A new variant of Raytheon’s Excalibur precision-guided
shell has successfully hit a moving target. The test conducted in a U.S. Navy test at
Yuma Proving Ground, Arizona, saw the munition change course to hit a target that changed
its position. The company stated, the Excalibur S proved
it can “survive the shock and stress” of being fired from a Howitzer, then transition
from a GPS-guided capability to laser guidance and hit a moving target. This is a significant breakthrough since a
shell fired from a cannon is subjected to lot of force which can destroy the complex
seeker mechanism in the shell. The Excalibur S beats rivals in terms of accuracy,
range and ability to hit mobile targets. This test indicate that the U.S Navy is interested
in the technology though it is investing in more pathbreaking systems like rail guns and
lasers. Excalibur could be one of the most important
new tech for the U.S military and it may have an impact on how future naval battles are
fought. In this video Defense Updates analyzes US
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ship and three days of premium account time as a bonus. The main advantage of the Excalibur shell
is the enhanced range. The Excalibur projectile has double the effective
range of the conventional shell currently being used with the MK-45 5-inch gun present
U.S Navy warships. It can fire out to 40 kilometers, or almost
22 nautical miles, compared with the current range of just over 20 km achieved by traditional
shells. The rounds also have an accuracy inside 2
meters which is much better than that of conventional shells. The new variant, known as Excalibur S has
laser guidance which makes it capable of seeking & engaging moving targets. The “S” version has GPS and a semi-active
laser seeker to get after mobile land and maritime targets in GPS-contested environments
without a loss in range capability. Raytheon stated that the Excalibur Increment
B projectiles used by U.S Army and U.S Navy can be upgraded with the S capabilities. Sam Deneke, Raytheon’s land warfare systems
vice president, said in the statement, “Using artillery to engage moving targets
gives soldiers more flexibility. Artillery is typically used to hit stationary
objects, but Excalibur S expands the capability of artillery on the battlefield.” The important aspect is that Excalibur shell
can be fired from MK-45 5 inch guns. The MK 45 gun is installed in Arleigh Burke
class destroyers and Ticonderoga class cruisers. US Navy 66 Arleigh Burke class destroyers
and 22 Ticonderoga class cruisers. So, all these warships could be upgraded with
enhanced engagement range with limited modifications. The MK 45 Gun is a pretty matured system. The MK 45 gun was developed from MK 42 5 inch
gun mount. The main improvements were lighter weight,
easier maintenance, and better fire control. It is designed to engage surface ships and
air targets as well as can act as a land attack weapon. MK 45 Gun Mount is remotely fired from the
MK 160 Gun Computer System or MK 86 Gun Fire Control during normal operations. The fully-automatic naval gun mount is employed
against surface (Anti-Surface Warfare – ASuW), air (Anti-Air Warfare – AAW), and land attack
(Naval Surface Fire Support ) targets. There have been several upgrades. For example, MK 45 Mod 4 gun mount upgrade
has a longer barrel that improves the gun’s effectiveness as a land attack weapon. The gun mount includes a 20 round automatic
loader drum. The gun has a maximum firing rate of 16-20
rounds per minute. The rounds in the loader drum can be fired
with one crew member located below deck. The drums are reloaded by other crew members
all of whom are stationed below deck. A naval gun mount is present in almost all
the major warships. To understand the situation we need to check
what America’s main rivals – Russia & China have. The Russian use the AK-130 naval gun turret
which is of Soviet origin. It was developed in the 1970s as a more capable
gun turret than the earlier SM-2 as armament for destroyers and cruisers. The AK-130 is the most powerful naval gun
turret that remains in service. The AK-130 is one of the few modern two barrel
gun turrets. Its single barrel performance is similar to
the American Mk 45. The AK-130 is a massive twin gun turret. It was developed as a single gun design at
first but two guns were required to meet the desired rate of fire. The 130mm guns have been derived from the
130mm M-46 towed artillery piece. The water cooled guns are mounted side by
side in an unmanned turret with an automatic loader. The ammunition is stored below deck like its
American counterpart. A total of 150 to 180 rounds are generally
stored. Additional rounds are carried and that count
will depend on the warship on which the gun turret is mounted. The MR-184 fire control radar and optronic
guidance package can control up to two AK-130 turrets. The maximum range is 23 km or 14.5 nautical
miles against surface targets and 15 km or 8 nautical miles versus aerial targets. The rate of fire is 10 to 35 rpm per barrel,
so the combined results in a maximum of 70 rpm per gun mount. The AK-130 is present in on the Sovremenny
and Udaloy II class destroyers and the Slava and Kirov class cruisers. The Chinese Navy uses the H/PJ-38 130 mm naval
gun. It is designed by the Zhengzhou Mechanical-Electrical
Engineering Research Institute and manufactured by Inner Mongolia 2nd Machinery Manufacturing
Factory. The H/PJ-38 naval gun was developed by reverse
engineering of Russian AK-130 naval gun turret. The range remains the same as it is inherently
same as Russian AK-130. The main difference was that H/PJ-38 mount
is single barreled and it can fire even gun-launched missiles apart from traditional shells. China is thought to have developed different
kinds of rounds for this gun. It took almost 4 years to develop and is currently
deployed in Chinese Type 052 & newest Type 055 destroyers. Some analysts have pointed out that naval
guns are obsolete due to the advent of missiles. But it is not so, just like Fighter jets still
carry guns irrespective of the missiles, a frontline warship needs a potent naval gun
for close quarter combat. Even the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter is getting
a 25 mm Gatling gun in spite of the fact that it is primarily designed to engage the enemy
from a long range including Beyond Visual Range (BVR). Also, naval guns can be used against aerial
threats and as a land attack option. It is clear that at present, in terms of range the American Mk 45 is at par with Russia & China. But with Excalibur it will beat both of them by a large margin. U.S Navy does need to up its game keeping
in view a resurgent Russian Navy and ever-growing Chinese Navy. Indications are that the U.S is up to it and
seems to have drawn a long term strategy. U.S Navy plans to substantially enhance the
offensive capability of U.S warships with 3 prong approach- lasers, rail guns, and longer
range projectiles. Overall it can be said that U.S Navy is taking
steps to stay one step ahead of its rivals.


