ll be written on your grave. Captain, do you believe that I am
a real friend? I do. But please, stop, or I’ll cry. Be off! Away. No offence. In Zurbagan there’s a man who can play lying on his stomach. Can you? No, I can’t . But I can do this! Excuse me.
I am so sorry for disturbing you. – You’re not, Captain.
– You’re not offended? No! Of course not. I am sorry I’ve troubled the great
musician. I apologise. Would you allow me to say
a few words to my brothers? – Of course.
– No offence? – Of course not.
– I hope I didn’t humiliate you. – Of course not.
– Thank you very much. You are all fabrications of the mind.
I don’t know where you came from, but you’ve amused me. While you’re here, I entrust you with
the rust of my ” might-have-beens” . Come here and clean them up. Do you understand? Your laughter is nasty.
I’ll teach you how to laugh. What are you doing? Collect yourself, Guez. Well, mister musician. It’s a pity. Butler. It’s a pity. Musician, you hit Captain Guez.
Do you know what that means? What a pity. Butler! Captain Guez is to blame. Captain Guez is going to apologise. Garvey. Garvey, open the door. – I want to apologise to you.
– You’ll tell me tomorrow morning. Garvey, that’s cruel. I cannot wait until the morning. Do you understand? I despise myself. You’re the only one who can
understand how I’m ashamed of myself. I understand you. Open the door then. I have to shake
hands with you at once. No, please. I must do it
in the presence of everybody. Only sincerely. Thank you. Am I forgiven? You are forgiven. – Really?
– Yes. But you’re not! Butler! On the boat. Lower it. Our captain is kind.
I wouldn’t let you go alive. Give me oars at least. What for? You’ll be carried by the waves.
It’s so beautiful. You’ll find out what loneliness is. Aren’t you scared all alone
on this dark trip, Garvey? You should go back on the ship. You’ll perish with me. You’re mistaking me for someone else. My name is Frezy Grant. I’m here so you won’t be lonely
and scared. I’ll have to go soon. A steamship called ” The Pochard”
will pick you up at dawn. On board, you’ll meet a girl called
Daisy and other people. They’re all wonderful. But nobody has to know yet,
that I came to see you. I am going Garvey. Where to? I don’t understand. Waves. There are
only waves all around. There are only waves. Among them there is an island. It’s shining further and further
and more and more brightly. I’ll see it at daybreak. Goodbye. There are more lonely people in the
darkness. I’m in a hurry. Yes, like that. Now cross over here. Yes. Good. It’s already coming! Who invented these dances? Try, Toboggan, try!
One must know how to do everything. It’s from a different age;
there isn’t enough time now. – Is it necessary?
– It is. And what if the president
can’t dance? What then? He’s not fit to be
a president anymore? What do you think? Take Daisy,
she can do everything. She can dance, sing, sew, cook, and even sail a ship. See? All that. Well, then nominate
Daisy for president. Daisy your honour. What was that?
Did you hear? No. I said: ” Daisy your honour ” .
It must have been the echo. On the sea? I feel sorry for you. There’s someone out there. Get left. Slow speed.
Toboggan! Prepare the bridge. – Quickly, damn it!
– Daisy! Where are you going? Waves.
There are only waves all around. I don’t understand. Let me cover you up, so your head
won’t get scorched. – What did you say?
– We should cover your head. No, thank you. I had a dream. How do you know me? I don’t know you. How so? You just screamed ” Daisy!” – Are you Daisy?
– Yes. – My name is Garvey.
– I’m Daisy. Daisy. You screamed from the sea: ” Daisy!” – Did I really?
– Yes. I don’t know. I had a fight with Guez. I remember that.
And with the sailors. And then, there was the sea. And then morning came immediately. Not immediately.
Something else happened. You knew my name
but hardly anybody knows me. She knew. Who? Who? Tell me. I can’t tell you. I am sorry. – I’m sorry too then.
– What for? For asking. There, to get back your strengths.
Usually I don’t drink. To keep you company. – Did you see the girl?
