Sailboats on rough sea, watercolor on canvas 5×7

Oh ! Friend Welcome to my studio. I warn you watercolor purists this video may displease you. If this is the case … know that I share and respect your opinion, me , I also like my transparent watercolor magnified by the use of a grain paper whose white is reserved and gives only the light to the composition. But, stay, it’s still interesting … Music …. Sailboats on a rough sea Music … Watercolor on canvas imitating the effect of the spatula. Wave sound effect … Last week, for the purpose of a watercolor lesson, I had as defined to paint watercolor on a canvas, and more is to give an acrylic effect apply to the spatula. Here, on the left my subject, two sailboats on a rough sea painted with acrylic and on the right my first version painted in watercolor on canvas. I show you how, I did. For the tutorial, I put you the link, here at the top right of the video and also in the description bar, at the bottom. I will once again use a cheap canvas from a discount store that everyone in Quebec knows well, 5×7 inch. It’s confusing (focus). Do not worry. I will put the products use in the description, under the video. First, I will apply a clear watercolor base coat. This one is from the Daniel Smith brand. I apply it uniformly on all my surface. And, I let it dry. Music … I will then paint my background. I use an imitation of Cobalt blue from my small palette Holbein, for this version of the subject. My first version, I had used the Prussian Blue, also from my Holbein palette. I wet my surface without forgetting the sides. Music … I will come to make a slightly degraded blue and with a handkerchief tissue come to create my clouds, patting. Music …. I add a little blue to slightly darken the sea and the sky. And, I let it dry again. To give, this spatula effect as on the canvas painted with acrylic. I’m going to use this watercolor base that when applied uniformly gives the canvas or other surface that we would like painted in watercolor, the texture of the paper “cold press”. Its presentation is less liquid than the base I applied previously. So I will, instead of applying it with a brush. The applique with the same knife that I used to paint my subject in acrylic. By not forgetting the sides. Music … Now, I will not make the mistake the first time. That is to say, do not let this base dry for long enough. She will dry for a whole night. We are already in the morning, … Now I’m going to paint, taking care to leave white crusts. The created relief captures the light, you will see. I always paint with the imitation of cobalt blue. Music … I will add a little drama. with this indigo blue still from my palette from Holbein. Music … I really like the blending effect of blue. If I compare with the acrylic version. I prefer the effects of depth, different plans, the watercolor version. Wave sound … Let’s paint the boats. It is rare that I have black, never even in my palettes so I will use the hue of neutral. Music … With this beautiful indigo blue, I will become even more accentuate the depth, painting the sea in the background. Music … For the color keys on the sails. I always use imitation cobalt blue. For red, I mix Quinacridone’s Scarlet and lemon yellow. I use the same yellow on the other canvas. Music … Wave sound I’m going to put some accents of white with a Gelly Roll pencil. Music … And, I like it. I add some splash effects. (music…) Music … I do not know what you think about it, but I like it. Maybe with a little more white. I’m going to use Daniel Smith’s white watercolor titanium base. And, come add some brush strokes of white. Music … Some more splash !! (music…) Music … Well, personally, I still prefer watercolor on paper. On the other hand, I really like the depth effect of the painting painted with watercolor. And you ? On that dear friend, goodbye! Music … If you like my videos, you can put a thumb up and leave a comment. You can also subscribe to my channel so you do not miss the next videos. Watercolor: Sailboats on a rough sea, acrylic version, two watercolor versions by Artist Eve. Music: GarageBand

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