Remington 870 Tac 14 Handguard Upgrade from Magpul #216

[Sound effect] hello folks this is Yamil Sued for Gun Stock Reviews and today we’re gonna sit here at the bench and we’re gonna try to
find a solution for some complaints I’ve heard from some people on the Remington
870 tac 14 because they the complaint is that it doesn’t have anything to hold
your hand and control recoil so when you hold the shotgun sometimes it flies of
your hand and you have to put a death grip on it to hold on to it with some of
the heavier loads I was talking to the folks at Magpul who actually make this
handguard and they gave me a solution I first I thought that I was gonna rig two
lanyard loops or something in here and make a homemade strap or something and
they said why don’t you try getting some of the analog hand stop kits. I bought
two of them and some of the rail covers and make them fit together put one stop
in the front one in the back and put some rail covers in between and it will
actually give you enough room to put your hand I’m I’ve never done this
before so I am gonna go ahead and do it now for you here on camera and see if it
works and they told me that this is a really good solution so these kits come with everything you need and this is the hand stop what he
was telling me about it’s put a hand stop here and get another kit here open
it up and put a hand stop here or something so why don’t we go ahead and
try this because this is kind of I’m curious about it this one fits really
really well so let’s try it and try it a couple of ways and see if it make it fit
good and put something in between and this would hold your hand pretty well
and grab your hand pretty well so we’re going to install this and try a couple
versions and see which one works better so join me please and let’s see we can
make this work for us and come up with a really good solution so
we can fire this firearm because it’s not a shotgun remember it’s a firearm
and you know we have a bunch of hardware and kits and whatever so let’s go start
it okay folks I just figured something out in here I don’t need to use the rail
covers in between the hand stops I could have done that and make it bigger but
for my hands and I think this using the base from the one kit here maybe in the
middle there and we put the hand stops in the end this is big enough for my
hands and you’ve got to have really humongous hands to meet more distance I
think this is gonna work perfect so let me go ahead and get our old prep for you
put all the screws and get them ready to go and we’ll go ahead and get it started the first thing we got to do is prep the backers for the screws for the M lock
system it’s not that difficult but it requires you to have a screwdriver and a
nice set of pliers that it’s not going to ruin your em lock so I use this clean
pliers here and my Allen and I’m not gonna put it I’m just give it two turns
two or three turns to make sure that it’s nice and secure and then I do that
for all four screws I’m gonna do two in the front two in the back and these are
gonna go in here on the slot and then they will tighten when you turn them so
let me go ahead and put them all I’m not gonna do it on camera I don’t want to
bore you with me tightening screws Ok folks I set all the m lock backers here
on the plates now we’re gonna install it onto the M
lock system here it’s gonna take a second or
two what all of them line up perfectly two of them are locking up one refuses to
do it of course Ok we’re in now what is supposed to happen in theory is that
when you start turning these the m lock backer is gonna turn a little bit and is
going to catch on to the handguard and it’s going to work great so let’s see if
this really theory is the same as reality well it did it woohoo! so we get
all four screws tightened and um as I have been told you don’t have to
over tighten these so much that it’s gonna like break your hand guard or your
part just when you feel it tight you stop if it comes loose you can come over
again and do it later but I don’t think you need to put the fear of God in your
screws okay I think that’s tight enough for government work because I used two
different kits there’s a lot of screws and backers left so you can never have
too many m lock backers so okay there we go feels great in my hand I think this is
gonna work great so why don’t we do something let’s go to the range and
shoot some shotgun shells at it and through it and we’ll try it and see how
it works well folks we’re here at the range with the new improvement we put in using the
Mag pul hand stops we just rigged this ourselves using two hand stop kits and
we made this really cool hand-holding grip and we have some
really nice reduce recoil double ought buck remington shells here these are
law-enforcement shells so we’re gonna shoot four rounds see how it feels [Bang] [Bang] [Bang] [Bang] well works great depends how you hold
your shotgun is it’s gonna be you know how effective it is for me shooting this
law enforcement low recoil rounds were great instead of shooting it from the
hip like we were doing originally because we’re using this 1,300 feet per
second loads there were just like little nuclear reactions this one here is a
manageable load but with this improvement I have I like it I’m holding
it like so and putting my hand like this and my thumb forward and I’m keeping my
hand in away from the muzzle which is the most important thing that’s not
slipping in covering the my hand with a muzzle so I think this is a great little
tip I want to thank my friend Dwayne up at Mag pul he gave me this idea and I
took it one step further and got it installed thanks Duane this is a great
idea so try it I think this would work great for you

39 thoughts on “Remington 870 Tac 14 Handguard Upgrade from Magpul #216

  1. I tried that and after shooting 20-25 rounds my finger was bruised and l had to take it off. Not very fun at that point.. i guess if you’re just gonna shoot somebody and be done with the gun it works well but the more you shoot in rapid succession , the less fun it becomes.