– Lovely. Is she your daughter? She’s my niece. You understand,
to have her on the ship is like steering with two rudders. But she has good nature. Toboggan hit the jackpot. It’s infuriating that they’ll
get married no matter what. Excuse me, but Toboggan,
is he really so bad? I was asking myself that question.
I can’t seem to find an answer. I can’t say anything about him.
Damn it. He’s that kind of person.
There’s nothing to say about him. And… You see… You understand. I think she needs another husband.
This is between us, of course. Toboggan asked me to tell you that he’ll stay on watch as long as
needed, if you have no time to. That’s good. I thought he’d cast me out to sea
now that we have an extra boat. But he needs to have dinner now.
Come here, Toboggan. I beg your pardon. Oh my! Hello, Toboggan. To throw a man overboard.
Guez’s ship will be seized now. I’m glad. For such a story. He’s a shallow man, and a scoundrel.
I’ve never had any respect for him. – Guez must be very upset about it.
– What do you mean by that? – Don’t listen to him, Toboggan.
– Miss niece, where’s your bandage? Does your eye hurt? I’m fed up with looking at things
through one eye only. So many interesting things
have been happening lately. What happened to your eye? I had a fight with Toboggan
and he gave me a black eye. She soiled her eye with coal.
Why do you make things up? Because it’s interesting. Garvey, come up on the deck. Me? Yes. – I want you to know.
– What? They’re waiting for you. There must be a Flying Dutchman or
something like that heaving in sight. These are the Bolty brothers. How many times have we sung
the ballade of Frezy Grant? 1502 times. I like it when people lie for no
reason, just for the sake of it. So, my friends, we have company,
we have visitors. Be careful not to
disgrace yourselves. Have you heard
the story of Frezy Grant? From the very beginning please. A ship was sailing
from faraway Australia. From Australia, It was sailing
from Australia to Kolobo. And so on, and so forth. And so on, and so forth. And so on, and so forth. And from Australia,
the ship was carrying Captain Alexander Grant. He had a beautiful daughter. A beautiful daughter,
a beautiful daughter. Even our song is now stammering. Even our song is now stammering. She was so very beautiful, This very Frezy Grant. As it were, the ship had been sailing
for a month and a half when one day at dawn, the watch
noticed an enormous wave. Of a height of 100 meters, coming from South-East. All were frightened and took action
in order to sink with dignity. However, nothing happened. The ship went up and down and all
saw an island of outstanding beauty. Frezy Grant, although she was
a very good girl, like our Daisy… Pay attention to her face
hearing these words. Don’t digress. And you, Garvey, listen carefully.
Now it’s the most interesting part. Indeed so. Frezy asked her father
to land on the island but naturally Captain Grant
very realistically answered that the island was just a dream. The island was just a dream. It was a dream. It was a dream. We dreamt those banks, those palm trees on the coast. My dear Frezy, I cannot stop at a dream. “Well, you’re right” , said Frezy. “Well, goodbye” , said Frezy. Well, goodbye my dear father. Don’t be angry for nothing. Let the ship not moor at a dream. I can run up to it myself. And with these words
Frezy jumped overboard. “It’s not as difficult as I thought”
she said. And running on the waves, she hid in the fog. Daisy, take a handkerchief. I always cry at this point. So she runs on the waves. Barely touching the waves. And on the wavering water her footsteps are left. On the waves, through the bad weather
and the darkness, until the end. She keeps running and bringing
hope to the hearts of people. Frezy Grant, Frezy Grant, Frezy Grant. And since then, she is believed
to help all the lonely people and the shipwrecks out to sea. It’s not a belief. It’s the truth. – No, it’s a belief.
– Have you finished your dinner? Yes, I did. I can say with certainty that nobody has ever met a man
who was helped by Frezy Grant. It’s a tale for children. And those who founded Guel-Gyu?
Frezy rescued them from the sea. They even erected a monument to her. You call that a monument?
You should see it, Garvey. It’s a sorry sight of a monument
by poor people. If the story was real, I would set up
a golden monument for her. Well, now I’ve gotten sad.
