Sailing into a 50 KNOT GALE- Worst Storm We’ve Ever Seen- Sailing SV Delos Ep. 93

What’s going on up here? Gnarly, gnarly wind. It’s like kind of
heading steady now. It feels like it’s increasing. And I don’t know. It’s a bit scary, to be honest. [MUSIC PLAYING] Previously on Delos
We continued sailing toward Madagascar. And had the best
fishing of our lives. It’s a mahi. [MUSIC PLAYING] The weather’s calmed down. The swells are down. The wind is just above 10 knots. And we’re about 360 miles
away from Madagascar. So we’re here. And we’re just about ready
to make our turn now. And since the wind
is out of the east, we need to put up the downwind
sail, so that when we turn it’s directly behind us. And then we’ll just
take this line straight to the north tip of Madagascar. [MUSIC PLAYING] Thought of the day, go. We are- We only have one
packet of pasta left ready for tonight. And then my thought is, is it
going to be a wrap every day for the whole trip? OK. Thought of the day. Boom, go. I’m craving a wood-fired pizza. I’ve been thinking
about it for four days. What say you? What say you? Thought of the day? Princess Bride. What movie is it from? Oh, what’s your
thought of the day? Monkeys in Madagascar. So we’re going to be back in
civilization in a few weeks. So, my thought of
the day is imagine how it’s going to walk on a
road that never ends, meaning you’re not on an island. So you don’t have
to walk in a circle. Like, I can literally
step out on the street and just walk one direction
and it’s never gonna end, if I don’t want it to. And that also, second thought
that was my first thought when I woke up this morning,
because Brady told me a story yesterday that before he
went sailing he had a snake called Scooter that he
gave to his friend Ed. And my thought this morning
was is that snake still alive. And if so, where is
Scooter right now? We’re gonna find out. I’m gonna send Ed an email. Where is Scooter right now? You’re going to
send an email to Ed? We’ll find out if my
snake is still alive. Where are you, Scooter? Muskrat, wow. We’ve got something
special today for everyone. Guys, it’s a treat. It’s one of those rare occasions
you’re just hoping for when you wake up in the morning. And I think having
long hair and sailing the tropics is just stupid. It’s terrible. And the beard as well? Oh why? Your head is covered with hair. Like you know how easy
it’d be just to cut? Why the do I have long hair? Yeah, look at Max. He’s such a happy guy right now. Honestly. I’m jealous. Look at how free he looks. Oh, he’s so happy. I know. I can see the change. He doesn’t have to like
do this or anything. Huh? What? What you talking? I was admiring your head. It has less hair than mine. So Brady, why do
you then do this? Like why do you? I don’t know. Well, OK number one is
because of [? Yesha. ?] She wanted me to
grow my hair out, because she met me
when I had long hair. Yeah? She’s out. Exactly. Yeah, because that’s
what Max said. He was like, why do
I do this to myself? And he was like I don’t have
to, so then he just decided. Yeah. You should just do it. Yeah. You’ll feel like a new man. Yeah. Less hot, you know? Yeah. It’s not like you’re going to
be in winter any time soon. Yeah. Sleep on it. I’m gonna sleep on it. How’s it going? I think we’re like 230
miles from the Cape. But it looks really
nasty up ahead. And the winds sort of
picked up and stuff, so I think we’re gonna start
seeing some bad weather soon. So we’re like 200 miles
away from the Cape of Madi. And the swells are
getting bigger. And the wind is picking up,
which we kind of expected. But it looks like it’s going to
be a little bit worse than what we thought it was going to be. Really? Yes. OK. We should be seeing
15 or 16 knots, but out of more southeast. And the winds coming
more out of the south. Which kind of us,
because we don’t want to be coming at
the Cape like this. So 24 hours from now, that- So we’re going to be like,
maybe like 15 miles away from the Cape by then. We’re gonna be like there. At this speed we’ll be-
Yeah, we’ll be like here. Yeah. Yeah. And that’s- What’s that? 30s. So this- And this grid
is always lower too. Like the wind- It’ll say 10,
but it will be blowing 15 or 20. So this one shows- 30. Which means like 40, 45. Which means probably 40 or 45. It is what it is. We just have to make sure we
don’t go north of our course. Yeah I know. That’s the most important thing At least we’ll have good
speed if it’s 40 knots. The northern Cape of Madagascar
has notoriously rough waters. Our course was crucial. Too far south and
we’d hit current against 40 knots of wind,
causing huge standing waves. Too far north and we’d
encounter even stronger winds and be blown away
from Madagascar toward the Seychelles. We needed to get
all hands on deck. And set Delos up for
what was shaping up to be one hell of a night. [MUSIC PLAYING] I think we are sailing
