SailAway HALLOWEEN SPECIAL!! The HAUNTED LIGHTHOUSE | Sailboat Living Sailing Vlog

do you wanna sail away I wanna sell well
do you wanna sell this week on sale away we bring you our
very first Halloween special in beautiful st. Augustine Florida the
oldest and some say most haunted city in the US but more specifically we’d like
to tell you the story of the st. Augustine lighthouse and it’s
beautifully creepy history chock-full of tragedy death and according to the
accounts of many visitors and workers ghosts today we are the st. Augustine
lighthouse haunted lighthouse encounters and sightings have become
almost common thanks to over 400 years history of several different towers
existence on the site starting with a Spanish Watchtower in the late 1500s the
reported hauntings begin with one of the first keepers of the second structure
built in 1824 Peter Rasmussen whose love of cigars can still be smelled by some
visitors and staff members even though no cigars have been present anywhere on
the grounds in decades but from there the history grows much darker the first
known to have died on the property was lightkeeper Joseph Andrew in 1859 while
painting the outside of the tower structure he plummeted 60 feet to his
death when his scaffolding failed he seems to have never left the grounds
with many sightings of a shadowy male figure being spotted in the very top of
the tower by numerous staff and visitors also many say that while touring the
light keepers quarters they feel a sudden drop in temperature and are
confronted with the dark figure of a tall man who then disappears just as
quickly but the most tragic and well-known spirits to haunt the grounds
are those of two sisters who died as children in a terrible accident from
1871 to 1874 Ezekiel PD was hired as renovation foreman during construction
of the current tower on July 10th 1873 his daughters Eliza and Mary along with
younger siblings Edward and Carrie were playing in a work card on tracks used to
carry materials to and from the house but the cart broke loose and rapidly
rolled down the grassy hill and overturned in the bay while the two
younger children managed to escape Eliza and Mary could not and were both doomed
to drown while their siblings looked on helplessly and while not originally
reported it is now known that a ten year old african-american girl also died in
the incident her name has never been discovered since the tragedy there have
been very frequent reports of childish laughter coming from the locked and
empty top of the tower others have spotted eliza drifting about the
property wearing the very dress she drowned in and that locked door at the
top of the tower even though it has always locked each night before the
staff leaves it is often wide open when they returned the next day but the
hauntings don’t end there visitors and workers alike have felt
tugs on their legs children have been pushed by unseen hands and people have
turned to look at the presence they feel behind them only to find no one there
furniture has been witnessed moving on its own and otherworldly hands have been
seen reaching through doors one tour guide reports having arm hairs plucked
by unseen fingers and even had his ankle grabbed while giving a tour the guests
all thought he tripped despite its tragic history and continual
hauntings of guests and staff alike the 219 step tower with its original 1874
370 prism Fresnel lens remains a working lighthouse and a very important fixture
on the Florida coast standing watch over the often dangerous st. Augustine Inlet
not only are it in the entire house and grounds open daily for tours but you can
also visit in the dark of night for their very popular ghost tours if you
dare I’m the making of the haunted tower you
scrape yourself maybe no more climbing on brick did you get knocked off by a
ghost they say it goes grab little kids around here
yeah well understandably you have to be 44 inches to go up to tower and rivers
is not so we’re taking turns heading up Lauren just got her turn what I could
take mine this is a can Medicare if you would like
keeper they carried it up every flight every day to keep this thing burning
apparently these are the storage drums for it there’s the wrench for adjusting the
brackets that support the entire gallery at the top that’s a chair Wilma and smokey her brother dropped the
cat off alas what have you and lettuce I get a real rough not want
to go in or out today thanks very much so anybody having a ghost tux pushes
bulls ropes oh it’s funny when we were upstairs I thought I saw people down
here and then we came down here I was like there’s no what do you got mystery
solved lighthouse shipwreck artifact
conservation lab for you that way st. created by other hand this is how I like
to tour look in there we’ll be back in a bit rivers never get out of there what are
you doing stainless and then yep stay on this side
and now it’s a boat wait five you’re very artist I’m sorry with that it’s a ten percent accurate
pirate ship reproduction you did it go are ya let me see I’ve gotta babysit
genius bring hit all the talk shows yeah

6 thoughts on “SailAway HALLOWEEN SPECIAL!! The HAUNTED LIGHTHOUSE | Sailboat Living Sailing Vlog

  1. Cool video Eric!! Really enjoyed it! Two things came to mind as I watched it…First off how long ago did you film it? Great planning ahead! Also I was thinking someone spent a little extra time on the editing this week! Really looked good! Great work.

  2. Creepy place. Would have liked to see Loren haunt the lighthouse in costume. Rivers Danger lived up to his name in this one. Great video!

  3. "I hear ghosts grab little kids around here"…Kids take that stuff pretty seriously. You had him going a few times. I had my 4 kids thinking that if they were bad I would take them to the "orphanage drop off" at the Post Office. Which I made a "official form" the older ones could read. It had lines like, "behavioral issues relating to reason to put children in orphanage," etc. I even had an envelope ready to go to the U.S.P.S.O.P.C the United States Postal Service Orphan Processing Center. Thank goodness for the 80's version of Annie, to really kick my kids into being good. They were good for at least six months. They really didn't want to go to the Post Office, 😉 just sharing. Maybe wait until yours is a little older, but the legend of the USPSOPC should live on!! It works best on 4 to 6 year olds, and the post office is everywhere so if you travel the "incentive" is always there. Anyway spooky intro and walk through. That must have taken a lot of thinking out!!

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