U.S. Northern Command and the Coast Guard
have been tracking a Russian spy ship. The ship – Victor Leonov is equipped with
electronic surveillance gear and has been lurking off the East Coast of the United States. On 16th, the U.S Coast Guard sent out a Maritime
Safety Information Bulletin warning boaters that Viktor Leonov operating in an “unsafe
manner” off the coast of South Carolina and Georgia. On 17th, the U.S Coast Guard said the Russian
ship was operating in USCG’s Jacksonville, Florida, area of responsibility, which encompasses
roughly 40,000 square miles of ocean and stretches nearly 190 miles of coast from Kings Bay,
Georgia, to Port Malabar, Florida. The Coast Guard posted on its bulletin,
“This unsafe operation includes not energizing running lights while in reduced visibility
conditions, not responding to hails by commercial vessels attempting to coordinate safe passage
and other erratic movements,” It added,
“Vessels transiting these waters should maintain a sharp lookout and use extreme caution
when navigating in proximity to this vessel. Mariners should make reports of any unsafe
situations to the United States Coast Guard,” In this video Defense Updates reports on Russian
spy ship Victor Leonov operating recklessly off US coast. Let’s get started. This video is sponsored by War Thunder, the
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bonus tank or aircraft or ship and three days of premium account. Viktor Leonov is a Vishnya class warship. The Vishnya class (also known as the Meridian
class) are a group of intelligence collection ships built for the Soviet Navy in the 1980s. The ships continue in service with the Russian
Navy. The Soviet designation is Project 864. The Russian Navy operates seven of these ships Viktor Leonov has a length of 91.5 m (300
ft 2 in) and displacement of 3,470 tons when fully loaded The ship is powered by 2 Sulzer diesel engines,
4,400 bhp (3,300 kW) which drive 2 shafts. It is a purpose built ship designed for signals
intelligence gathering via an extensive array of sensors. The data could be transmitted to shore via
satellite link antennas housed in two large radomes. Though it is unclear, what kind of data the
ship can gather but most analysts agree that it can process a wide range of signals and
gather a broad range of information. Viewers may note that Vasily Tatishchev the
6th ship of this class was deployed to the Eastern Mediterranean Sea on 5 October 2015
to monitor the conflict in Syria. The ships are armed with two AK-630 close-in
weapon systems and SA-N-8 surface-to-air missile (SAM) launchers, for last resort self-defense. The AK-630 is a fully automatic naval close-in
weapon system based on a six-barreled 30 mm rotary cannon. In “630”, “6” means 6 barrels and “30” means
30 mm. It is mounted in an enclosed automatic turret
and directed by MR-123 radar and television detection and tracking. SA-N-8 is a low-altitude, short-range tactical
surface-to-air missile. It is used for air defense. Adm. James Foggo III, the commander of U.S.
Naval Forces Europe and U.S. Naval Forces Africa, told reporters Dec 18 that the Russian
spy ship was operating a “couple hundred” miles off the East Coast. North American Aerospace Defense Command and
U.S. Northern Command told Military Times that they were tracking the Russian ship. Foggo stated that the Coast Guard reported
that the Russian ship was not responding to signals or “bridge to bridge” radio communications
and was running without lights on at sea. According to him, these actions are risky. As reported by Military Times, Maj. Mark R.
Lazane, a spokesman with NORTHCOM stated “We are aware of Russia’s naval activities,
including the deployment of these intelligence collection ships in the region,” Lazane said,
“While we won’t discuss specific measures being taken, NORAD and NORTHCOM routinely
conduct air and maritime operations to ensure the defense of the United States and Canada,” He added further, “NORAD and USNORTHCOM
closely track vessels of interest, including foreign military naval vessels such as the
Russian ship VICTOR LEONOV, in our area of responsibility” It is evident that the U.S military has eyes
on the ship and is tracking its movements carefully. It’s not the first time the Viktor Leonov
has conducted intelligence operations off the East Coast off the U.S. In 2017, the Pentagon announced the Leonov
was being trailed by a Coast Guard vessel but was operating in international waters. The then Pentagon spokesman Capt. Jeff Davis
had explained the situation about Leonov in February 2017 stating,
“This is not something where we have seen where they have entered territorial waters,
and as such it is lawful and very similar to operations we do,” He had stated, “They routinely deploy intelligence vessels
worldwide to monitor the activities and particularly naval activities of other nations, but then
again conducted lawfully in international waters and not unlike operations we conduct
ourselves,” The Pentagon previously revealed that the
Russian surveillance ship has been spotted conducting operations on the U.S. submarine
base in New London, Connecticut, and other Navy bases in Florida and Virginia as far
back as 1998. Russian maneuvers are not new but the way
it is being carried out indicates newfound confidence and belligerence. This comes from the fact that in the last
4-5 years Russia military has taken several steps which points to its revival. The Syrian campaign indicated that the Russian
military was going through modernization at a rapid pace. Before it, most Western military leaders and
analysts thought the Russian army’s equipment and strategy was outdated; their air force’s
bombs and missiles were “more dumb than smart”; its navy was “more rust than ready”. But what they witnessed in Syria and Ukraine
came as a shock. Russian military jets have, at times, have
carried out more sorties in a day in Syria than the US-led coalition had done in a month. The Russian Navy had launched missiles against
targets 900 miles or around 1450 km away from the Caspian Sea
The air defenses installed by the Russians in Syria and eastern Ukraine made it extremely
hazardous for the West to carry out strikes against the Assad regime or Ukrainian separatists. Lieutenant General Ben Hodges, the commander
of the US army in Europe, has described Russian advances in electronic warfare in Syria and
Ukraine – a field in which they were typically supposed to be backward – as “eye watering”. In 2018 , during the state of the nation address,
Present Putin had unveiled several new weapons like Kinzhal – hypersonic Air-Launched Ballistic
Missile, Avangard – a hypersonic boost-glide reentry vehicle, the Poseidon – an autonomous
thermonuclear torpedo, the Sarmat, a new intercontinental-range ballistic missile, and the Burevestnik – a
nuclear-powered cruise missile. Some of these weapons like the Kinzhal has
been reported to be operational now. There is no doubt that everything is not hunky-dory
and pockets of concern still remain. For example, Russia’s only aircraft carrier
– Admiral Kuznetsov has burst into flames while undergoing repairs. To know more, please check the video on the
above card. Russian president Mr. Putin revealed that
a procurement plan is being laid out for acquiring 76 Su-57. The announcement was made during a meeting
on May 15, 2019. These jets are expected to be deployed by
2028. The Kremlin previously planned to have 150
of these aircraft in service by 2020 and this a major downgrade and schedule overrun. But if we look at the overall picture, we
can gauge the fact that Russia which is having around 1/10 defense budget when compared to
the U.S is seeing a military resurgence.


