Russian fighter jet flies within 75 feet of U.S. ship

100 thoughts on “Russian fighter jet flies within 75 feet of U.S. ship

  1. Doesn’t matter WHO sea / ocean / lake / River / bathtub or pool! Don’t fly by my shit Issa knock yo shit down………..

  2. Strafing run. Jesus in the original edition one sea man waves at the jets smiling too and for all we know they could be too. And if they wanted to do something they could have cause that us litrally Russia's back yard.

  3. Seemed friendly to me, they weren't even going aggressive. More like 'hey check our shit out too, navy 4lyfe amirite?'

  4. we should have shot them right out of the sky. I mean what the hell are they going to to accept learn a very hard lesson

  5. Yeah they got a good look and a good luck on that plane I know exactly what material are using they probably know every freaking transistor in it by now Dum Dums next time around again from 30 miles off

  6. What a bunch of media BS hype, that ship could have taken that plane out 10 minutes before it even came in to view. Propaganda….That Red pilot may have been saying hello. We do the same shit. I'm no commie, just sayin.

  7. Maybe US Navy warships useless reader system.😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂.

  8. Only The Beta's @ FAKE CNN News Are Frightened – Note The Manley Navy Sailor Is Actually Smiling Because Normal Men Would Think It's Cool !
    No One Even Close To Being At Risk !

  9. How many American bases are there in the world, compared to Russian bases?,who is the real threat to world peace?

  10. Those are incredible disturbing fake news. Strafing run at 75 feet. 🤣🤣. Don't confuse a Slav greeting CNN. no need to congratulate. Navy, they know!!

  11. Cnn are you fucking retarded? Do your research. The jets made a wings clean and you can clearly see that it is only carrying fuel tanks. The sailors are cheering. Its not a simulated strafing run.

  12. people in a comment section say that the Russian air fighter are just having fun with U.S clues, but one missile can kill those clues instantly.

  13. This is in fact fake news. They didn't explain that the Russians used electronic warfare on the USS Cook and completely shut down all radar, communications, navigation and guidance systems, everything was offline!!!!! The Commander had no choice but to stand down, his ship was completely disabled, they made 12 passes!!! You liars CNN!!!!!

  14. Both sides need to be careful of this kind of situation, otherwise, it could trigger or cause the World War III.
    Looking back the stories of the old days, the major countries were the main cause of the world war I & II.
    Hopefully no one wants to see world war III.

  15. what they dont mention is electonis warfare systems that DEACTIVATED the entire ships…US cheap ass propaganda at its best…and also the fact it was atually…TWELVE fly-bys after the ship was TURNED OFF…fucking ignorant gringos jhahahhaha

  16. Russia buzz US Destroyer with crazy manuevers

    American General : "Thats a very unprofessional and dangerous flying"

    F-22 do crazy manuevers

    American General : "Here we see our experienced pilot"

  17. On my old Perry class frigate we would have thrown some flat washers in the air.
    “That’ll teach em”.

  18. “The sovereigns of the world,” writes
    ‘Abdu’l-Bahá in elaboration of this theme, “must conclude a binding treaty, and
    establish a covenant, the provisions of which shall be sound, inviolable and
    definite. They must proclaim it to all the world, and obtain for it the
    sanction of all the human race… All the forces of humanity must be mobilized
    to insure the stability and permanence of this Most Great Covenant… The
    fundamental principle underlying this solemn Pact should be so fixed that if
    any government later violate any one of its provisions, all the governments on
    earth should arise to reduce it to utter submission, nay the human race as a
    whole should resolve, with every power at its disposal, to destroy that

                      (Shoghi Effendi, The World Order of Baha'u'llah, p. 192)

  19. Close my ass, the width of the runway they land on everyday. Tell them why your navy never gave warning shot?? Dead ducks in the water your Aegis system was shut down by the Russians.You could see them, but you weapons were blind as a bat and they knew zero. No longer cold war, the warm war up close and personal, afraid you might run into the jets like you have done to other ships over the last few years ha ha. At least the Russian never kill tourists on a ski cable car in Italy. So do not judge others by your lack of skills.

  20. It happens around the world. American warships near russia, then american warships near china, then american warships near iran. The US navy warships are everywhere except near the US. They are trying to promote visit The seas near America to everyone.

  21. I just like how journalist make this so dramatic while in the video, the sailor seems to be amused and prepared for this .

  22. The US ship is thousands of miles from home, near the Russian border and the Russians are provoking the US ??? Think again you Fat Fat and very stupid us citizens… When was the last time that a Russian ship was intercepted near US waters , never .
    US strategy: They are coming from behind , breathing on your back and when you turn around to slap them …. Omg , omg , why are you doing , do you want to start a war ? (says the country with the most world wide conflicts and wars on their hand) This is just stupid.

  23. You are ridiculous dangerous! meanwhile you murderers just killed once more( 20 million at least and counting And 90% collateral damage…). That's why you have had a great opportunity to make America great again "maga but it's already seen by the rest of the world( UK excluded ) like "Mofo" move ahead and f#%% yourselves, to being the most hated country in the world! So just disappear and have shame of what you are doing since this day 4 of July of 1776 till now. This announcement it's just for the personnel from government not the people of USA!

  24. Just shows how quick the Russians could own America's ass . . . . What if that jet had been armed . . . . Who knows next time it might be armed . . . And the American people thinks this is some big joke . !!! . . . . Russia done this to show the world what America's military is some kind of joke . . . . Russia makes American military look like fools . . . . If the shoe has been on the other foot . . . An American jet had flew by a Russian military ship . . . They would have blown it out of the sky . . . Long before it got that close . . . . China and Russia will own this country if a war happens . . . . And this video shows why . . . . It would be different if that had been a fishing boat . . . . But it was a military ship that should have never let another countries military jet get that close . . . . It's not cute or funny America . . . . One day that shit is going to kill our children serving aboard them ships . . . American veteran and not so proud of it anymore . !!!!!!

  25. It wouldn't have been so funny if that had been an American jet flying that close to an Russian military ship . . . You can beat your American ass . . Russia would have shot that jet out of the sky . . . I guess the American military is scared of Russia calling them racist . . . . I'm amazed the American military didn't send them flowers and thank them for sending a military jet flying by our navy ships and risking the lives of our children serving aboard them ships . . . . That wasn't a Russian civilian plane America . . . It was a dam fighter jet that has the capabilities to destroy and kill navy ships .

  26. The Russian plane just wanted to show the Donald Cook where to go because U.S destroyers seem to have trouble navigating. Wouldn't want another McCain or Fitzgerald "booboo."

  27. tbh its not too dangerous at all if the russian pilot knows what he is doing…way to damatic way to represent this story…american pilots do that a thousand times to russian destroyerrs and it was never worth a news…think your own about that…

  28. Engage with this enemy, it's a punk move by Russia,to see if we would strike or not.its a deliberate action to start a conflict

  29. Well ask urself u piece of shit stupid people US what u doing in Russian waters what u doing in their doorstep fuckersssss get out of there

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