18 thoughts on “Russian spy ship spotted south of Wilmington

  1. never mind 3 dimensional Chess, Trump & Putin are playin 3 dimensional Battleship!! 😳 looks like they're waiting for the impeachment to say whether Trump is out or not. … i bet they're locked & loaded & standin by for confirmation. 🥺

  2. This is not a joke! Why has the Russian ship not yet been escorted back out to international water? Why was it alloweded to get as close to our shores as it has? Dishonest Americans are enabling this. Can we all just honestly address this whole russian issue. Put a cease and desist on it now please. It is clear or should be what is happening. Is this a deranged intimidation tactic on the day of Impeachment? Is it that we have loweder the barr so low that putin has taken advantage of our outrite ignorance? Maybe we could start looking at the forrest instead just a few trees?

  3. A Coast Guard bulletin says the ship, Victor Leonov, “has been operating in an unsafe manner off the coast of SC and GA” near the home of the Navy’s East Coast ballistic missile submarine fleet in Kings Bay, Ga

  4. Fuck off Putin! Tell your boys to stop pretending they don't know how to stir their ships just so they can see what freedom looks like & take their damn selfies! It's not cool man, totally not cool!
    Fuckin Ruskies!!

  5. Oh Lord, please let them be planning to invade the U.S. and liberate us from all of this liberal, Democratic lying and corruption.

    !!!!GO TEAM PUTIN!!!!

  6. It’s Going to pick up Lindsay Graham for a (all the Russian dick you can suck)The all inclusive GOP fundraiser for trumps re election and legal defense fund trip. This ship has all the Republicans envious for a trip on it.

  7. Hey Donnie Dump. Putin sent you a ride to you new found homeland. What Putin wouldn't do for that president. He gets him into power, he puts the focus on another country and convinced is the president of such, and now he sent Trump a ride from around the world. Good job selling out your country comrade Trump.

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