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  3. Leonardo's Vulcano has a far longer range, but probably costs more, given that Excalibur is already used by the US Army. https://www.baesystems.com/en/product/vulcano-precision-guided-munitions

  4. The Falklands War proved the need for anti surface and anti air firearms. The Royal Naval Commanders would have given their eyeteeth to have had some WW2 BOFORS mounts on their ships while supporting the landings between the islands. Their surface to air missile systems were useless in that situation. The Royal Navy had to use the medium machine guns from the Royal Army for their anti air defense.

  5. Hmmm its different targeted target on land and on sea… US got souch weapon that you freez… Patriot systems shot jets and missales before they fly, boats targeted alone accurate and cant sink… Jets you can not see and they destroy all what they see or cant see, only infantry limp… When you heard it US dont need soldiers or soldiers are incompetent when they have souch results… But wait they says they have best soldiers on world, somewhere smell BS… Prophagand

  6. Just playing catch up with the European volcano long range munition which they will never buy because not invented in US

  7. 3:40 That's just a lie ships have been shooting artillery at each other for 400 fecking years and no I don't mean just short ranged cannons but mortars and truly long ranged things even Romans had siege ships.
    8:00 Americans >Derrr we're the best at everything but we better reverse engineer this superior gun while pretending we're the best at everything.
    I hate this shithole.
    8:25 We're literally China copying superior things only they have 1.4 billion homogeneous copiers while we have 330 million people who hate each others guts.

  8. Always good videos… just please learn how to pronounce the word 'also'. With only four letters in it, there's no excuse for getting them in the wrong order.

  9. "Russia Deploys Avangard Hypersonic Boost Glide Missile" > every surface vessel is first strike, floating Pearl Harbor

  10. You're essentially shooting a BB gun at a target that can't hit you back. Otherwise, a missile would be used to quickly take out a threat. Why spend so much money to take out Hadji in a skiff…


  12. So let me get this straight. Raytheon develops a guided shell that costs at least 100x more than a standard shell (somewhere north of $68k per round) which cannot actually use its extended range & laser guidance ability at sea, due to the distance to the horizon being less than 25km… assuming that the ship-borne LOS targeting laser even makes it through the particulate and moisture laden air without diffraction or attenuation. Or the navy can sacrifice an F35 or F18 to paint the enemy target from the air, which will promptly down the plane with a SAM. This assumes of course, that the ship doesn't just pop a few $50 smoke rounds to completely block any laser. Excalibur-S might have a use on land if you can afford to actually fire it, but at sea the only use it has is to pad out some admiral's back pocket.

  13. You're wrong the Navy's never look greater than it does now you know about the electromagnetic guns on these two ships we have out there and there's a couple more being built 10,000 miles an hour projectile I guess not

  14. I'm not allowed to have guns anymore because of my old record of being crazy and drunk all the time loss of DUI but I'm a better shot than any cop in this County

  15. I was on a carrier during Vietnam. We had 3, 5 inch gun mounts. Didn't matter where you were on the ship, you heard and felt those guns fire, there was no doubt what had just happened. Can't imagine what it was like on Battleships when a 16" gun was fired. Daaammmnnn!

