Sea Turtle Survives Boat Propeller To The Face

COMM: This unlucky sea turtle almost lost his life to a motor boat propeller. COMM: The turtle suffered a split shell and scum when he was hit. COMM: He was found close to death on Torre Garcia beach in Almeria on the coast of Spain. COMM: But local wildlife rescuers Equinac managed to save him. COMM: They named him Jose after the first rescuer on the scene and vets screwed metal
bars into his shell to help it heal. But with limited resources, Equinac knew they had
to find him more help. COMM: So, Jose was flown to Las Palmas De Gran Canaria. COMM: The vet there was able to better treat his injuries. COMM: Jose faces several years of rehabilitation before he is properly healed, but vets hope
that one day, they will be able to release him back into the wild.

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