SailAway 38 | Trading WINE for RUM and a SPARK PLUG | Sailboat Living Sailing VLog

this week on sale away we finally get
our motor working yeah first try make her way to Marsh Harbor and complete
race number two do you wanna say do you wanna say with me last week we competed in race
number one and got a bullet and so far kick back in the cockpit for some drinks
we’re just drinking wrong and collected the spoils of victory at the party at
the Hope Town in after being plagued with outboard issues for several days we
just happen to make friends with the motor boat moored next to us who just so
happened to be a former owner of a Yanmar dealership and an expert on
motors so they invited us over and took the entire carburetor apart and cleaned
it finally diagnosing a bad sparkplug which they just happen to have on hand
three hours late l yeah I feel bad we just didn’t have any
open bottles of anything or not open bottles we gave them a $5 bottle of wine
and they gave us what are you giving them something but
everything that we have is open and and nobody wants my pink Moscato all right
well you’re going to Marsh Harbour hopefully really soon because we gotta
be out of here in one minute storm yeah you know people are like wait tonight
I love it Seiler thing Bridgette thing
you know that you’re gonna have trouble your life so you feel fun to try to help
anybody that has any problem if you have anything
healthy and hopefully everybody has just said
well just you know please pay forward you can’t do it to the next person try to get the bottle of wine six o’clock which means it’s party time
what are we doing instead just Little Hell editing mostly because that guy
finally fell asleep at about 5:30 I’ve been sleeping well
much just too much going on Ria’s feels really good though let’s see
if we would make it there tonight we very possibly will not have a drink up
here instead the bar was a little crowded for a
two-year-old that hadn’t fully woken up yet so we decided to explore the island
in search of food are we tonight for sure Oh colors by the sea come on colors bouncing we are taking
over walk here and Zeke in search of groceries got off the dinghy dock over
there it was one of the marinas mangos and went down to the little convenience
store we have have anything other stuff it was real basic so he said about a
mile down this way and there it is right there at Maxwell’s
was a little more full-service store so we got back in the working dinghy with a
working motor when we went on down to a different dock popped off and ask
directions from this one and that’s what we’re going Maxwell’s the sweet well mission accomplished almost got
some groceries second I pulled my phone out of my pocket
I had somehow helped my thumb on the note with the list and deleted 3/4 of it
and I’m in a hurry because we gotta get out of there by 10:00 drop our dinghy
off at the dinghy rope-tow thing and get out to the start so couldn’t piss around
too much but Maxwell’s place is really nice
now let’s go walk the long road back to the dingy this is our current starting situation
are you going f-fine a different song say nothing
violet this paint once rain this face since the
handicap ratings change every day they get hand-delivered right before the race
starts with more storms rolling in at a crazy last-minute wind shift we got a
horrible start which we unfortunately or fortunately didn’t capture so we found
ourselves at the back of the fleet trying to play catch-up laughs so we’re still trying to catch up
still got two legs to go occasionally rainy and blustery yeah so this is all
part of the plan we do terrible in the second day we get our rating back we’ll
see how that works out got one from you that’s all oh boy fella say ah saw but the ways but found tray Oh oh boy fellas she’ll never leave now I can it’s ringing boy fella said once out but the Sun you miss the cuddles buddy it’s how we
retrieve our dinghy okay and then it was back to Guana grabbers
for the awards ceremony and somehow after all the time corrections we
actually ended up with a second-place finish trust me wait a minute now currently steward by manager we
corrected to second by 29 seconds

5 thoughts on “SailAway 38 | Trading WINE for RUM and a SPARK PLUG | Sailboat Living Sailing VLog

  1. You guys are crushing it! I would love to say it's the sails…. but….. skill plays into it… a little… LOL Congratulations on the 2nd place after not being happy with your start!

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