San Diego woman speaks out from coronavirus quarantined cruise ship off the California coast.

14 thoughts on “San Diego woman speaks out from coronavirus quarantined cruise ship off the California coast.

  1. Marc Lipsitch, head of the Harvard School of Public Health’s Center for Communicable Disease Dynamics, was asked a question at a Corona virus conference at Harvard on Wednesday. "What do you think of the president’s comments Wednesday evening, (March 4, 2020,) that the U.S. is adequately prepared to meet this challenge?" LIPSITCH: "I came away from the press conference feeling cautiously optimistic. But, as is often the case, many of the president’s individual statements were at odds with his actions and with scientific fact, and he seemed to still be in denial. And with the news today that the leadership is shifting again and that federal health and science officials will be muzzled from speaking without clearance, my cautious optimism is gone. It is simply authoritarian and un-American for politicians to tell public health leaders what they can and can’t say about a public health crisis." Trump fired the Obama-Biden pandemic team and agency whose job was to go to foreign countries like China and help them contain diseases before they spread to the United States. We are at a critical point because we are seeing a rapid international spread. The most critical issue is speed. We must quickly test people that have both a fever and a cough. Isolate the and find those who have had close contact with them in the last 48 hours and stop the transmission chains. That will stop most of the new illnesses and damage to the economy. Corona virus is not a cold or a runny nose and those people should not be tested. In Canada you don't see clusters of outbreaks around the patients with the virus. . They have a universal healthcare system so they don't have barriers to people becoming rapidly tested and treated. They have a healthcare system that knows how to find and investigate cases, follow the contacts and manage them properly. They have a plan for worst case scenarios. The government has to tell the public. This is what were going to do if we have individual cases, clusters of cases, or widespread community transmission. The key is having the public with you. The public health agency alone can not stop the spread of the virus. It's the public working hand-in-hand with the agency, taking precautions and notifying the agency of outbreaks of the virus. Governments have to tell the people this is serious and we have to act fast. We need to have on hand all the ventilators, testing kits, and mask necessary to combat this virus.

    We don't need " an authoritarian and un-American" President. We need a President who prepares for biological threats and tells the public what we are going to do together to conquer the threat. We need a President who has planned for potential pandemics and stopped them before they spread.

  2. People going out on a cruise amidst a pandemic = 200IQ
    USA not having enough test kits for people = 300IQ
    Mexicans saying it's no more than the flu= 10000000IQ

  3. 1:41 look at that idiot not even wearing the mask properly. The strap is hanging off his face. These are the people in charge with keeping everyone safe. He will get this and continue to spread it.

  4. I never understood how being imprisoned on a giant floating garbage dump with thousands of annoying sweaty people rushing a virus infected salad bar was in any way something I wanted to do for a vacation. Screw that idea, virus or no virus.

  5. People that go on cruises under normal circumstances are morons. This is a perfect way to cull the middle class.

  6. I think the cruise ship passenger may need to visit Israel just for a religious trip to get ride of virus and cleans. I heard Israel has the best weather these day. :). Maybe the passenger should go to have a tour of Wall Street operations and White House activities.
    Why not send the cruise ship to hot or cold area where virus could be killed, meanwhile they cruise for free.

  7. So get on a ship (large crowd) knowing there is a virus out. Could've possibly caught the virus. Someone did catch it. You have know idea if you have it. Get off the ship and spread it…..even more. Gotcha. Selflessness at its best. It's horrible I'm sure. Needless to say, they made that decision.

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