Redfish Cup Kemah 2009 pt 1

Jim: You know, I decided to take a leave of absence or hopefully a short term retirement for a couple years. My son is a really good baseball player and plays high school baseball and I missed one of the play off games last year because of the tournaments and I said I wasn’t gonna’ do that. I’ve missed it but I’ll tell ya what, getting to fish one tournament has been really exciting to me. I’m glad Matt called me and I’ll tell ya what, the great thing about this sport is you make some really good friends. And I’ve made a new friend in Matt. He was the one who gave me the opportunity to come here. It’s just a true thrill to be here again. (reeling sounds)>Fish on. (reeling sounds)>Good fish. Good fish Jim. (reeling sounds) Yes. Ugh! (clanking sounds) Tommy: A good fish but they can’t duplicate their weight from day 1. They will fall out of the top 5 and will not qualify for day 3. Well let’s move across the jetty to Chris Wittman and Tom Winrow; team Hooters as they try to break their way into their first top 5 of the year.>When we were fishin’ those craws, we’re using a bullet weight it has like a rattle inside of it and then we’ll throw a couple of beads behind em’, now when we’re vertical jiggin’ it’s kind of making a clicking sound like a shrimp or a crawfish or something. And out here yesterday we found that we didn’t have quite enough weight. So what we did, we still wanted something that could punch through that current and not want to tumble real bad and kind of hold in the current. So we actually took drop shot weights and broke the pins out of em’ so that they’re basically like an egg sinker but pointed on one end so it’ll hold steady in the current and that’s been working really well for us this morning.>Fish on. Sittin’ in the well.>>In the calm water?>Good fish.>>It is?>See if he fits. He’s not too good either.>>Feel right, feel right? He just got bigger didn’t he?>>Come on. Come on.>Fit baby, fit. (water splashing)>Nope. Maybe he might upgrade. We’ll take him. Good job brother.>Oh, he’s gonna’ upgrade I think, brother. Tommy: 17.35 on day 2 for Wittman and Winrow brings them up to 32.57 over 2 days. That’s enough to secure them a spot on the final day. They’ll be joined by Alderman and Pitts, Eric Rue and Larry Puckett, Rick Murphy and Geoff Page and Sonny Granger and Jake Matney. On the next Red Fish Cup, these 5 teams take to the waters, they have to make a decision, marshes or jetties? Find out who makes the right call next time on the 2009 Red Fish Cup. ♪ Announcer: This has been a presentation of ESPN the worldwide leader in sports.

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