  1. I think they are being seen everywhere, because they are mapping out the areas they DONT have an Aircraft Carrier, in.

  2. Привет, я русский шпион, вы можете рассказывать мне свои военные тайны.

  3. " Most western military leaders and analysts thought the Russian army´s equipment and strategy was outdated, but what they witnessed in Syria and Ukraine came as a shock ". So even the pentagon analysts admit the quality and reliability of Russian weapons

  4. What about the Russian sub that surfaced somewhere near in the Port of Tel Aviv, allegedly conducting reconnaissance & spying over Israel?

  5. The stealth capabilities of the F35 have never been put to the test.
    The Patriot is an exemple of American false advertised specs.
    Go fly the F35 over Moscow, Beijing and Theran, if it returns in one piece then it is really stealth!

  6. The Russians do a lot with that smaller budget. I think they have a better common Sense approach when it comes to weapons then we do here in the states.

  7. It will run out of gas and have to go home soon. The Russians don't own a single nuclear powered ship in their Navy! Not even one! Only about ten submarines that are. The rest is just diesel electric shore patrol boats.

  8. I guess they would have sent at least one destroyer to accompany this ship. However they don't have any up to the task. Not many gas stations out there on the water looking for Russian customers either.

  9. Very funny. Thinking enemy equipments r more rust than ready, n then seeing it's devastating efficiency in war field , got shocked !!!! Too comedy sentence to believe this channel z not a low grade propaganda channel of Western block .

  10. This is nothing new. These soviets and now russian boats have been dutifully patrolling both the atlantic and pacific coasts of the US. At the same time the US and British have been doing the same for a long time against the soviets and now the russians. Naturally, Putin has a big mouth boasting about new wonder weapons and conducting an active disinformation campaign in the media. Of course, one has to keep in mind Putin is a former KGB officer and therefore employs these tactics to the maximum level. Putin is still pissed that the Soviet Union was soundly defeat without firing a single shot by the west.

  11. Listen total brainwash @8:20 – the air defenses… in Eastern Ukraine … made it extremely hazardous to the west… to carry out airstrikes … against separatists….
    Now, this is some level of brainwash! Airstrikes by the West against Ukrainian separatists? I want to see what is going to happen if West conducts 1/2 of airstrike in Easter Ukraine.

