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Our journey begins at our home in Charleston, South Carolina as we head to Atlantic City, New Jersey to pick up our new boat Okay, so today is the big day Driving up to New Jersey to get the boat Baby’s really excited However we have to get All of that All of that…dogs staying here… and all of that…into there Okay, so Loren’s dad gets this area right here for his duffel bags I think we could have fit a lot more Now we’ll see if we can fit my father in Arrived Baby’s trying to nap All right We’re about to drill some holes into the boat For this one who will not calm down always drill a smaller hole first Instead of starting with larger hole because you can always make a hole larger, but you can never make a hole smaller Don’t be scared so scared too late now Hopefully, it’s strong enough to hold a baby. I mean he’s only gonna fall this far If I can’t pull it down with my four fingers all right you excited This Is your brand-new? Yeah, a brand-new baby hammock swing stop laughing at me hung up the top there clips on and off real easy like That So now all we got to do is see baby will actually sleep in it. Sorry I just did a boob shot…didn’t mean to Hey, that’s what I’m talking about right there So we were gonna go to a little like marina bar it was closed and the only place we saw around here to eat our first dinner before we take off tomorrow morning on our sail This boat is still kind of crazy And we’re still getting it all sorted out, so we’re eating egg sandwiches for supper along with nachos and salsa and Hummus and carrots so pretty balanced really We did all the shopping Loren did all the shopping today all the groceries that kinda stuff Chris and I put in the new MFD Stereo…and a bunch of stuff, the baby swing I think we’re ready to go So We woke up. That’s a big good start for the day This guy Slept like, well like a baby show you all it’s like outside because it’s pretty Okay, so the current is at our Stern right now and it’s always best to power into the current leaving the dock if you can so I’m Reversing and planning to cut across the creek and put it forward and hang a left and point straight out So right about here, I realized the wind is pushing us harder than I thought and I should have gone farther across the creek So now if I put it in forward and try to power up and head out I don’t know if I’m gonna get steerage before the wind slides us into the dock So now I put it reverse to help pull us away from the dock along with the current and from this point on in a Very kind of narrow and shallow Creek We’re just looking for a spot where we can go with forwards long enough to get steerage and turn around and get out of there So there you have it This is how the professionals do it Pointing the right way Donuts Again probably didn’t look that great from the dock, but if you don’t know exactly what the boats gonna Do you should never force a plan So it’s always better to spin around in a bunch of goofy circles than it is to wreck your boat Now don’t run over any crab pots. I just want to throw few extra turns in gets feel of it. You know We have hot coffee I got the navigation screen come on Our depth meter is showing a depth not 100% sure if it’s the real depth..but it’s showing a depth We don’t have too much to complain about Next time on Sailing SV Layla

7 thoughts on “SailAway 1 | New Sailboat, New Adventures…Sailing 600 Miles | Sailboat Living Sailing Vlog

  1. Nice boat. We just naught a Hunter 410 and will be going to bring her across the Erie Canal to Lake Erie in June. Nice to see another Hunter Sailing channel. 😊

  2. Having just put myself in a pickle by not reversing quite far enough to not get fouled by the wind pushing me back to the dock, I agree it's always better to look silly and not hit anything than it is to try and push a bad situation. Any onlooker that has every piloted a boat would have been cheering for you rather than sneering. I like how you pirouetted yourself correct. Cheers!

  3. We just bought our 1991 35.5 Legend in Sept but she is on the hard for the winter as we anxiously await springtime in eastern Canada. Thank you for sharing your experience as we watch your videos to help us through these cold winter nights.

  4. I can see a feathering three-blade prop in your future. One of the first things we did on our 2001 Hunter 410. Worked wonders.

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