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– Hi guys welcome back to. – [Entire Group] The Youtub3 Family! – And today we’re playing Sardines on deck five of the Disney Cruise Fantasy. (Cheering) – So we have divided ourselves into teams. It’s dad and I, Jordan
and Ty, and mom and Jake. – Okay so it’s mine and
Jakes turn and we are going to run through deck five and see if we can find a place to hide. Lets go. Cruise Pepe’s mini door lets go. Going past the club. That was the Disney’s kids club. A port hole would be cool but
I think they would find us. That’s the nursery. Dance Party! Where are we going Jake? The other side? Jake we could go behind these curtains. I gotta get in there too? How am I gonna get in there? Should I go up in the curtain? – Yeah. – Okay I’ll go behind the curtain. Okay so we are hiding behind the curtains by a port hole window, and
Jake is behind the couch. And there is a dance party going on. – Whose your favorite Disney character? – Russel. – Russell? From Up? Whose your favorite character? – Russell. – What? (laughter) Whose your favorite? – Russell. – My favorite character is not Russell. My favorite character is Pocahontas. Pocahontas, she’s the best princess. – Princesses Bell, now
she’s the best princess. Bell’s the best. – Princess Leia. – There you go. – Lets go. – Ty and I on a team. Where are you? There you are. We gotta search, I say we go on this side. – Where are we going. – We could go to the Oeanier Lab. No that’s not open. Port Adventures? – The Oceanier Lab is open. – Laundry mat, come here. Lets go to the laundry area. That’s like hidden. Whoa where did you go. Ty is running by. We’re going to the laundry,
I have a feeling that they’re over there because that’s way back in the corner and it’s like hidden. So they might be in there,
we’re gonna go look. They’re not in the laundry? Wait they’re not not down that hall? – Not. – Aw man. That means we gotta run! – Okay, here we go. We’re gonna go find mom. I think go down this way. Nope it’s a dead end, can’t go this way. That was fast. – Where do you think they’d go? – I think she’s gonna try to blend in. (laughter) – Ty. There’s Pepe’s door. – Is that actually his door? – That’s the number. – He’s alive? – 5148 1/2, that’s his door. – They could be outside. – I hope not it’s dark outside. It’s dark in here. Are they in there? Nope. I don’t see them in the kids nursery. – I hit my shin. – That’s a good hiding spot though. – They’re right there. – We’re gonna get the one next to it. – Hey! – Hey, you guys found us. – Alright so they found
Jake and I pretty fast. Now dad and Audrey are going to go hide. – Okay let’s go. – Go. – So it’s our turn to hide. We should go outside. We have to hurry. – We’re just gonna be wandering. – Down the hallways. Oh my gosh. – I think we just did a big circle. That means they’re gonna find us. – Where are we? My favorite movie. I love that movie. – We’re supposed to be hiding and Audrey is checking out
cartoons on the doors. We did a big circle. – Alright, you guys ready? – Yep. – Let’s go find them. – We’re all going the same directions. – We’re ready to find dad and Audrey. We gotta run, run, run, run, run. Come on Ty, come on. Keep running, keep running. I’m losing my pants. Run Ty run. – They’re right there we gotta go. – So we didn’t find a hiding spot. – Where are we gonna go? – That was captured. – We can go through the
Vibe, back entrance. – Can you get in that way? – I don’t know. – Lets just hang out here. We had a horrible hiding spot. – Yeah we couldn’t get in a better spot. – Can we go there? This is on the fifth floor. – I think so. – Where are we? You can’t go down the stairs. – Yes so let’s just stay by the stairs. – I’m mesmerized, I’m
mesmerized by the lights. – Is this the fifth level? – We have to stay on the fifth level so this is the fifth level. – Yeah the fourth level is down below. – Mom said we could go in the clubs. – We can or can’t? She says we can go in clubs
if everyone can go in clubs. Like we could just stay right here. They’ll never find us here. Never ever. – This does go all the way around. – Did he go outside? – Can you go outside? – Yeah you can. He said anywhere on the top deck. – Sorry excuse us. So how do you go outside? – There’s a door over there. – That’s a vibe. – No that way. – Wheelchair access? – They might have gone. They did go. – They were into the Vibe. – Why are you in the Vibe? – Wait how did you know? – I was like, we started to run back and I’m like how did they get past us? – We were stuck on that (inaudible) – Yeah there was like no where else to go. Okay so we’re in here waiting in the Vibe. – And they can’t find us so we have to wander the halls to find them. – And we sent Jake to find
