SailAway 80 | Family Of Four Living On A 46′ Sailboat – A Day In The Life | Sailing Around The World

this is our first-ever goddamn life and
that’s it do you wanna sail away I wanna say where
do you wanna say with me we’re gonna eat some toast and
the things away and white kids those go sailing last time on a sail away a
little leisure sail turned into a jammed mainsail but just another bug to work
out before we leave for the Caribbean this week we thought we’d give you an
idea of what one whole day is like living aboard a sailboat while getting
ready to cruise the Caribbean while working and raising a three-year-old chapter one
so who’s looking down their self with a little throw of the morning commuters
for your dark reddish brown hair is a fake village with a bright white ribbon
I didn’t suppose what are you doing if I need mommy hey come here
should I come say good morning to Daddy all right I guess I guess it’s breakfast
time do you want some eggs with cheese yeah I want to make coffee first stuff dog yoga yoga
fuck that’s fine that’s the boiling you got something on
your back okay let’s do this dog you were
by the water I was on the line wish that I was right
Oh I’m missing you so are you a cheese apple juice nectar of the gods Oh you’re a good yoga buddy
so everything ready this is our first ever Dan life and that’s a little bit
comical we made lunch what happened in one tank I’ll go fix it
therefore we take Hey all right so as you saw learn how to
bail me out and switch over our tanks so we have five tanks on board totaling
about two hundred gallons and that consists of forward tank which is 60
something of 6566 the two tanks on the side over here and over here these two
are about sixty six these two are got sixty six so it all comes up to about
two hundred there’s three fills one here one back there for those two pumps and
one back there for these two see you guys they are off – what don’t
library plus a quiet book to work in just kind of how we do it on the days
that I work Lauren goes and finds ways to entertain rivers so that I can have a
quiet boat so I try to maximize my time as much as I can while she’s going frankly my job is easier a walk what just nice get the kid out watch himself and now Georgia in the
summer constantly you have to harbor raining you guys are back do you guys
want for lunch apple juice that’s weird you what apple
juice that’s first time you’ve ever asked for apple juice in the last minute what do you say yep
angle angle angle all right now that’s close gosh there
you go doing laundry it’s raining now oh wait
just kidding Rayne has foiled laundry plans for a
little bit super super nice and when it’s thundering rain and hard and I
can’t work either I can actually put up with a decent amount of rain fresh rain
an art it’s too loud might be both be out of commission for a little bit here
that’s just how it goes this is what happens when you get stuck
inside after lunch because it rains it’s mommy make it sound so good since
when are you shy at camera oh of course it just looks like any into the water
now right now really a new diet don’t heard me say that I was gonna take it
for a walk so we’re gonna go do that way you want to go run how fast do you think
you can run can you run as fast as the dog your
walkie-talkies do you want to leave one for mommy oh that’s for me okay and then
you’ll talk to me right let’s continue walking her dog oh yes that makes a lot of sense very
good idea okay here we go first try right okay so I can try it right all
right third try for sure probably fourth try one okay I’m really getting close
fifth try all right probably six all right maybe
seven I’m feeling seven eight is the one for sure okay
definitely nine and no more the tenth obviously ten obviously it’s gonna be
ten is nice even number okay it’s not ten so probably eleven we think I think it’s the camera in my hand is
throwing me off oh that was really close yeah we’ve been really cool if I just
nailed it wasn’t it I’m actually usually pretty good at this yes finally I didn’t you go see mommy
see how dinner’s coming sharp use your new trick they’re hurt you have no feeling in your
nose night dinner’s done mommy made such as it appeal hungry thank you to mommy he’s incensed
by the fact that even cheers without a drink thank you for cooking so somebody’s a little crazy hi okay
these rivers – hey the clock back say good night
all right good night good night keep her fingers crossed on this one
this is about an hour before he usually goes to bed he’s nuts today and I think
he’s kind of like just grasping on to being awake right now one downside to living on a boat no
dishwasher it’s not in this movie face one complete so I thought one of the more amusing
things about this video is probably going to be people seeing how hard it is
for us to get our child to go to that just happens and it just happened so we
could relatively early pants drink yeah you stir it
nope today that was pretty doable end up
doing laundry which is very normal to me so we just wanted to do this first as a
marina of the day in a light marina we use the word mean course on the United
States and hopefully we can kind of do this every place we get to so you can
see how different my side I won’t let that puts different now Georgia has been
good and this marina has been great but we’re ready to be out of here in these
someplace tropical well anyway we don’t watching able to do
these little day in life we hope you enjoyed it this is to start version and
I’m sure of change as our lives progressed there are some similarities
to make the whole wife for sure probably before them maybe think there’s just
other stuff you just gotta get used to feeling we hope you liked it you know I
mean I’m one of the most exciting video so you’ve never seen so cheers to you
for watching thank you and as always please subscribe bring a little dinghy
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so much see you next time that fat as you look through season five coming
on and you wonder how we made it this far as you look through seasons that
coming in you wonder how he made it this far

29 thoughts on “SailAway 80 | Family Of Four Living On A 46′ Sailboat – A Day In The Life | Sailing Around The World

  1. Glad you are not my client, working with a voice immediately after getting up with no coffee or brekkie just seems such a bad idea. But meh if it works for you, such is life I guess. Also funny about putting son to bed, why does that never happen when you really need it too, seems like some kind of law when you really need that to happen is when have the most difficult time doing such.

  2. Great video. We that are on the land looking for a life at sea enjoy the knowledge of how the days go. It sure helps to get a realistic view of living on a sailboat. Thanks for the video and keep them coming. One day may our courses cross until then fair winds and full sails.

  3. Everyday doesn't always have to be exciting. ๐Ÿ˜Š You guys are very real and seem like really awesome people and great parents. I know how much work goes into making those videos and on top of all the other challenges of living on a boat I'm sure it gets overwhelming at times. I really love the interaction and support you have for each other. Hopefully people will learn the most from that. The world should see more of it. Safe travels โค๏ธ

  4. Ha ha ha ha the train blew it's whistle at your pooping dog. Epic. I think. BTW I ran out of water on the middle of the night last night, I feel your pain.

  5. love your videos. "Day in the Life" isa great idea.
    your dog and Rivers live an amazing life. I'm glad the two of you are along for the ride ;]

  6. you should have let him stay in the shower with out water a bit more ๐Ÿ™‚ and the dish washer is pretty effective and is low on the maintenance site just a new brush now and then oiled with a little kiss ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. Love it ,its raining but we have sunglasses on ????? Living on a boat no dishwasher but your standing at the sink doing dishes mm so there is a dishwasher .Love the Vlog keep them coming lol.

  8. I really like the fact that you timed the "please give us a like" pop-up with the dog looking for a little private time. There's no way you're gonna convince me that was a coincidence.

  9. You said it! I had no idea how hard full time parenting was until I started doing it. 23 years installing flooring was a breeze compared to raising my three sons. Lol

  10. Great video as always. You all have any plans to do a pre-Bahamas planning video? I'd love to see what you pack (although you live aboard) and route planning for the trip.

  11. How about a day in the life of a boat dog…..Starts by taking a dump and watching a train at the same time. It doesnt get any better than that. That pearson 424 for sale next to you seems like a good deal. Prolly wish I had up sized instead of my 36.

  12. Enjoyed A Day in the Life very much. . I'll bet you are looking forward to getting underway and a change of scenery. .wishing you all blessed adventures. .cheers. .

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