  12. Turkish and Russian soccer fans in the comment section. Never failing hate. Let's see if someone mentioned Izrael yet when I scroll down a bit

  13. You want to solve the problem of unsafe maneuvers of this ship? Send an old huge junk ship at night and ram it. Make it look like an accident. 😊

  14. Actually, it's a cruise that some lucky sailors, sons of oligarchs, get to enjoy as they spend their draft time in much warmer waters. Tough assignment but someone's gotta do it.

  15. Why can't we be friends? Like I get we are totally different but please, the stresses in our relationships is tearing at me as I am a chauvinist for both countries. So please can we be friends.

  16. Russia can destroy all US aircraft carriers and surrounding ships with a single missle,or lil' submarine with a nuclear charge,they do not need more than one operational aircraft carrier which will be deployed back in 2022.

  17. American people open your eyes alot of you don't care or don't even think about it look what they did to my country Ukraine
    Russian tooky the role of USSR they both evil and never trust what they say I think you know why if you dont go back to 2014 and you will know why it's not a joke and can't trust Putin I'm not saying all Russians are like there Putin…

  18. Not so new. The Russian bravado is evident since the 60s. Close flyovers, ‘trawlers’ fishing off the US coast but only catching communications signals no fish.
    Submarines seeing how close the can get before being detected. And real aggressions into the US waters near military bases with boats looking like tourists.
    Some of this probing is to gather intelligence on reactions. Escalation of this behavior is also conditioning the US response to be delayed. It helps shorten the window if Russia is really aggressive and starting a broader action. By conditioning America to be more cautious they slow our reaction response times in a real war event.

    The correct response when they enter US territory is ask for a response, if none is satisfactory, take them out. Obviously needs visual confirmation to reduce the chance of shooting down civilians or blowing a real commercial ship out of the water. Or seize vessels and sort it out later.

  19. Why do we care?? I mean, I can get the same gear on that ship at radio shack. Kind of a waste of money if you ask me. Probably got lost

  20. Try to find a new background theme music for the vids. Its good, but watching these vids a lot – it does sound very samey after a while.

  21. This ship is capable spoofing. Picking wireless signal's from any transmission of Data. This ship can sit along the shipping Lane's off the coast of Ft.Lauderdale FL port Everglades. Monitoring all ships and communication. The USS Montwittney is very similar to this ship. Russia is sitting 12 miles out of Fort Lauderdale's coast as we speak this is nothing new Americans like to talk so we give them a lot of information just buy our blab blab blab.

  22. What should we do. Does this ship look like it's worth the cost of a American missile to sink it?🤣🤣🤣🇷🇺 Probably not as the ship should have been decommissioned at least 20 years ago! RUSSIA 🤣🤣🤣🇷🇺 It will sink on its own soon enough. It doesn't need any help. 🤣🇷🇺

  23. I suppose the toilets don't work on this Russian ship either! Maybe I would advise not taking a swim in this area for awhile! 🤣

  24. The su-57 isn"t even a challenge because radar will pick it up do to stealth witch means we will be the first to spot it the first to shoot and the first to knock it out of the air thanks Russia

  25. And of NATO that passes the borders of Russia and creates disorder. When there are spy ships in American waters I would have sunk it. I would have seen it as a beautiful and good encroachment and heavy by gravity.

  26. All military ships are spy ships. It’s a big ocean. And there all monitored to some extent. A great chance for a closer look! Russia is a sovereign country with problems a plenty. Keeping a modern navy is very,very expensive. Many countries have foresaken there naval forces,relying on the might of the US Navy(To secure not just the seaways,also the airways off EVERY coast,China included),……..Russia is far from coming to that conclusion. France,Germany,Japan each has dealt with this transition. Only England and her common wealth are in such numbers that they provide great intelligence and another perspective and valuable assets. Russia’s still in transition. Your opinion may differ. It’s hard to see naval ships from Minnesota…..however I’m trying!

  27. I’m 54. I remember……in order to even know what our navy was up to,……you had to subscribe to the Newport News! Now with internet……you have far more information. Even if it is given in a rather propaganda type format……and there’s a lot of misinformation to sort out. Still I’d rather have too much information then not enough. God Bless and Merry Christmas to all our sailors and soldiers!

  28. A Russian ship carrying out it's assigned task in international waters in US eastern coast is raising dust in the US mod .russia is a sovereign country and has right to manoeuvre it's ship in international waters within UN law of the sea.we should learn to respect other peoples choices and actions especially when it 's in agreement with international law.This should also apply to Russia as well.All this bigotry should stop.

  29. Sink them motherfuckers! Torpedos lunch "accidentally" all the time. Like accidents that happen to reporters all the time.

