Sailing the BVI – Giant Lobsters and Ship Wrecks (Sailing La Vagabonde) – Ep. 9

after the crossing we landed in Tortola the British Virgin Islands and we Immediately treated ourselves to a pina, Colada which was much [ly] deserved [and] Then we got a few jobs, done Riley And I had to scrape the hull there was a lot [going] on down there It was weighing us down quite a bit
all right show us your marvelous creation What have you come up with here for scraping the hull
Riley: “in through the mouth, out through the nose” very simple I hope I don’t get Carbon Dioxide Poisoning And then Riley had to go up the mast and install a new wind speed indicator because the spinnaker halyard actually snapped snapped that off, so we had to do that and and then we had some people ride in from Utah and Texas and they wanted to come sailing with us in the BBI’s so we island hopped with them there are really lovely people and we had a Really good time and then riley and I did some more exploring before heading over to St. Martin I just got the best yawn on camera So what happened with [this] boat? Well this guy here with a kennel hanging off the side of his boat Just came over and asked us to help help him out a bit we um As the wind changed Direction last night we swing around and [found] his anchor a little bit Then this morning. He went to tighten up on it with his windlass and when he started the engine he caught his The painter for his mates dinging the rope that ties to the boat so now he’s got that caught in his prop as well So he just came over and asked us for a little bit of help, so That’ll be our job for this afternoon when the sun is at it’s peak. Yeah, it’s warm enough. I have a cute little red healer. Which I want Okay, I kid you not but that were just re-setting our mates anchor the dog house just floated into the mangroves and disappeared so uh I was going after these Snapper [or] there was a huge broker, but then there’s a little school of snapper And I went after them and one of them. Hid behind a rock I went down There was big bertha means a lot a lot from me under a little lips it good job Why he’s got like mop heads hanging from his rigging? I’ve seen that before the mop heads. [I] don’t know what its purpose is We are in Where are we soft old [Stoppers] hole? in [Tortola] on the Island of Tortola and it’s a Quite a nice little anchorage Fan our nose why they put mop heads on the halyards is it to stop the rats? Well. I don’t know unless rats fall from the sky. I don’t see how that’s my stop. No. No. They like climbing the mast there’s a shipwreck over here called Vagabond, so Rylie just jumped in the water and tired us off To the rack that was meant to be [a] mooring boy, but it wasn’t um What do you think excited? I saw a little bit of it? It’s quite big. There’s not great amounts of fish around, but yeah, I’m pretty excited Really lost that one will coming [in] and I saw on the map [Vagabond] [where] we come from [ah] Cape Verde But um we’re not too sure [if] it’s good luck or bad luck to be doing this yep, I guess we’ll see Alright, I’m sorry about the airplane noises, we are in Simpson Bay and its very loud That’s [thing] that I’m not those those homes my kitchen I feel his footsteps and I hear him breath [with] conviction Baby [asleep] on a floor. He smoked all [my] deals I knew something, but away to do The bar that’s not be [pee] Up above the but she’s [greasy] So needs andre and the stitching Are you nuts? Cuz I think that I’m not knows those songs my kitchen Come on, Mr. Whale Come Back! Oh my gosh, that’s so beautiful.Theres another one further on I don’t know if you saw it. Yeah. That was the first [one] Rylie got This is whats for dinner and a little Moreton Bay bugs Whose name is apparently [more] teeny? No, it’s not Alright so much baby eyes for your thoughts. How about we get the camera on me head first It’s not big enough Don’t be ridiculous [now] just balance it All right, so uh not taking part in this that cameras Gonna fall. You’re gonna fall. Yes. It’s a one-and-only camera It’s all right there baby eyes were Really good. I thought that because we were so close [to] America and [our] like a well-known place that they might little bit touristy which they were But there’s so many awesome spots there in such a close little Distance from each other that. It’s just really easy and [awesome] little spot. There’s Dive Spots and Fish there, which I didn’t think that they were baby but there’s still heaps of fish around [fatty] national parks and that in there kept like keeping everything alive and That’s what I saw I Thought it was awesome [there] were so many cool places to see and I think my favorite part was The people for sure [the] people were really happy and friendly and oh And I loved how they sing everywhere they go There was a man in the park who was just singing at the top of his lungs and I just open markets and restaurants They’re all just singing away, and I love that. I think it’s really cool. Your mate in the park Yeah, but is a little bit expensive BVI’s ours is a bit expensive, but I think it’s really really worth it We absolutely loved it I Literally just woke up We’ve got a fish! welcome to St.Maartin! you

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  1. I'm not a sailor (sure looks fun), but about the mop heads… haven't scrolled down in the comments yet, so I wonder how wrong I am… I'm gonna put a wager on birds… mop heads swayin in the wind, scaring off the gulls that are poopin on the deck. I can only imagine that the birds could get annoying at times… especially if there is any long term fishing going on.. bait scraps and such.  so yeah, my guess is birds.

  2. When I was a kid my dad was into sailing and we kept a sailboat at Sopers hole in Tortola. We lived in P.R. and I have such good memories of time sailing the b.v.i.s. This was in the late 70s. What a gift for me to have been so fortunate. No TV, no life in the suburbs of America..unplugged and real. Now I live in Wash. DC and absolutely long for the ocean. Seeing your videos has this very relaxing effect on me, except when you are hunting sea animals…on that I am with Sea Shepherd….living vegan is the way forward…think it over! Best wishes, Aimee

  3. And also Riley actually looks a lot like my Dad did when we lived in the caribbean back 35 years ago! It's tripping me out!