into a dark cloud. And since it’s blowing
20, 30 knots already. I’m afraid of what’s
going to happen next. Soon we will be there. It’s actually really
easy to drive. The helms really balanced now. It’s pretty cool. Like we’ve got 30 knots of
breeze and there’s big waves, but we reefed down
to the second reef and it’s kind of hands off. It stirs itself almost. It’s really sweet. Look at that. Don’t even need the auto pilot. It’s cruising. I like the Caribbean blaster. Super Sail-makers
did a good job. And we’re getting moved around
a lot, but it’s not terrible. It’s comfortable. It’s not rolling. And it’s probably going to be
like this for another 24 hours? I think it’s gonna be like this
all the way until the Cape, we get around it. And it might even
come up a little bit. I think we’re seeing this
a little earlier than we should have. [MUSIC PLAYING] This is behind the scenes. Trying to stand still in the
bathroom while we’re sailing. It’s very difficult. It’s
like 30 knots of wind outside, and as you see, my feet. They have to be apart there. And the other foot there. So you have a
stable kind of grip. I’ve been rarely
shower on passage that much, because
it’s really hard. But this is kind of
what it- What it’s like. You hold also, hold onto here. Who hoo. And then the situation with the
bathroom is that you sit down. And I place one foot there
and the other one here. And then you can
do your business. And at night like,
it’s black here. Like you can’t see shit. So you just have to sort
of feel wherever you go. Like I know every
inch, every corner. So you don’t- Like
in the beginning, I used to have like a
lot of pain everywhere. Because I just bumped
into things and shit. But now you just you’ve learned
to guide yourself in the dark. That’s all for this
behind the scenes Delos. OK. Babs is sleeping. More- Karen’s cooking. More of this? And outside. What’s going on out here? Like this is the first sit. Craziness. Yeah. We’re just enjoying the ride. I feel sick actually. We’ve been laying up
[INAUDIBLE] and watching a move and taking naps. We need some fresh air. He is cranking. So we’ve got 30,
35 knots of wind. It’s gnarly. Really gnarly And really hard
to keep it on course, too. Because it really wants
to go into the wind. But it’s fun. Oh, there’s a gust
almost a 40 there. Yeah. It’s a constant 30 knots though. Yeah, it is. Toe genner and the wind genner
are just cranking in power. Karen’s a sailor ninja. [LAUGHS] It’s
really hard to cook. I feel like I’m fricking
squat in position. Holding a knife. Yeah. Cutting fish. Plus trying to organize, so food
doesn’t fly all over the place. Yeah, just wait a little
bit and see what happens. So we still have around 30,
sometimes 40 knots of wind. It’s pretty crazy. Big waves just
slammed over the boat. And it’s interesting. It’s almost like coming
into Cocos Keeling but yeah, it’s pretty gnarly for sure. We got really
splashed a few times. Like big waves just
like hitting the boat. So- But we’re going good. We’re on course, and
we’re holding good speed. So yeah, all is good. Everyone’s resting inside. And as you can hear, the wind
is very, very strong out here. I don’t like when the boat
sort of surf up the wave and boom, like hit the ocean. You can just hear all
the power, you know? Like it’s really. It’s not nice. Delos is a really
strong boat though. So I’m happy. I’m happy to be
out here with her. And not on something else. But it’s really scary. I’m- It’s always scary. I don’t like to be in
big squaws like this. But I know it’s going to fine. And we’ll be in Madagascar
tomorrow evening. We’ll see land
tomorrow afternoon, so that’s going to be
really, really exciting. But we just keep
positive thoughts. And keep us warm. And we’ll be there soon. I’ve been on watch
now for about an hour. And it’s been
consistently blowing between 30 and 40 knots. And we are honing along. And it’s actually kind of scary. I think it’s the first
time on this trip that I’ve actually felt afraid. It’s just the combination of
like absolutely no moon out, or if it is it’s behind
a bunch of clouds, so it’s like completely dark. So you can’t even really
see where the horizon is and differentiate between
the ocean and the sky. So we’re driving solely by
the compass and the autopilot. What it’s telling there. So it’s kind of hard to predict
when we’re being hit and not, so it’s a bit scary to drive. Especially because we’re
kind of approaching the north part of Madagascar, which is
apparently to be pretty rough. And I think we’re going
to be seeing some heavier winds, probably tomorrow. At least that’s what predict
wind is telling us anyway. But, yeah. It’s approaching midnight. And there’s been
some freak waves. Some scary freak waves that just
come crashing over the boat. We’re slamming into waves. And it’s not nice. It is blowing. Anyways, I’m gonna get
back to hand stirring. [BOAT SQUEAKING] Shit. What’s going on up here? Gnarly, gnarly wind. It’s like kind of