  2. You should do a Plus +1 Extension on the TAC 14 12 Gauge… I like the strap concept that I see on some images online… Magpul QD using a strap…

  3. Nice video. I just purchased a tac14 and was a little worried about my hand slipping to far forward. So glad I came across this post. Just ordered me some of these. Thanks! 👍

  4. Am I missing something here? I do everything the same but when I try to tighten them into the hand guard my screw just sits there and spins and the piece inside the hand guard doesn't catch, just sits there spinning.

  5. Were you duck hunting with those hip shots? Cause it looks like you were lobbing 00 buck shot into the next county.

  6. I did something like this for my KSG-12 and talk about a sting. I ended up getting a vertical grip with a flashlight built in, which is what I will use with my tac-14 coming in. I like the look, but bet you get stung a little. In fact it looked a little like it stung you.

  7. If you cut down a 870 then replace the stock with a weird looking hand grip, that changes it from a shotgun to not a shotgun? Yeah right, just because the ATF doesn't consider it a shotgun, because of their poor definitions of firearms, doesn't mean it isn't a shotgun. Guess what, IT IS A SHOTGUN. Cant stand that everyone on YT that does a video on the Tac14 or Shockwave, starts the video by saying its not a shotgun.

  8. LOL, just got the Tac 14 and ordered everything you recommended. Just noticed they changed the cover to 3 slots vs the 4 in your video. The change also makes it not sit flat now. Just an FYI for people just getting the Tac 14.

  9. Ported my tac 14 helps with the recoil tremendously/Too much recoil try and install the shockwave brace it’s been OKed by the ATF to SB tactical /the link is on the Internet

  10. I am wondering how effective that is going able to cancel out the upward recoil in a rapid fire situation? Tat is when I see guy's hand move of the forearm and towards the muzzle. With the barrel being so short the hand motion certainly leaves a person at risk of a severe injury. Can you test that? I honestly think that strap would be much safer, but your handguard looks cool.

  11. I tried this. Extremely uncomfortable. The front hook on the stop slams painfully into my index finger. Took it off. Not really needed anyway.

  12. I’ve heard those handstops beat the hell out of your fingers and are very painful to use. I’m wondering what the verdict is after EXTENDED USE. I’m thinking a strap is a better solution. Are you listening Magpul? 🤙

  13. You’ll regret installing a set of these. I had them on my shockwave and removed them after 5 rounds. Index finger starts bleeding from abuse. I shoot the shockwave one handed at times and find no need for even the strap that mossberg includes with theirs. If you know how to hold a shotgun then you’ll be fine

  14. Good video. The first few shots from the 870 tac 14 that my 70 yr. old Mother just bought left me with a bruised right middle finger because of the back of the trigger guard slamming into my middle finger with my index finger on the trigger. My Mother insisted that she shoot it just so she would know how and she almost dropped the damn thing after firing it one time. That "Bird's Head Grip" is a Big POS in my opinion. Now I'm looking for a new grip so she can actually shoot it. In after thought, I should have just got her a Mossberg 500 20 ga. youth model at Walmart for half the price.

  15. I watched your video and so got a kit from Magpul which I installed. It works perfectly and I decided to go with only one kit installed for the forward hand stop. Several videos on the Tac 14 point out the danger of the hand slipping forward during recoil. The rear hand stop supplied was adequate for cycling the gun. One kit cost me $36 including sales tax and shipping from Magpul so that was another reason not to order the second kit for the rear hand stop. MagPul should advertise these under shotguns and not AR 15 hand guard gear. Thanks for a great suggestion.

  16. I have the tac 14 with these grips..except I never put one on the front… if you shoot 3" magnum slugs out of that with that setup you have right now, there is a good chance of breaking or at least fracturing your index finger. The purpose of the one in back is to catch your palm should it want to kick up on you. I know it probably doesnt seem large enough to actually be effective, but it definitely does in my opinion. Happy shooting friend!

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