    Someone gots to grab their cojones, or panocha and do something. And I mean about everything! The cartels in Mexico… Allowing Russia to act like they're somebody. Because they're going to fake it till they make it. Can't be scared, the worse is already happening! This IS all out cold world war!

  30. Let's be clear. Going into Syria isn't proof of anything. Most of their "sorties" are very low intelligence strikes. For instance if American planes were above, the wouldn't strike unless they knew who they were striking. Or saw weapons and clear enemy targets. Russia just says, there's some people down there. Let's blow them up.

  31. I wonder if the Ruskies have to send a tug along with it like they have to do when they set their aircraft carrier to sea.


  33. 1/10 the budget doesn't mean we are 10 times better. They are able to produce arms a lot cheaper because their people work for less and they can produce them cheaply. I don't believe Russia can defeat us in a conventional war but they have 7000 nukes which means we cannot have all the say in world affairs. All in all, I fear the Russians less than some of those terrorist countries because Russia and China are at least reasonable. North Korea's and Iran's leadership are nuts. Who knows what they would do!!

  34. So the mighty USA is in panic over 1 Russian ship, when they have ships and aircraft carriers in every corner of the globe 😁😁.

  35. If we can track SANTA CLAUSE we sure as Hell Can track a “Ruski” Russian 1980’s technology smoking Diesel that can be smelled in Sumter South Carolina! The Rebels are watching you “Ruski”!!! Don’t try anything stupid!!! President Trump is a great guy until you piss him off!!!

  36. Lol and what does Murica do around the globe….Russian junkies ask your self why murica hides and uses NATO to confront Russia those days have gone The Bear is not what your country has been lying to you .If Russia was that wick 😂 murica would have attached Russia long B4. And to add to that who has spoiled the murican hegemony in Syria. Don't be fooled

  37. Biggest threat is a corrupt and low intelligence president compromised by Vladimir Putin. Who knows quite how much he will sell out his country…

  38. Just like in the Baltic sea, us navy are surprised when they saw a Russian navy and airforce 😂
    russia should deploy 20 nuclear submarines in us coast

  39. The garbage barge Leonov was acting stupidly in hopes that the United States would put it out of it`s misery, and create a new artificial reef for better fishing by American fishermen. Unfortunately for the Russians, the United States knew there was no threat from the Leonov, except polluting the ocean with their bilge. We thought about sending the Green Peace fanatic's to harass the garbage barge, but they declined the offer due to more important things like watching over sea turtle nesting sights. The poor souls on the Leonov will have to return to the dreary shores of Russia and continue to exist by drowning their sorrows in Vodka or, other medicinal drugs.

  40. The Leonov is probably trying to pick up signals from " I love Lucy " broadcast. They may also be checking out how to find " Gilligan`s Island " and get some publicity for saving the stranded people that Americans forgot about. But I expect the REAL reason they are off the American coast is to listen to Mark Levin, Rush Limbaugh, and Sean Hannity, and find out the truth about what is going on in the civilized world.

  41. The pictures behind Putin are what the Russians wish they had, and hope that Santa Claus will bring them at Christmas. But they have been bad, and will only get stockings full of coal, which they will happily use to stay warm through the winter. The Russian People learned a long time ago how to turn lemons into lemonade.

  42. Its running without running lights at night against maritime law. I saw get a civilian vessel to ram it and call it an accident

  43. Actually i did not mean to be disrespectful, it just typically of bullies like throwing their weight around but when a mice come knowing on the door they are like elephants running to hills. US has floatillas of warships at all corners of the globe and act wreckless to any country's soverign but one little Pink Panther ship and they soil their pants.

  44. The US has aircraft carriers that cannot go to sea due to structural and design flaws. It is no secret that China, Russia and India are well, well ahead of the US in war technology.
    This will only get worse with Trump giving any and all friends contracts with the Pentagon. Research and Development costs have skyrocketed with these 'ideas and toys' that are being entertained by the DOD.
    Already soldiers and front line equipment is suffering as other projects non military or combat oriented are being funded!
    What a mess…not a good time to be a soldier. But then when there is no work; what are you to do?

  45. Viktor Leonov is just out on a fishing trip. Its winter in the Artic. Where do you want Viktor to go…??? Antarticar…??? its too far, bro…

  46. I don't see any reason to mention Ukraine in this video…there was no situation in Ukraine, whre new russian military systems came to action?!?! Talking about russian Air Defense Systems in Ukraine and combine that with Separatist (which one?) is also stupid and just blabla

  47. its a distraction, look at the ship, its outdated. there probably is russian subs surrounding the US. lol and they got us thinking this 1980 POS is their current technology… FML lol

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