holding steady at 40. It feels like it’s increasing. And I don’t know. It’s a bit scary, to be honest. Can’t really see much. Freak waves. And just yeah. Does that do anything to
the helm, Josje? Feels like it slowed us
down a little bit, which is kind of nice. Think you can make 40 knots? Yeah. We’re in some big seas, man. Yeah. It definitely slowed
us down a bit. Okay. [WATER CRASHES] Whoa. Hello. Hello. What do you guys think? It is a wild ride out here. We took two massive
waves over the side of it the beam that just
crashed into the cockpit. You can see them coming. And all the sudden just fills
this whole thing with water. I’ve never seen that before. Yeah, it’s pretty gnarly. We’ve sustained 40
knots pretty much. Brady, he said he
saw 48 knots is the highest that we’ve
seen tonight which is pretty significant wind. And we’ve got just a tiny
scrap of head sail out. Main’s fully down,
Mizzen’s fully down. And we’re still
doing seven knots. But the boat feels
under control. You can drive. And she’s all right. Fine. What do you think Brady? Yeah, the boats handling
really, really well. Just a little piece of jig out
and nothing else right now. And the breeze is
pretty much right on our beam which is sweet. I’d hate to be going
up wind in this. But yeah every once in a while
a massive freak wave comes and just crashes
into that window and scares the shit out of me. It’s scary, eh? [INAUDIBLE] The whole boat was knocked down. That was a big one came
across the back too. It went– hit that side and went
all the way across the back. The scuba tanks were completely
under water, just crrr. [LAUGHTER] Yeah. It’s like, oh, fuck. I’m glad [INAUDIBLE] It’s no joke. Yeah, it’s no joke. Shall we go another eight
hours until daylight? And then we can just see
how big these waves are? Yeah. It’s hard to tell, right now. But I think you’re right,
Bri, when you see them, like when they pass us. When they’re passing you,
you can just see them crrr. Yeah, like your back is to them. The camera never
shows them, though. You know? Yeah, I know. [INAUDIBLE] They’re big. They’re significant, though And then it got really shitty. Our old analog wind instruments
top out at 50 knots, and there were periods
when it was pegged. Our best guess is
sustained 45 knots, gusting well into
the 50 knot range for periods, which classifies
it as a force 9 severe gale. This means wave heights
from seven to 10 meters or 20 to 30 feet, about as
high as a three-story building. It was intense. For the first time in over
50,000 miles of ocean sailing, we were forced to close the
companionway hatch to avoid taking water into the cabin. Waves were crashing onto
Delos on a regular basis and filling the
cockpit with water. I’d never, ever
seen that before. Brady and I took
30-minute shifts, hand-steering down the waves. We asked everyone else to
stay below in their bunks while we were clipped
into the cockpit. Delos was getting knocked
around pretty badly. You could hear the rumbling
of the waves all around. Sometimes they’d
pass by, or we’d ride the crest of a breaking
wave like a roller coaster. Other times, they would
knock us on our ass. It was completely unpredictable. The crashing waves, combined
with the howling wind, created the most awesome
noise I’d ever experienced. It was so loud, you could
feel the raw power of nature all around you. It’s 7am now. So Brian and I have
been taking turns hand-steering on and off
every 30 minutes since about midnight, and it’s
still pretty gnarly, like still blowing 40, 45. And we’ve seen gusts at 50. But we’re only about
60 miles from the head of the cape, so we’re cruising
along at like 8 knots. So we’ll be there soon. And then I don’t
know what that means, but that’s what we kept
saying, we’ll be at the cape. We can turn more down wind
and then round the cape and then hope there’s no
wind on the other side. But I’m fucking tired, man. Gnarly, it’s gnarly as hell. Yeah, it’s really scary. It’s gnarly. You just fucking hear
them coming like that, and you don’t really– They crash through
the cockpit window. Yeah. I hate that. The sun is going
to come up soon. I don’t know if I want it to. I don’t really want to
see what’s around us. No. Up next, it’s a bright and
sunny day after our crazy night. Sweet. [MUSIC PLAYING] Some mountains of
water to go by. [MUSIC PLAYING] And we let loose after
arriving in Madagascar. [MUSIC PLAYING] Having fun? How long you been wearing
those underwear, brother? I wore them– So funny– I wore them on the
inside for four days, and then I flipped them, and I’m
wearing this way for four days. Disgusting. No, they’re good, bro. Clean. I’ve still showered. [INAUDIBLE] Ooh, yeah. Oh, they’re a little
bit too big for my head. It doesn’t look too bad on
you, but they are too wide, because your face is very small.

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