Hi sportsmen, I hope you are in good shape !? Today, two weeks before the world championships in La Seu d’Urgell (ESP), to test or to improve your knowledge : I propose a little historical quiz ! Questions relate exclusively to the slalom senior world championships in canoe kayak. So, I will not necessarily specify it for each question… Here we go ! Which country dominated K1 men category and also K1 women category during the first two slalom world championships ? Austria ? France ? Italia ? Switzerland ? It’s Austria. At world championships in 1949 (SUI), and in 1951 (AUT), this country won 14 medals in the categories K1 men and K1 women. To note : France has managed to succeed in the categories C1 men and C2 men. Which year for the first time, was held a world championship during an even year ? In 2002 at Bourg-Saint-Maurice (FRA) was held for the first time a world championships during an even year. Prior to the Sydney (AUS) 2000 Olympic Games, world championships were held every two years (in odd years). How many slalom world championships were held in France ? 4 world championships were held in France. 3 times in Bourg-Saint-Maurice (1969, 1987 and 2002), and once in Pau (2017). Which country dominated C1 men category from 1979 to 1989 during the 6 world championships ? Australia ? France ? Czechoslovakia ? U.S.A ? Powered by Jon Lugbill and David Hearn, it’s U.S.A. This country has won 14 medals (on 18 possible) in C1 men (individual event), and also all the team race titles in C1 men ! How many time C2 mixed category was at the world championship (from 1949 to 2018) ? The answer is : 15 times. After 13 times from 1955 to 1981, the C2 mixed category has get back since 2017 at the slalom world championships program. In which world championship 2 kayaks have been declared world champions of the same category ? It’s the 2006 world championship (Prague, CZE) in the K1 men category. Although they have different race times : International Canoe Federation has decided that Julien Billaut (FRA) and Stefano Cipressi (ITA) are both world champions. On the results of this race : we can read that this decision was taken “in the interests of fairness and sportsmanship”. In which year C2 men category was for the last time at the world championship ? In the program of all the world championships since 1949, it was in 2017 that was awarded the last C2 men world championship title to Klauss – Péché (FRA) Which athlete won the most medals at the slalom world championship (indivual and team races) ? It’s Michal Martikán (SVK) with 22 medals, including 14 golds. It should be noted that he won his first two medals in 1995 (Nottingham, GBR) at 16 years old. What is the only world championship that has been canceled ? It’s the 2001 world championship, which was planned at Occoe River (USA). It was canceled following the september 11 attacks. In which year was awarded the first C1 women world champion title ? It was in 2010 (Tacen, SLO) that was awarded the first C1 women world champion title, to Jana Dukátová (SVK). On how many of the first 8 Olympic white water stadiums has never been held a world championship ? The answer is : 3. Indeed, there has never been a world championship on Olympic white water stadiums of Atlanta, Athens, and Beijing. What was the first world championship with single-seater boats that have a minimum length of 3 m 50 ? It’s the Penrith (AUS) world championship in 2005. Prior to the 2005 season, the minimum length of a single-seater boat was 4 meters. I hope there are not too many errors, if you find some : tell me below in the comments. Soon, I will do a survey to find out if you want a new quiz, probably on an other topic ! See you next Tuesday at 3 pm for a new video ! Don’t forget to subscribe, and to take care of yourself ! Ciaoooo !

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