Rodrigues Island Mauritius -Was it Worth the Rough Seas on a Sailboat? -Patrick Childress Sailing#19

15 thoughts on “Rodrigues Island Mauritius -Was it Worth the Rough Seas on a Sailboat? -Patrick Childress Sailing#19

  1. Fantastic video although a little narration would of been nice still overall great video cheers

  2. Patrick- this should be on my list! Don't know if you got my response email, but I DID get those DVDs!! Wow! Nate

  3. I am new to your channel. I find it to be extremely informative and honest. I am a couple years away from setting out with my wife (waiting for kids to finish college). Perhaps our paths will cross, cheers!

  4. Hi everyone! Please SUBSCRIBE if you like this video!

    Will you sail to Rodrigues Island someday? Have you sailed there before?

  5. Love your content! I would rather listen to the sound of the market or you talking than that non stop music.

  6. Rodrigues island looked amazingly beautiful and would be a cool destination for a cruiser. I could have done without the Caribbean music (or maybe the local music) because it seemed out of place and replaced it with a narrative of what you saw and felt – I think it would have told the story a bit better. The video of your adventures which were cool the music overlay was a bit disappointing. Some personal narration and interaction with the locals and the adventure as you unfolded it would have really tied in the story at this destination. Talk about what you are feeling and seeing on your adventures – invite us in and take us on the journey with you. Best wishes and Fair Winds Patrick and Rebecca.

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