them and I think he’s lost now. – Jakes gone, technically
you’re not supposed in a club where it is not
family access, however it is family hour right
now and so everybody does have access to the Vibe right now. We just don’t know if
Jordan realizes that. – Probably not, or she probably
didn’t read the door either. – Yeah and this is like a back entrance. – So Jacob has found and met up with us. Where’s Ty? – Ty they’re not in there. – And he’s back over there. Jacob has gone and met up with
us, and he’s gonna help us give clues as to where they are. Cause apparently they already found them and we’re taking forever. Because we can’t even find them. We’ve searched all of the
state rooms, all of them! – I think they went clear
down to the other end. I have a feeling that they’re
not going to find you. – Well we won. High five! – We won. (whistles) – Stop whistling. – Stop whistling, lets go back in. They’re coming, they’re coming. – Are you kidding me. – Why did you walk past,
I saw you guys go by. – Yeah because we thought
you weren’t allowed in here. – Its open house season. – Yeah its family hour. – I even remembered that I was going to hide in here but I forgot. – We won! – Okay so, Ty come here. – No peekers. – Okay so Ty and I took
forever to find everyone cause we thought, we didn’t
know we were allowed in there. But I guess it’s open house so
you are allowed in there, but we forgot about that. So we took forever, and now it’s time to find our hiding spot. And I feel like we should hide in the Bippity Boppity Boutique. What do you think? The Bippity Boppity Boutique is basically like a spa for like little girls. And it’s pretty cool, it turns
little girls into princesses. So I think we should go. – I don’t want. – I think we should go in there. – Big ginormous princesses? – No it turns little girls
into little princesses. – So the princesses turn
princesses into princesses. – Yep, that’s how it works. So I think we should hide in there because that would be a good spot. They probably wouldn’t guess
that we would be in there. Alright, we made it to the
Bippity Boppity Boutique. We’re gonna come in. Yep come here, wait come here. Come here Ty I wanna look in it. Is it cool? No? Ty does not wanna go in there cause it’s just all for like, little girls. Okay I guess we’ll hide behind a desk. Come on. Hurry Ty we’re gonna lose. No come right here behind. Okay, we finally made up our mind. We’re hiding next to the
detective agency, in the corner. Yep, this is where our hiding spot is. – The worst. – Okay so we have given them some time it’s time to go find Ty and Jordan. Lets do this. Jake’s legs are getting tired
but we can power through. Lots of stairs, lots of walking today. We got this. There you go, that was our square. Now back to follow dad. – Here we go in and see if
they’re in the movie theater. Lets see if the in – Audrey. – They might. – We waisted our time. – They might, you better check it out. Where do you think they went? Check behind all the little
couches and crannies. – Nope. – I told you. – That theater was really full. There was people just standing there. They didn’t go in the theater. – We’re hiding, we’re sitting here. Hopefully they don’t find us. Cross our fingers. – Not there. Did you check that one? – Yeah. – You go on the other side or which? – You know what, I just. I know where they are. – Where? – By the the kids club by that door thing. – Try and make a turkey sound. (imitating turkey sounds) – K can’t find them. – I think they’re by
that window right there. – I don’t know lets go look. – Okay so we are trying to find them. And I am not sure where they would be. – I found them. – Are they there? Oh my gosh. Are they in here, should I hide in here? I’m going in here? They’re right there. Hurry Jake cause they’re coming. Alright sit down. They’re by the midship detective agency. – They’re right there. – Right there dad. – Hello – You all found her? – My bun messed up. – Your bun is very mess. Alright guys so let us
know up in the polls above, who hid the best on this round. Deck Five, Disney Fantasy. Who won it? – Well thank you all for watching. Make sure you like, subscribe, and share. – [Entire Group] Bye!

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