School Of Ships Ep. 5: Cruisers

Greetings, Captains! In this episode of School of Ships, we’ll talk about cruisers: their advantages, functions in battle, and unique features depending on their nation. At first sight, cruisers are always on the second line
in the world of warships. They’re behind battleships
in terms of armor strength and firepower. They’re inferior to destroyers
in terms of speed and maneuverability. Some cruisers are equipped
with torpedo tubes, but torpedoes launched by destroyers have higher speeds
and shorter reload times. Some may say:
“A cruiser is an average ship.” But a skillful captain will know
that it is “a versatile one!” The versatility of cruisers can be seen
at the very beginning of a battle. Their high speed allows them
to rapidly reach a key area and start capturing it. Their powerful AA guns are able to effectively withstand
enemy aircraft attacks. The fast-firing main guns
and quickly turning turrets make cruisers ideal hunters
of enemy destroyers. Their objectives can be different, but one thing remains constant— the high level of adaptability
for cruisers. It’s always important to judge
your abilities properly. Cruisers are surely multifunctional ships, but not unsinkable. It’s better to stay
at the second line in battle, hiding behind allied battleships. Otherwise, wiggle like a snake. Don’t allow enemy shells to hit the citadel or magazines
in the center of the ship. When a close-quarters engagement
cannot be avoided, use torpedoes if you have them. An ideal opponent for a cruiser
is a destroyer. Torpedoes from destroyers are dangerous, but your agility should allow you
to consistently dodge them. A small destroyer should be
as harmless as a fishing boat. Its small caliber guns won’t cause
considerable damage to you, and you‘ll be able to easily wreck
the enemy with a couple of salvos. However, a battle against a battleship
is a very different story. You can’t fight it as an equal because of its superior power
and heavy armor. Nevertheless,
with the support of another cruiser, or better still, an allied battleship,
you could plan your attack. Fighting against other cruisers
is no simple task. To fight them effectively,
you should know their peculiar features depending on their nation. You’d better keep away
from Japanese cruisers— starting from Tier III,
they are equipped with torpedo tubes. However, their rate of fire
and turret speeds are not the best. U.S. cruisers have good speed and can boast powerful AA guns. Torpedo tubes are installed
only on Tier IV and V ships. U.S. cruisers are primarily
focused on gunnery. Early German cruisers often have
poor armor and mediocre mobility. However, this is compensated by a higher
firing range compared with others, strong guns, and,
in higher tiers, good armor. U.K. cruisers are hard to detect and they show perfect
maneuvering performance. However, due to a low firing range, they have to get closer to the enemy. Be wary of their torpedoes
and fast firing guns. Large-sized U.S.S.R. cruisers
have two main disadvantages: they turn slowly and are easy to detect. Nevertheless, their main guns are accurate and,
if using HE shells, can cause a lot of damage
to lightly armored targets. Cruisers in World of Warships Blitz
are mainly support ships. They are intended to seek and destroy
enemy destroyers and fight against enemy aircraft. They quickly come to the aid of allies. A cruiser is a true team player. That’s why this type of ship
is so appreciated in World of Warships Blitz.

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  1. Спасибо. Заходите обзоры, стримы

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    let it go hartlepool Heugh Battery
    let it go newcastle discovery museum

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  4. I would want to know why I does not receive that of the free exp during them fight with my midway after the credit note improve at the maximum level? Ducou I find myself with 600k of exp with the midway

  5. Love my De Grasse. Mobile, rapid firing fire causing, aircraft swatting CL. I captain her with traits to limit torpedo damage, increase fire causing, and AA. All around a great harassment vessel.

  6. Now when will we get an at least decent matchmaking system that averages skill related things and win rates of players to allow for fair battles and an automated hack detection system that detects hack software many players use.

  7. y i would love to play in a team. If i wouldn´t be an absolute invalid with my Kuma in a Tier VI Battle.
    I don´t even have the range to schoot anything, nor i have AA to support our BB´s. So what´s the point about this bullshit cruiser stuff? 😀
    You´re better off playing BB or Carrier.

  8. Team player
    Tell that to that always one idiot rushing all alone to enemy base and get blown up by enemy battleship.

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