And my eye is starting to hurt again. Well, I’m sorry. So, we sang the song. What happened
happened. And what did not happen… Did not happen. Hey you! Chimneysweepers! How dare you enter the territory of
“The Waverunner” in such a state? Set fire to all that can burn! Set fire to your ship, damn it! What’s going on? It’s our carnival! Our carnival!
Everybody is merry! Your girl there is quite pretty!
Send her over to us! Too bad you’re so far!
I’d make you a better mask! We’re justjoking! We’re joking! I don’t like jokes! Then go back to the sea and cry! Why don’t you have
a mask and a gun, Garvey? Do you think you
won’t need them here? Butler! Carnival guns can be
replaced by real ones. What a waste of money
on such foolish things! Foolish things? This is a party.
It’s the way it should be. Here we are! Here we are! Got you! Hey! What are you doing? Where are you running to? – To the sea! To run on the waves!
– Blindfolded. Because we’re scared. Garvey! Garvey? That same Garvey? Guez threw him overboard. Garvey! Garvey! Let’s run! You’re lucky! Garvey, did you see Frezy Grant
out in the sea? She goes to the lonely people.
Let’s go. I’ll show her to you. Garvey! Don’t linger! Garvey, be careful! God knows
what kind of carnival this is! Garvey, where are you going? Goodbye Daisy! They’re calling me! Garvey! Where are you going, young girl?
Nobody is calling you. What is it? Daisy! Look out! Look out! It’s Garvey, rescued from the sea! – We should drink to this!
– Alas, I have no money! Give us some wine, Garvey! – Give us some wine!
– Treat! Is it Frezy Grant who rescued you? – Let’s drink to Frezy Grant!
– Let’s drink to Frezy Grant! Run, Garvey! Give us some wine, Garvey! Hey, stop! Hold him! Where are you going? Did you keep track of how long
he’s been standing here? One hour. I’m just looking. I’m new in town. – It’s possible.
– It’s true. And what are you doing here? We’re keeping watch. You see? Why are you keeping watch? Who from are you guarding her? We don’t know. She’s not bothering anybody, is she? She probably is. How? Because she runs on the waves. Garvey! Garvey, I was looking for you! I was looking for you too. Do you recognize me? I don’t recognize you, I know you. What do you know? I know that you are… her. Who? Her. How beautifully you speak. Why didn’t you tell me
the whole truth? Tell me how you knew my name. I know it. You asked me not to linger.
So here I am. And I like to say your name, Beeche Senyel. Wait! Don’t ! Forgive me, Daisy. – Yes, Daisy. Unfortunately.
– What are you doing here? I disguised myself.
I wanted to amuse you. It didn’t work. I thought you were asleep in ” The Pochard” . Where is Toboggan? He’s playing the lottery.
It’s ‘all-prize’ He won. What did he win? Everything he wanted. – Well, I’m going.
– No! – No!
– Why? Look. Daisy. Daisy! Daisy! Daisy! Daisy! Garvey! Daisy, you’re strange. Why did you run away? I’m not strange, and I’m not Daisy.
Get on the boat and let’s go. Are we going out to sea? Yes, you have to help me. How can I help you? We’ll go to see Guez.
He threw you out to sea. They’ll take away his ship for this
and put him in prison. Excuse me,
but I don’t understand you. Why to Guez? I don’t want Guez; I want the ship. Frezy. You keep taking me for someone else.
My name is Beeche Senyel. I’ll sit with you, if you don’t mind? You should ask
the lady’s permission. The lady won’t mind. The lady is my wife. – Have you come to apologize?
– No. I’ve come to look at the man
who wants to kill me. Hello, Garvey. Nobody is going to kill you.
But you have to give up your ship. What you did to Garvey was murder. Either you give up your ship or
I will call the police commissioner. I haven’t seen you for so long. – My wife is beautiful, isn’t she?
– You really do deserve a bullet. Really? There. Hold it. It’s real. Shoot. Everybody will think
it’s a carnival prank. And I will pretend to be alive. Guez, stop playing. I’ve seen it all before. And this? Don’t worry, Garvey. I’ll hold
to the chair so I won’t fall. Now the lights will go out
and the fireworks will start. You choose:
either I keep ” The Waverunner” , or… Or shoot! All our life the might-have-beens
call us. Death is a might-have-been too,
while we’re still alive. The only might-have-been
which actually comes true. William Guez. Give me your hand and
be quiet. You always try to amaze. But you’re never amazed.