  16. Italy's vulcano shells are far superior. PZH2000 can fire 70km using vulcano amo.The maximum range with excalibur is 50km. Naval guns of newer European ships have a maximum firing range of 120km using vulcano amo. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Otobreda_127/64

  17. Raytheon made (and maybe still does) the "CopperHead" artillery shell for the army…same concept: guidance fins allow it to literally go AROUND a mountain to hit a target on the other side instead of OVER it where the enemy Counter-Battery radar would expect it…

  18. Strange weapon. Seems like something the US would more than likely give to their proxies, but at that cost, who knows.

  19. Big old SOVIET guns… Did Russians even make those or were they manufactured in a former REPUBLIC that has told Russia to FKOFF?

  20. Sure these are a good upgrade but they ain't taking out any large ships but could be usefull for smaller ships and costal bombardments

  21. If they could replace the laser seeker with an infra red seeking shell, they wouldn't need to expose a drone or a plane to SAMs.

  22. Thanks for the informative video. This is an interesting munition. One pet peeve. The Excalibur is not a shell. You can call it a munition or more precisely a projectile. Shells are not the same as projectiles. The shell is the part of the munition that contains the propellant and stays with the weapon. It never goes down range and the only thing it is like to hit is some gunner’s foot after the projectile is fired. PLEASE stop referring to shells when you mean munitions or projectiles. Thanks.

  23. Given these aren't one million dollars a shot, for the Littoral Ships that have failed, but aren't these shells 100,000 dollars a shot? Seems pretty expensive to deliver a 5" shell on target. You compare the system to a Russian system, when both combatants if they had to fight would be firing missiles. The Russians huge 30 ft hypersonic missiles (Zircon) or supersonic (Onyx) to our standard missiles, or little subsonic anti-ship missile derivatives…we wouldn't last 5 mins. Literally. India's Brahmos would kill us too. We launch LRASMs and die before they hit or get intercepted.

  24. X-Man, Big Blue ,Double Tap… I served on the USS New Jersey, and its more of a long slow loud burn as our 5 inch [ the same as the carriers] had a louder sharp bark, but 16 inch was still devastating. I was on, and as I remember the 09 level way above the bridge at the spotter station and looking through an oval porthole on my first shoot it blew my sound powered phones off my head and burned my face kinda like opening an oven.. Everybody in the room with me started cussing in amazement I will never forget that..[Got that on tape] We also had Lots of Tomahawk's, and harpoons. Imagine 9 explosive cars [2500 to 3000 lb High explosive projectiles] being thrown into your little town at 500+ miles per hour continually… The ground will shake and you will drop to your knees in prayer [Aloo Akbar LOL] Like the song Pink Floyd put out..RUN, RUN,RUN,RUN !!! Actually if you see the show the last ship [battleship scene] all things being equal the Iowa class could sink an Aegis cruiser rather quickly. It would take a Yamato, or Nuclear missile/torpedo to sink an Iowa class..If you could even get close… That ship was 100% pure balls..

  25. This program is similar to the Paladin artillery using precision munitions…..besides different kinds of munitions for the venerable 155mm. Variation of proximity fuses,delayed munitions,…it’s amazing using satellite positioning and observations….with forward ground controllers,..drone assistance helps! There still launching aircraft……just smaller! Advantage of course,multi purpose……all day Fire! Missiles tend to be one shot! And ya can’t fire a warning shot across a bow with missiles! Container ships or any large ship is still vulnerable to holes in it! Shore targets come in a variety to! Nice to hit first shot! You do know the story of Wild Bill!

  26. Also as I understand we where going to remove the rear turret and install VLS missle system, and Slightly smaller, but more explosive projectiles with a much farther range was being developed for the battleships until the Iowa incident, then it all went to pot.

  27. Basically any country that has a row boat or larger has ship to ship missiles that outrange America's despite being the most expensive in the world. This thanks to dark souls of the military industrial complex with their pentagon and congressional (bribed) pals.

  28. This means that countries like the Philippines can eventually place howitzers on small islands, barges, and flat-top decks of LPDs (Landing Platform Dock ships) and have artillery hit ships or artificial structures up to 22 km away painted with lasers from drones, helicopters, aircraft, and small boats, perhaps even frogmen. This revives the Coast Artillery branch of the military.

  29. I am thinking the new round would be intended more for land attacks and against smaller vessels rather than comparably sized vessels to the Arleigh Burkes.

  30. What is the calibre.?.. Can they be made for a 5. 54 calibre for English 26 Frigate main guns? And is it designed for rifled and or smooth bore cannon?

  31. Goliah vs David sea scrimish here – between UK friggates & IS corvets & gunboats
    can see them here:

    I have no clue whether a bike railgun has that potential to do something like that I'm only guessing from what I read n seen on utube.

  33. And I thought I might add the reason why the 16 inch guns sound different than the 5 inch is not necessarily size but it takes a longer to burn that much powder to push the projectile that hard/that far/that fast.. Still FFFIN LOUD folks.. She is in Camden NJ..I will be giving tours soon C U THERE.. PO2 Lee

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