Rob O’Neill on Trump’s decision to intervene in Navy SEAL Gallagher’s case

19 thoughts on “Rob O’Neill on Trump’s decision to intervene in Navy SEAL Gallagher’s case

  1. We know what all the principals think who are even tangentially involved. We dont need a hundred opinions – everyone has one. Done listening to formers like that Democrat Mayor who DUH is only there to bash Trump!!

  2. This 'Harris' guy is clueless! "Let's not do this in public"! Immediately starts blabbing on national tv… Asks questions about isis; proceeds to interrupt 4 times with different question before the guest is finished answering. Ugh!

  3. Outstanding! Proud of our troops and they represent our country with strength, both physical and mental, and with honor.

  4. Listen carefully..If you want to lose a war get politicians, attorney's and 4 star generals involved! Enough said.

  5. The President has done the right thing fire the sob's clean house and drain the stinky sewer. Thank you MR President we love you and your courage. MAGA 2020 2024 etc.
    Thank God this great man was elected or our country would be down the tube.

  6. It’s his Prerogative and duty as commander-in-chief to do such things you CNN Hack freaking disgrace some nerve saying he intervened

  7. What's going on with the Navy anyway. I'm in the future someone is going to be well I don't know Jenny crossing the line anyway because in the future like this is make sure that everyone needs to want to have is what is for a piece of way but it looks like it has someone it is going to be well who's going to be the first one ever but I do not know so this is getting confusing over Fox News right there you know because I just don't understand right there because his talkin complaining excuses or even something more about it that is feel like it to everyone needs something about it well who is the future and who is not the future the way it is I don't know it's everyone's choice because in the future always on the positive but not into the negative and it looks like your dad someone is complaining in the Fox News well I do not know it could be more makes message and everyone needs to understand that very carefully about it is who's going to be responsibilities in the future are not and so am I going to get courses online is your decision everyone

  8. FauxNews delivers "news" clearly biased in favor of Trump…so lame. Ppl continue to watch this propaganda B.S. channel… Cavuto, Wallace and only a few are credible, unbiased

  9. No disrespect to the guy who killed bin laden but we aren’t talking about a fighter turning the corner a hesitating because he thinks he might go to jail, we’re talking about a guy who killed a prisoner with a knife.

  10. By the way. There's a good reason MABUS isn't still holding that position. Google explains why the OBAMA kisser was gone.

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