What do you need? – I need the ship.
– What for? So you won’t have it. I don’t have it. Captain Guez
is no more. He’s dead. Here. Look. This is opium. They were transporting
opium behind my back. You were right. I didn’t watch
on my mates well enough. Captain Guez; a screen for Butler. So dull. – Beeche, who’s that?
– A man from the carnival. We’re all carnival people. Figurines running around in circles. Where are you going? You always haste. I’ll go tell on my mates.
This is wonderful. Commissioner! Please stay put. Murder! Murder at the carnival! Murder! Murder at the carnival! Well, the minute of silence is over. So Captain Guez was killed. Right? I hope you haven’t
forgotten that yet. I wish I could forget everything. I feel for you. But first you’ll have to call
everything back to mind. Garvey. The fingerprints on
the gun are yours. Yes. Which means that you killed Guez. No. What do you mean?
The fingerprints are yours. There are grounds too: you fought
with him and he threw you out to sea. You know… I’ve thought about it. Yes… I could have killed him. Well, well… I could have killed Guez. But not because
he threw me in the sea. For something else. I thought that Guez understood me. We had the same words.
We had the same thoughts. He talked about what’s most hidden,
about what is in the heart. But then he betrayed me. You can forgive anything to an enemy. But to a friend… So you killed him? No. I could have killed him but it wasn’t me who shot him. It wasn’t you. So, who did it? Everybody. What do you mean? All the people around were noisy.
They were shouting and shooting. And Guez couldn’t have
lived any longer. He was muddled. He had no strengths to keep playing
the game he had made up himself. The one of the mysterious
Gaptain Guez and the mysterious woman
waiting for him on shore. But there was no mysterious woman.
There was me. An ordinary woman. Alive. Setting out to sea, he used
to forget that dry-land exists. I wanted to take his ship from him. I made a deal with Butler.
I asked him not to linger. But it was already too late. He was so trustful. They did all sorts of deals
behind his back, but he… Aren’t we devoting a little too
much time to Guez’s personality? Well, he’s the one who’s been killed. All the more, deceased people
have no personality. So Butler, obviously, it couldn’t
have been you who killed Guez. It’s impossible, isn’t it? Why impossible?
Of course it could have been me. I was the Captain’s first mate.
But why? I should have been the captain. What were we sailing around for? Just like that. For a dream.
For nothing. But I am a practical person.
I’m a sailor. I want to serve society. People need goods. I would have
transported them. But Guez… And that’s why you killed him? I could doesn’t mean I did.
The fingerprints are not mine. The absence of traces
is also a clue. The gloves are yours. Tell me, what do you think? Why had Guez called me
just a minute before his death? Maybe he wanted
to tell me something? What do you think it was? What difference does it make now? None for Guez, but for me… You said that behind his back… I was behind Guez’s back. And it was me who shot him. Write that. Write, write. Is that enough for you? We’re investigating Guez’s murder.
I’m not interested in the rest. Right. And my reasons were, so to say,
ideological. Is that so? That’s interesting! What are your ideas? So I shot Captain Guez.
But what is Captain Guez? A fabrication.
A game of the imagination. So I shot a game of the imagination. Chasing ghosts with ” The Waverunner” ? Make up a whole life? I would shoot down
all the day-dreamers. That’s my philosophy. Are people really arrested
because of a philosophy? – For that one you’ll be put in jail.
– Are your bars strong? It depends on the quick wits
of the person behind bars. – I’m a very quick-witted person.
– I don’t doubt it. – You’re a very clever man, sir.
– Beautifully said. If only everybody thought so! – Where’s the sea?
– Behind you. – No, it’s not. It’s nowhere.
