SailAway 82 | 1000-Watt DIY Solar Install on a Liveaboard Sailboat | Sailing Around The World

this week on sale away our 960 watts of
solar panels have arrived and we mount all three on our self installed Stern
arch plus I’ll and a short-term regular gig in downtown Brunswick do you wanna
say I wanna do you wanna say with me dude what’s up folks good morning morning for
us anyway kind of a gloomy day out which is kind of ironic because we’re about to
install solar I’ve gotten a little bit of a start I’ve already done all my
shopping I just spent about 250 bucks on aluminum
and Hardware all stainless steel of course but I’ll take you through it and
you can see how we’re going about it first off this is the controller that
we’ve going with is the Victor on smart solar 150 70 MPPT when this thing is
capable of handling about a thousand watts and I’ve got a really cool place
to mount this thing and as you can see a nice spot right there on the outer wall
I’ll show you the panels next these are the panels right here
they’re big suckers but these are 96 cells each as opposed to 60 which is the
norm but these are 60 volts plus each and about 5.5 amps then of course if
you’ve been watching any of our recent videos you know where they’re going
right up here on the top of the arch all in a row
I do hangover on each side so that makes mounting a little bit interesting and
for that reason I’ve got a bunch of aluminum tubing and some reinforcements
you know the only way to get it done is to jump in and start doing it sure
there’s gonna be some issues and we’ll just figure them out as we go I mean that’d be the cleanest cuts in
the world but it’s a whole lot faster than hacksaw once I got the hang of the
angle grinder and dodged a few raindrops I went ahead and made all my cuts and I
believe I have everything ready to go so we’ve got a one long piece here and it’s
riveted together with a decent angle just to give it a little structure as we
put it up there once everything’s hooked together it’ll be very very solid that’s
going across the back ends of our Navis yeah for 24 inch box tubing it’s going
to extend out from there both sides I think that’s this I think my next step
is mountain items up on top of the arch be ready for some panels three-stop fact
is of those frames on the panels are just their beasts seriously stop
so if you can get them anchored down even just in that little middle area the
frames themselves will keep it rigid equal under winds they’re rated for a
one-inch hail stone at 50 or 60 miles now I forget which so yeah no I just
gotta get these tool arms out on either side that’ll be all the rest of the pieces are just gonna go
on the inside lips of the panel’s themselves just beefed up the area that
the you butcher attaches it’s springtime I have all the supports now mounted on
the arch itself so now the next thing I’ve got to do is put those owl channels
in the edges of the solar panels those she’s just gonna get riveted in which is
pretty easy and then it’ll be time to start picking these things up and
slapping them down problem won’t be out today tomorrow it’s been like crazy here so alright you ready you just ran into a pole because he was okay here Oh Oh Oh Oh so these are obviously reinforcements so
I was talking about just riveting these in I almost want without these because
the the frames just keep surprising me when I like actually get another look at
him like okay pretty stout to here but there’s not a lot of space in here for
the u-bolt to go through just have it would wind up being pretty close to this
edge especially when we’re trying to get around the folks that are already in
that cross piece so I figured this little aluminum channel wouldn’t give us
another extra port so through all that you put into yes that one’s screwed down
all that along the back edge all three out in the back edge first and
then drill the u-bolts once the back end is secure for all of them just make sure
they all line up right before going too crazy pop goes the rib it’s not that dedicated it’s just
like a random gossiping but I want to make sure that corner is now yeah tired but yeah
plus four events oh yeah I just drill the holes for the back to you thanks for
these two this is my adult put a drill bit through the solar panel protection
plate actually scratch the white stuff freaked me out how you feeling I think
Lauren was over-served I don’t think I was over-served so much as I literally
only ate grapes and cheese yesterday she’s taking that into account
alright solar panels are poppers they’re done so we got u-bolts all the inside edges
outside that bolted through to the L reinforcement channel but for halo
antenna still fits all the way across the back
I think we can’t forget to mention to the reason that we are trying so hard to
get these done in the rain and all this stuff is because the first three panels
showed up with one of them completely smashed just obliterated so we had to
send them back and then these showed up blow less than a week ago and tomorrow
we are leaving to take the boat down to the st. Mary’s boat yard to get her
bottled um I got my head that I was gonna get this install done before we
took off tomorrow morning to say it is finished pretty happy with my structure
worked out better than I would have hoped so
we’ll probably wait to hook everything up until after we get the bottom done I
wouldn’t like to have them hooked up before then but that’s that’s a real big
job too because we’re gonna bring all these wires together in parallel and
then fish them inside the arch leg do the same with the red port cable
while we’re at it run them in right there got a system in across to where we
have the MPPT mounted and I still have to get battery cable to go from the MPPT
to the battery and a fuse yeah so I guess we’ll save that until after we
come back we have a bunch of stuff going on up north so we got another road trip
a couple of weddings and the Annapolis Boat Show and she’s gonna be getting her
bottom done while we are on the road doing all that stuff we’d like to do it
ourselves but time just is not permitting and we got a good deal from
these guys to do the labor so I’m I’m not too sad about that we’ll get back
she’ll have a nice fresh bottom bring your back get all the wiring put
together and then most of our big jobs will be done before we take off to the
cribbage so this feels good there you go that’s how you put solar on a stern arch
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next week that relish as you look through season
five coming and you wonder how we made it this far as you look through ceases that comic
girl and you wonder how

7 thoughts on “SailAway 82 | 1000-Watt DIY Solar Install on a Liveaboard Sailboat | Sailing Around The World

  1. Rivers, your new cameraman lol, looks like he is ready to take over for you. Great install on the panels, going to be interesting to see how the wiring turns out.

  2. Nice install.

    If possible, can you do a close up shot of how the ubolts go around the tubing and through the frames?? The wide shot doesn't provide enough visual detail.

    Yes, you are the basis for my install, and I need a visual reference. 😎

    Hope everything up north went ok.



  3. Nice job on the panel install! The Panasonic HIT panels are a great choice efficiency wise. I recently installed a single LG 365 panel and added a Rutland 1200 wind gen as well.

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