She Claimed to Be a Titanic Survivor But Nobody Believed Her

We’ve heard the miraculous accounts from
survivors of Titanic, painting a vivid picture of that harrowing night. They’ve all given us their unique personal
experiences – except for one. Her name was Berthe Antonine Mayne, and when
she told people about her life-changing cruise on the unsinkable ship; nobody believed her. Her story was discovered more than 50 years
later, when her nephew found a box in her closet with several clippings, photographs
and letters. So, why did everybody doubt her tale? Well, there’s a reasonable explanation,
but I’ll get into that in a gif. First let’s start from the beginning. Mayne was born in Brussels on the 21st of
July, 1887. Growing up, she admired the luxurious life,
and decide to start working towards achieving that lifestyle. She became a cabaret singer in Brussels under
the stage name Bella Vielly. She was very talented. Her melodious voice gained her a lot of attention
all around the country, and newspapers started writing articles about her. That was when she started becoming famous
in certain circles around Brussels. Everything was going smoothly until she turned
24 years old. She didn’t know it at the time, but her
life was about to change forever. In the winter months of 1911, she met the
love of her life. His name was Quigg Baxter, and he was a professional
hockey player from Montreal, Canada. Coincidently, Baxter had already made quite
a name for himself, just like Mayne. He was a star in the world of hockey. In 1907, however, during a game, he had an
unfortunate accident that left him without sight in his right eye, which ended his hockey
career. Baxter never gave up his passion though, so
he embarked on a coaching career instead. In fact, he was the first person to have ever
conducted hockey tournaments in Paris. One night, Baxter was vacationing in Brussels
with his mother and sister. He’d already heard all about the magnificent
Cabaret Singer with the enchanting voice, and he went to see her perform at a Café. The moment Mayne walked on stage, and their
eyes met, she knew he was the one. It was love at first sight. Titanic’s first journey from Southampton
to New York was very well promoted. It was boasted as the largest and most luxurious
ship in the world. So naturally, the elites of Europe saw it
as an opportunity to take the deluxe voyage. When Baxter’s mother heard about the unsinkable
ship, she was determined. Baxter was going to return to Canada with
her on the Titanic in April of 1912; and that meant that his and Mayne’s relationship
would have to come to end. The thought devastated him. He refused to leave Europe until the love
of his life went with him. Meanwhile, Baxter’s mother had already booked
two adjoining first-class cabins for herself and her son: B-58 and B-60. When the time came, Baxter couldn’t bear
the thought of returning to Canada without Mayne. So, he secretly booked another cabin for her:
number C-90, which was located right below his room. In order to make sure that nobody knew about
it, he changed her name to “Mrs. De Villiers”. They got the idea to use that particular surname
from Mayne’s former partner, who was a French soldier. They boarded the ship and settled in. As soon as they got the opportunity, Mayne
and Baxter met one another for a long walk on the deck. They planned to do this as often as they could. But unfortunately, as we all know, their happiness
didn’t last long. On the night of the accident, Baxter was sitting
in his room with his sister, when suddenly they felt the crash, and the ship stopped. Right then and there, they knew something
wasn’t right. His worried mother headed straight to her
children’s rooms. She asked her son to go and ask why the ship
had stopped unexpectedly in the middle of the ocean. So, he decided to step outside and check it
out. Just as he was turning to the right, he saw
the ship’s captain walking and talking to Bruce Ismay – one of the chief Star Line
officials. Baxter stopped them. He asked: “Is everything ok? Why has the ship stopped?” to which the
Captain replied: “There has been an accident, but everything is alright”. As soon as the captain walked off, Ismay approached
him and warned him. He told Baxter to get his family into an emergency
lifeboat as fast as he could, without taking anything with them. That was when Baxter began to worry. He rushed to his room and followed Ismay’s
instructions word for word. He alerted his mother and sister, told them
to put on their coats, and guided them to lifeboat number 6. He then turned back for Mayne, and guided
her through the chaos, to the lifeboat where his mother and sister were already waiting. His family hadn’t even known that she was
on-board the Titanic, or that they were a couple to begin with. So, as soon as they got to the lifeboat, he
re-introduced them. Mayne thought that Baxter would be going with
them, and when she found out he wasn’t, she balked. She immediately rushed to get out of the lifeboat,
but Baxter’s mother stopped her. Then she tried to use her jewelry as an excuse,
saying she’d forgotten it and wanted to go back to get it, but Baxter’s mother talked
her out of it. Baxter waved at his family as they were lowered
to the ocean at 1:10 am. There were only 29 people on board, and things
were tense among them. One of the men rowing wanted to turn back
and pick up more people, while the others believed it was too dangerous. Lifeboat-6 was tied up with lifeboat-16, and
it was the last to reach Carpathia, at 8:00 in the morning. When they were taken to New York, they searched
excessively for Baxter, but he was never found. His love and his family were devasted. After that, Mayne moved in with Baxter’s
family and stayed by their side. Several months had passed since the Titanic
disaster, and they were now sure that Baxter would never show up. So, Mayne moved back to Europe and continued
being a cabaret singer. This time it was in Paris. She never got married or had any children. When she retired, she moved to a country house
in the suburbs of Brussels, where she spent the rest of her days. She tried telling her story to her family
and her nephew a few times, but nobody ever believed her. Mayne recounted how she was on-board the Titanic
with a Canadian millionaire, but that story seemed way too far-fetched to be truth. And when her family did some digging, they
never found her name on the passenger list. – But of course, that was because a certain
Mrs. De Villiers presented false documents. After she passed away, her nephew went to
her house and went through a few of her things. Before long, he discovered a mysterious shoebox
in the closet. Inside was all the evidence to back up her
unbelievable story. It contained pictures from when she was on
the Titanic, letters she’d exchanged, and even old newspaper articles that depicted
the event. That was when her life-changing story was
finally confirmed through her personal belongings. It would have been awesome to hear Mayne share
her experience on this transatlantic trip first hand, but at least her story was finally
justified in the end. Hey, if you learned something new today, then
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  1. Hey there, BrightSiders! What would be your first thought, if you found out that the ship you were about to board was named ‘Titanic’?

  2. 90% of comments: LiKe iF yOu wAnT gOoD lUcK / liKe If YoU wAtChEd tHe TiTaNiC
    The other 10% of comments: Actually feeling like this is an actual true experience / sad story

  3. SPOILER ALERT::::::::: How did they find pictures of her on the Titanic? I mean, she didn't bring anything to the boat, not even her jewelry but she brought her pictures? Did they have personal cameras back then? I am not trying to be " oh look I figured out this is s a lie" but want to know.

  4. She had pictures of her on the Titanic? I don't have my jewelry, but I grabbed these photos that were somehow taken and exposed on the journey.

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  8. it's sad no one believed her but why couldn't she have shown them that evidence? I'm sure as she got older she probably forgot about it, but when she was younger surely she would've remembered it was there

  9. Their love was soo tragic and true. She never married..coz her one true love had gone before her… Sigh… Love that doesnt seem to exist these days.. Only in yesterdays memories.. Sad

  10. Joseph my friend’s great grandfather had a thicket for him and his mother, his mothers was sick and didn’t get on.

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  14. My great grandmother didn't like the way she was being treated (from Hungary) so she turned in her tickets in for a different boat ….she had a bunch of small kids with her and they hung a sign around her neck that said no English….

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