– Maybe they drunk it up? He was always solitary. Why? You loved him. He loved you. I killed him. Butler killed him. Butler? Right. I loved Guez. But when he was lonely,
I wasn’t there next to him. When he was afraid,
I didn’t go to him. I wanted to deprive him of his ship
so that he would come back to me. He would have choked
without his ship. Probably. Why is it always like that? When life is hard and you’re alone,
nobody comes to help. That’s not true. I was alone. Alone, in the sea. With no oars. And she came to me. – Who?
– Frezy. Frezy Grant. The one who runs on the waves. That’s a fairytale.
Guez also believed it was true. All his life he was waiting
for that Frezy. She was with me on the boat. What? She was with me on the boat. – You’re crazy!
– She was with me on the boat. No! No! She wasn’t ! No! I don’t want to! – What is it that you don’t want?
– I don’t . Goodbye. I’m leaving. – Where to?
– Onto the ship. – Can I do anything to help you?
– No. The fishermen will take me there. Garvey, what will I do with the ship?
Shall I sell it? I don’t know. Goodbye. Are you still keeping watch? Look, they’re coming. Hello! Hello. Hello, hello. What? Thank you. So, Garvey, we meet again. Do you still hear voices calling you? – What did you bring?
– A machine. What kind of machine? A good one. A very good machine. If you’re interested, follow me! This machine is old and experienced. It has demolished many monuments,
no matter whom they were for. That’s the machine! And the
Waverunner? Where is she running to? To the sea! Which means, nowhere! In its place, we’ll set up a new one,
one which will run towards us. And what’s the machine for? What for? Haven’t you understood yet? Poor you! As soon as we’ll dodge,
you’ll understand! Dear friends,
this is a very bad statue. But this machine is very good. This good machine
will strike on this statue and in its place we’ll set up
a new one, a beautiful, golden one! What’s wrong with you? You were
the ones keeping watch over it! And him? He’s a scoundrel! He killed Captain Guez!
He transports opium! Be careful Garvey.
We won’t talk about that. My friends! If somebody can guess
how many pieces it will break into, I will present them with a bottle. Into pieces! Clever you! The kettle is boiling! Wait! Wait! Wait! Please. I won’t let you demolish it.
This is Frezy Grant! It’s a memory! It’s your memory! It’s a symbol of hope,
dreams, and faith! Come on! Musicians! What are you doing? What are you doing? What… What are you doing? I am very thankful to you.
You were protecting Frezy. The fact is that I’m her late father. Yes. I am Captain Alexander Grant. If you are back in our lands,
you’ll always be very welcome. Things will straighten out.
There is nothing to worry about. All the fools will come to reason.
The day of reckoning will come. There were thunders,
there were miseries. There will be the peace
and quiet of prosperity. Oh, prosperity! Things will straighten out.
The guilty will become judges. Things will be forgotten. Tales with
new tales and routine with routine. Things will straighten out. No anxieties will be left. And while there is no punishment, we’ll grow old unpunished. Yes, my dear friend, so unlucky, so very unlucky. A contract, 20 concerts, music in the fresh air. Even a white grand piano. But the audience… None. Apparently in Zurbagan
there’s a man who can play lying on his stomach. He lays down on the piano lid
and plays back-to-front. I can’t do that. Shall I come tomorrow? Or not? What else is there to do? Come. Daisy. Yes, Daisy. What are you doing here? I’m walking and looking at the sea. – How’s Toboggan?
– I don’t know. He bought ” The Pochard”
from my uncle. We had an argument and broke up. What about your uncle? He’s in Riol. He’s working as a watchman. He drinks. The Bolty brothers
disappeared somewhere. Everybody disappeared, dispersed. I’ve settled better that anyone else.
Over there, at the restaurant. I wash the dishes. Admittedly,
it’s not very interesting. Tell me, that time, on the boat,
you were not alone, were you? Was she with you? Yes. I’ve always known it. Can you tell me about it now?
Can you? To you, Daisy, I can. Garvey, I’m going to cry now. No, I’m not! Would you like a sandwich? What then? – What?
– She was on the boat. What then? Then… Then she rose and started to run. On the waves. So, you’re here. Yes, Garvey. I’m here so you won’t
be lonely and scared. THE END

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