Reports of looting at Coast Guard House

WE HAVE NOTICED MORE POLICE CARS AROUND TONIGHT, THAT IS BECAUSE THERE WERE REPORTS OF LOOTING LAST NIGHT HERE AT THE COAST GUARD HOUSE. BUT TODAY, THE OWNERS CLEARED OUT WHAT WAS LEFT INSIDE, SECURED THE BUILDING AND ARE NOW GETTING READY TO REBUILD. IT WAS A PEACEFUL NIGHT IN NARRAGANSETT TUESDAY… A FAR CRY FROM THE SCENE JUST 24 HOURS AGO WHEN HEAVY WIND AND WAVES WASHED AWAY THE SEA WALL…AND DAMAGED THE HISTORIC COAST GUARD HOUSE. “Have you ever seen it as bad as there.” “Not as bad as this, I’ve never seen damage as bad as this.” THROUGHOUT THE DAY, PEOPLE STOPPED BY THE COAST GUARD HOUSE TO SEE THE DESTRUCTION FOR THEMSELVES. INCLUDING COMGRESSMAN JIM LANGEVIN. HE TRAVELED THROUGHOUT THE STATE, STOPPING AT THE COAST GUARD HOUSE LAST… THE RESTAURANT, HE SAYS, HAS PERSONAL MEANING. “For the last several years, I’d take my mom to the Coast Guard House there every mother’s day. It’s such a landmark here in the Narragansett area. As bad at this storm has been, there have been no serious injuries, no loss of life, we have to be grateful for that.” THE OWNERS, BOB LEONARD AND JUDGE FRANK CAPRIO ARE GRATEFUL THIS WASN’T A TOTAL LOSS…AND HAVE ALREADY STARTED FIXING UP. “We have a mess to clean up, that’s for sure. Nobody was injured, that’s the most important thing, everything else can be replaced, fixed,” “We will be open, I guess with in two and a half months, maybe sooner. We’ll be better than we ever were.” “And they will, they always do. There’s a plaque inside the dining room that shows the water line from a bunch of hurricanes ago. “The last hurricane came right through, knocked out the whole dining room.” “So you guys think they’ll survive?” “Yeah, of course, they’re going to rebuild again.” (NN) BACK LIVE HERE AT THE COAST GUARD HOUSE…TEHRE ARE STILL PEOPLE CHECKING OUT THE SCENE HERE. THOUGH THE OWNERS HOPE TO REOPEN IN A FEW MONTHS, THERE IS NO WORD YET ON HOW MUCH ALL THE REPAIRS WILL COST. LIVE IN NARRAGANSETT WITH THE SOUTH COUNTY MOBILE NEWSROOM, NNEKA NWOSU, EYEWITNESS NEWS. (SR) NARRAGANSETT IS NOT THE ONLY COASTAL

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