16 thoughts on “Raw Cooked Food vs. Cooked Raw Food Taste Test

  1. I think raw potato is toxic (not in small but in normal amounts) because of the alkaloid in them which leave the potato during cooking.. So i hope this fries were precooked or prefried… 🤔😄

  2. In Georgia, we call everyone honey. I called the stockboy at Walmart honey the other day when I was trying to get around him. You're honey, I'm honey, we are all honey.

  3. Bro that would be a good way to pocket sauces though. It needs a cutting function then it’s totally marketable. Might need silica

  4. I love how Rhett gags on the raw philly cheese steak. Then without skipping a beat he goes for a spoon full of the cooked Asai bowl. 😂

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