Secretary Of The Navy Fired Over SEAL Eddie Gallagher Controversy | TODAY

16 thoughts on “Secretary Of The Navy Fired Over SEAL Eddie Gallagher Controversy | TODAY

  1. The Hemisphere is under siege by the largest, most powerful and complex criminal organization the world has ever seen. It includes China, Russia, Cuba, Iran, Turkey, MEXICO the FARC and ELN, and MANY BANKS!, among other smaller players like SPAIN. It includes the DEMOCRAT LEFT and other DEEP STATE Senate members.

    EIGHT years under OBAMA, who OPENED THE DOORS to doing "business" with CUBA, a "tyranny", which has been the ENABLER and operative. A senate and other POLTITIANS who have been taking BLOOD MONEY ( politcal contributions) from Venezuela's PDVSA and their whole network of FRAUDULENT COMPANIES.

    WE ARE INVOLVED IN A WAR in a place where they BEHEAD people for religious and political beliefs for THOUSANDS of years.

    I for ONE, agree with the PRESIDENT regardless. It was handled TERRIBLY by the NAVY.

  2. Does anybody remember General Stanley McChrystal? Back in June of 2010 Barack Obama fired him because he called his boy, creepy Joe Biden : "Bite Me"

    Eddie Gallagher took a selfie with a dead Terrorist Killer of Americans. That's really what this is all about.

  3. Let's not for get Bird dog or Chesley manning. Pshhhh. Real criminals!!
    Trump is commander and chief let's not forget this. Anything to speak negative about our President.

  4. EVERYWHERE Trump goes turns bad. Ironic psychological projecting again on his part, this time in his Yovanovitch tweet.

  5. No one knew who this guy was yesterday, and no one will care tomorrow. He disobeyed his superior and is by definition unfit to serve, most certainly unfit to serve at the highest level of military leadership.

  6. Sounds very familiar. President Richard Nixon did the same thing for Lt. William Calley during the Vietnam War. Look up the My Lai massacre when America murdered civilians.

    The real hero from My Lai was helicopter pilot Hugh Thompson who tried to stop the murder and was condemned by fellow Americans.

  7. Anyone in a position of power who thumbs their nose at a court decision of not guilty, and then thumbs their nose at the President needs to not just be fired, but prosecuted and tossed in prison their self. Spencer didn't like the fact that Gallagher won in court, so he tried to retaliate and weaponize the system to get him in other ways. That kind of malicious abuse should be prosecuted. Spencer should be in cuffs right now.

  8. Good thing we have a president who knows more than the generals.
    The highest position in the country is too complex for any one person but especially for someone who is so ignorant that they think they know everything.

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