  4. You guys are really lucky you werent caught spearfishing or pulling lobster in the BVI's. They would have seized your boat lol

  5. what is the most intimidating/scary thing that has happened to you two at sea? or even at one of your stops. i imagine you guys catch what you can while constantly working on board, so picking up your camera and filming in the middle of a stressful moment would be silly. actually, it would be cool to see a video of you two detailing some of the accidents or run ins you have had. if ive missed that video let me know lol.

  6. Ahoy Vagabonde
    Man that was a nice shot of the Ray and turtle, what a back yard you have to play in..
    What a frigin big rock lobster!! you could have made cold cuts with that monster,,OO man I would have made a thousand different dishes haha or until I got thrown over board for over doing it.(you can get tired of lobster). Bon Appetite ! The Chef

  7. it would help if you show your location at map at the beggining of the video so new people like me can see where are you guys, also where were you.

  8. You said one of your spars snapped? What are they made of? Can you get spars made from carbon fiber materials?

  9. That's the life…sail to a pretty / secluded paradise area, snorkel by day, dine on exotic seafood a restaurant would charge a fortune for, by night play guitar by candlelight and sip wine….amazing life.

  10. In the USN means a clean sweep when you pull into home port you put them up there. It means you passed all exercises

  11. Flashbacks … Seems so long ago that I first watched this…. how much things have changed. Still watching and loving every moment…

  12. Hi!
    Im waching your videos and are really amazing!
    Before, its possible watch the videos before this one with Spanish Automatic subtittles, i dnt know why not others like this one
    Whatever, if os possible for you active again this options for spanish would be reeeeally nice again
    Ey, thanks for share! 😀

  13. i will show this to all my Friends and Family, they will understand what i mean if they start knowing your Character and your way of doing YouTube

  14. Rylee,closest to Kevin Costner, "Waterworld" I ever seen. Got to be 04:20 folk. Dig your vibes, mellow story line, artistic and poetic for those souls of the sea. Love your vibe, time for me to go back to the sea. Screw this city sheep day job shit and fake ego driven rat race shit.. after 15 years its back to the sea for me. thank you Skippers.

  15. HAVE YOU FOUND THE REASON FOR THE MOPHEADS YET? COULD IT BE USED TO SIT ON? I read they keep the sails from rubbing against each other.

  16. Have you ever heard this quote? ..there is much you can do at sea with common sense.. and very little you could do without it.."
    Capt G E Ericson (from "The Cruel Sea" by Nicholas Monsarrat)

  17. Your work ethic, energy, and ingenuity are amazing. You seamlessly wrap work, travel, excitement, adventure, and fun into the cord of life.

  18. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve thought that Riley reminds me of Mathew McConaughey. Then I see this and had to share.

  19. Hi Guys,
    Love your experiences and the way you tell them. Takes me away to a life which could have been! And you`re so lucky to have found each other, a perfect match.
    Anyway, you asked what the "MOP HEADS" were on the halyards. In the old days we made "Baggywrinkles". These were made from hemp rope , separating the strands, then wrapping the strands around a main one. It helped the sails from chafing.
    Sending good vibes-

  20. I’ve been watching a lot of your videos and been impressed with your ability to free dive. How long can you hold your breath for? It looks like an amazingly long time.

  21. I'm 9 episodes in and obsessed with this journey. You are living my dream.. and you two seem like the most amazing people.. must dash ..plenty of episodes left to watch.

  22. I have always wanted to sail, I feel more at home on the water than on land. unfortunately my wife likes the glories of being and land/home owner (sacrifices). I can occasionally get her out on he boat to travel to local springs in the st. johns river in Florida, USA. That is about as close to living on the water I can get her, however she is interested in retiring that way. I personally spend a lot of time on the water fishing tournaments. I love your videos, kinda use them to live bi-curiously, and gather living info. I do have a question for you or anyone else who can answer. Whats your protocol for dealing with customs and immigration for moving from country to country? Do you just need a passport, or do you have to contact local authorities? Just trying to figure out how all that works.

  23. I've been on YouTube for 10 years and I've only just come across you guys. I. AM. HOOKED. New life goal: Buy and sailing boat. Sail around the UK waters. Then when confident. Sale to the Caribbean. This IS going to happen.

  24. The mopheads on the rigging silence the rope noise when they start vibrating..they put a similiar "mop" type piece on box strings to silence them for hunting.

  25. 6:25 Clipper Stad Amsterdam. I did a Atlantic crossing on her. From las palmas de cran canaria to st Maarten with bonus stops (because we had a very fast crossing) at Montserrat and st Kitts. One of the best experiences in my live. Loved it!
    I wish my health was good enough to do it your way. Love your videos 🙂

  26. She does not have a stitch of makeup on and i would put her up in a Miss Texas Pageant any day. unbelievable

  27. just recently found you guys and am binge watching from episode 1 this is my favorite episode so far because i use to live in Simpsons bay it would have been cool to run into you guys then. hopefully get the chance to meet you someday!!!

  28. Binge watching!!! This channel deserves not just 1M BUT MILLIONS AND MILLIONS! You made me fell in love with the world!!!

  29. I have just started with episode 1 now and am enjoying them so much…but I have seen so many of your vlogs so far and I am just amazed at the adventure you two are experiencing.  Not everyone can do what you have done but at least, they can live through yours and you have done such a wonderful job….I can't begin to express my appreciation of your hard work….now to see Lenny for a few minutes….take care!!!!!

  30. This wouldn’t be nearly as interesting if you guys were ugly, just saying. Like the last comment, great videos.

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