School of Ships Ep.8: Concealment and Detection Mechanics Explained

To destroy an enemy ship,
you have to find it first. Two parameters are used for this purpose
in World of Warships Blitz: Surface Detection
and Detection Range. Detection Range is the distance
at which you can detect an enemy ship, alone or with the help of your teammates. All ships have the same Detection Range. Surface Detection is the distance at which your opponent
detects your ship in open water. Its values can be found
in the detailed description of a ship, in the Сoncealment section. You will detect an enemy
if three conditions are met: The enemy is within
the Detection Range of your ship, The distance between
the ships isn’t greater than the Surface Detection parameter
of the enemy ship, and the detection spot can be seen. This spot is located
in the central part of the ship, at the upper edge
of the top-most armored element. If it’s hidden,
the ship will stay invisible. Therefore,
in World of Warships Blitz, you can hide behind islands
to escape from your pursuer or sneak up on your prey. At a distance of one and a half kilometers,
any ship becomes visible, even if it’s hiding behind an island
or in smoke. This is the distance
of guaranteed detection. Surface Detection depends
on the height of the ship. Therefore, there’s no direct relation between the ship’s tier
and its concealment characteristics. However, higher tier ships
are usually detected more easily. Destroyers usually have
the best concealment. Next come cruisers. Then aircraft carriers. Battleships are the most easily detectable
type of ship. Detection from aircraft works differently. The ship’s Surface Detection
has no effect here. Everything depends on the Detection Range
of the aircraft. If a ship is within this range,
it will be detected. Concealment gives an advantage in battle. For cruisers and battleships,
it’s a chance to be the first to detect an enemy
and fire off an effective salvo. For destroyers,
concealment is almost like a weapon. They can fight and defeat
much stronger enemies using concealment wisely. Let’s demonstrate this in action. Here’s a battleship. This is its Detection Range. A destroyer is coming in. But the battleship can’t see it, because the enemy ship hasn’t reached
its own Surface Detection distance. The destroyer is coming closer. It approaches the battleship’s
Surface Detection distance and detects the battleship. Nothing is on the horizon
for the battleship. The destroyer is located further
than its Surface Detection distance. Now, the destroyer’s Commander
is tempted to do away with the unsuspecting battleship. But this would be a mistake. When the artillery goes off,
the concealment disappears. And it doesn’t matter
which of your guns fired, main battery or secondary ones. The ship becomes visible
for 20 seconds. Enough time to finish off the offender. Torpedoes are a different story. They don’t affect your detectability
when fired. Destroyers could have an easy life but teammates can share information
upon spotting an enemy. Here’s what that means. A destroyer launched torpedoes. It’s careful and stays at a distance
where a battleship can’t detect it. It’s easy. There’s a dotted circle around the ship
on the minimap. This is the ship’s Surface Detection area. Here comes a cruiser. It detects the destroyer. The battleship starts seeing it too! Because the destroyer is located
within the battleship’s Detection Range. It won’t take long for it
to have its vengeance. A ship’s concealment ability
can be enhanced. You can use camouflage, the Concealment System, or High-Grade Coal. The most radical way
is to use the Smoke Generator skill. A smoke screen will hide you
and your allies for a while. This skill isn’t available for all ships. Torpedoes have concealment abilities too,
which depend on their model and nation. For example, Japanese 610 mm torpedoes
can be detected at 2.4 km, while American 530 mm torpedoes—at 2 km. If you want to enhance
your torpedo awareness, use the Commander’s Torpedo Alert skill, which adds an additional 15%
to the detection range of enemy torpedoes. Alternatively, ships with Sonar can activate it to see ships
and torpedoes at a greater range. This will allow you to temporarily detect
torpedoes at 3.75 to 4.5 kilometers. The Sonar skill will also help you
better detect enemy ships, especially ones hiding in smoke. Keep your eyes peeled! And try to stay invisible
as much as possible. Blow Ship Up
in World of Warships Blitz!

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