Retired Navy SEAL Jocko Willink debuts his new book on leadership skills

100 thoughts on “Retired Navy SEAL Jocko Willink debuts his new book on leadership skills

  1. His book sould be mandatory in all Canadian(im from Canada) and American Universites. To teach the snow flakes generation.

  2. Fox and the Trumptards will throw you under the bus the first time you don't agree with them……… Their patriotism only run party deep.

  3. Im so happy for podcasts after watching this… It seemed like they were rushing this whole thing, Man if this was the Joe Rogan podcast, Jocko would be taking his sweet time explaining this really important info.

  4. Just listen to his podcast. Legacy media is an outdated format for the sharing of ideas. It does this man absolutely no justice to speed talk through every question, point or comment because they gotta get to the next segment or commercial. People want meaning and direction. Not the new Acura or a stairlift chair.

  5. I will gift this book to my newly recruited Gorkha Nephew. He just joined Gorkha regiment in 2019. Hope this will help to build his leadership skill in UK army.

  6. What happened to the silent professionals? Everyone writing books showing their face these days. Seals have turned into a joke, at least our operators dont do the same

  7. You have a weak side and a strong side. Your strong side will not ask for attention, and your weak side will always be trying to entice you into listening to it. Punish it.

  8. I guess it’s about time for me to cash in on my military experience too. If I put Marine Combat Vet, it will sell millions!

  9. Lol. Easy to be a leader with a face like that. Science is very clear that your face is the most important factor for leadership skills

  10. It's amazing how the US allows it's military terrorists to write books on terrorism leadership. Simply amazing, but not shocking as it's the US.

  11. I wouldn't mind giving it a read 🙂 having knowledge in regards to leadership skills wouldn't half be good to have.

  12. Fox News should be in the toilet paper business they sure do put out a lot of s*** and with a lot of s*** you need a lot of toilet paper so maybe they should get out of the news business and just stick to making toilet paper

  13. If you can't say all you had to say in one book, you either need to learn how to write better, or you're out exchanging fluff for money

  14. The only book anyone needs to read is David Goggins book ! Ex navy seal that man does what he preaches every single day read it folks

  15. "Integrity", would like to know from Jackie, is there an objective standard for this? I think without this words like "integrity" "humble" doesn't make any sense. Without a moral framework these are just nonsensical words full of fury signifying nothing!!

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