Sailing the Secret Islands of Sardinia (Sailing La Vagabonde) Ep. 109

Whoa I’m very sorry, but your anchor chain is right on our anchor Last time on Sailing La Vagabond you were caught in the rain with us as we headed south from Bonifacio to the north of Sardinia we were sailing to a tiny fishing port to pick up our patrons James and Destiny who had come to join us for a few days of sailing Once we got the crew together the idea was to continue on east to a bunch of secret islands called La Maddalena I’m nervous already beautiful Elayna, this is going to be so easy, couldn’t be better Well I’m really glad I didn’t stuff that one up we had a whole audience just then Of old dudes just chillin. It was great. I wish I could speak Italian with them. Got a few preggos from the old guys One old man just could not believe that I was driving the boat. He just kept staring like Preggo, preggo It was really funny Okay, so name date of birth. Where are you from? What brings you to La Vagabonde? Destiny I’m from Helena, Montana And we’ve always dreamt of sailing. I’m James Gardner from Montana. We were lucky enough to get invited aboard I Checked my mail on the way back to work, and I got my package. I think that time I just got a letter that was pretty cool and a couple of coasters and a sticker during the day I got an email saying there was a new episode and sat down at my favorite chair and watched the episode Got to the end, and I heard my name. So it was like the best patron day ever James i’d like to hear about the make of boat that you’ve put an offer in on Oh, it’s a I think it’s an 86 Vagabonde Yeah, yeah, and it looks like an old pirate ship Thats pretty interesting and I guess its never been in salt water We haven’t seen it yet. We’re gonna go look at it. Hopefully in about three weeks, or a month check it out Now that you’ve met these two lovely humans, let’s get back to the incident leading up to our departure We’d gotten one of the 20 odd mooring lines stuck around our prop Shouldn’t of put it in forward But I should have checked for ropes first No, that’s my fault. I might have to jump in or he might jump in Wont be the last time I do that Well a bit of a false start there Weren’t expecting that but yeah, we got tail winds today pretty strong winds, but it should be nice going down wind and the sun’s out for now. I’m pretty sure it’s going to rain, that is my weather report to you today As we were leaving the port the pilot dude, that’s like in charge of making sure the Ferry leaves properly came over he was like I Get out of here because we turned around we were going to hoist the main in the ferry dock We didn’t realize that the ferry had actually fired up its engines and was gonna gun us down so He got us out the way and we just hoisted the main outside but it looked like it was going to chase us down for a bit there Elayna was scared I want you to slowly let out on that and I’m gonna be pulling in on this one a little bit more The strait of Bonifacio this channel that we’re sailing in is notorious among sailors for its weather currents shoals and other obstacles The waves have just started to get a lot bigger We had one or one or two over the bow water came in through this hatch here on my laptop, but only a little bit it’s good fun It’s impossible to concentrate, Daniel and I are on camera duties this is awesome How’s it going guys? Great, pretty cool Pretty intense waves right? Awesome Because we were in quite shallow water it started to get a little rough and despite James’s awesome It was getting so rough that we actually needed to seek shelter for the night Somewhere nearby we would depart for La Maddalena on the morrow How much is one night? How much does it cost I’m so upset about this. Even the place that I’m thinking of going they’re saying that swell from the Northwest which is where it is or winds from the Northwest bring swell in so if we go, look at this one And it’s only five miles away, so let’s just motor there. Spend ten bucks of fuel and save ourselves a fortune yea lets do it Alright im heading back out Ok We are just not getting our pants pulled down like that. We’re not gonna pay a hundred sixty euro for one night I forgot how expensive Europe was, so yeah, we are going around the corner to an anchorage, hopefully its very protected I think it we think it will be but you never know Once again everyones asleep, falls to the captain To go and dive on the anchor, and it is cold and windy and miserable but Someones gotta do it Over the next few days we will be visiting an archipelago of islands just above Sardinia called La Maddalena It’s a national park so it’s quite protected and we got some serious wind today We’re beating into it right now, and then we’re going to go with it for the rest of the way, but yeah It’s pretty hectic. We just have to take a reeve Theres this beautiful beach here, which apparently we’re not allowed to visit anymore Called Pink Beach Pink beach, its got pink sand Ive seen that when I was googling where we’re going Its famous according to… but maybe we can visit it on foot, but maybe you’re not allowed to anchor there or something You definitely can’t anchor there it’s bouyed off, it says maybe in the book we can walk there, exactly Ive never heard of a bit of land thats banned, unless its a military zone or something And why would they want to not let you go there, it’s just a beach Yea As long as you dont And it would bring tourism. We’re going. We’re going to Pink Beach. Walk there Consisting of seven main islands and numerous other small islets we were excited to drop anchor in a place That was during the Napoleonic Wars the base for Lord Admiral Nelson’s fleet in his actions against the French now I might have just been reading too much Patrick O’Brien But you could tell straight away how perfect this archipelago would have been for that operation This is cool hey Hello We just asked the guy selling shells how to get to Pink Beach And he said it’s basically impossible it takes an hour and you have to walk through sticks because there’s no path no pathway, and im telling you that would hurt with… Seriously? gonna take the dinghy Yeah go for it guys ill.. So we just got here, and there’s a sign that says no swimming, do not walk on the sand, do not remove anything from the beach. So we cant swim And It’s not pink. it is beautiful though Can see a little bit of pink It ended up being quite the mission to find pink Beach That was in fact not very pink at all But after a tiny bit of research we found out that the slight tinge of pink we saw came from a pink micro organism that inhabits the ground by water and wind Over the years anchoring of boats and the disturbance of people bathing and walking the beach had agitated its growth so new Regulations were put into place Which will hopefully allow the little pink organisms to make a comeback and the beach to be colorful again a counseling session or hypnosis I’m sure, both Riley really loves teaching free diving every time we get a guest, he’s always out there, its great I’m just gonna go check on the anchor because another person came in and it looks like they’ve put their anchor right on top of ours, so im going to go suss it out I’m very sorry, but your anchor chain is right on our anchor You need to pick up your anchor and move 30 meters this way Because tonight the wind is picking up, and if your anchor moves. It’ll Anchor we’re gone If it’s a I’m sorry if it’s okay. You just move maybe 20 meters just closer to the catamaran Yeah, okay. I knew something was up They anchored five meters directly in front of our anchor if the wind had a swung around it would have probably pulled our anchor out Overnight, and we would end up on those rocks over there Like Cunningham the first It’s been a really good day Rileys outside doing a work out destiny and James are having a sleep they’re Pretty jet-lagged still um and Troyer is doing some work on the laptop, and I’m thinking about what we’re gonna have for dinner it’s pretty hard feeding five people because I Don’t know It’s just such a big event It’s not like we dont have the food It’s just that We eat so randomly usually just us around the boat and when there’s other people feel like we have to make a proper meal so but its fun, i enjoy cooking Thanks for watching next time we get upside down in a secluded Anchorage and mission it to the main town of La Maddalena Oh my gosh I cant even believe this, this is all candy we say goodbye to our friends and welcome onboard new ones

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