Scottish Highlands escaping into the wilds by canoe

in the far one of the most landscape in Britain also a lot of the group wanted to have a
wilderness experience and to see what it is like to be, I guess… …detached from the norms of life
for so long and I think we’ve definitely
been put through our paces through that process… I was attracted by the… just the
combination of (being) away for several days
in the wilderness and the canoeing and the mountains… just getting away from everything… the peace of it… you can just find a moment of peace and then… that kind of gives you a spiritual uplift, doesn’it? …and then you take that away with you.. do do on do do this is a special place settlement cool just find the
moment peaceable what public issue this Portugal uplift walking homeonly people with deep do the silent on the phone is gay just be
surrounded by these lovely the mountains You can’t get here by road does not
many people we saw one other boat yesterday to plummet you really get a feel that
you logged at a remote place annable misplaced and
a really special place to %uh went great mood by would be the game

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