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Welcome to a brief glimpse of what was once
the finest ocean liner the world had ever seen. Regal, historic and legendary, welcome
aboard the Queen Mary. Check in with us now as we take a quick tour of this majestic vessel. Stroll the halls and enjoy the lovely art,
or relax in the comfy sitting areas and let yourself be transported to a time when nothing
matched the grandeur of steamships. Shopping aboard the Queen Mary is a unique
experience. Beyond the standard nick knacks and touristy gift shop items, are one of kind
treasures for the discerning shopper. The thoughtful craftsmanship of the shops is really
something to see as well. Take the time to appreciate the wraparound windows with their
shining trim and polished wood frames as you window-shop. The rooms, like the rest of the ship, are
warm and inviting. This particular room is complete with a large comfy bed, two beautiful
view portals, and flat screen TV and tons of storage space. There are many restaurants on board including
the Verandah Grill, Sir Winstons and the Promenade. After dining, stroll the deck and take in
the beautiful views. Here you’ll find a lovely romantic gazebo perfect for weddings,
and stunning views of Long Beach. If you continue walking you wont run out of interesting and
historical finds. Here is one of the lifeboats that was created to replace the originals
after she was brought to Long Beach. Step out on the bridge wing uniquely designed to
deflect wind, or simply marvel at the sparkling Navigational Bridge. The views here not to
be missed This legendary vessel has evolved since it’s
launch in the 1930’s from a stately ocean liner, to a World War 2 troopship, and finally
to the regal floating hotel she is today. If you are traveling with kids, or you are
a kid at heart you’ll want to swing by the Captains Arcade. There are not a lot of games
here, but certainly enough to excite the young and young at heart. There is also a very nice gym complete with
modern workout equipment and flat screen TVs. If you’ve got the time, you’ll want to
check out some of the tours. The engine room is a must see. And the Russian Scorpion sub
is absolutely fascinating. Check out Ghosts and Legends for a spooky treat. That’s it for our tour of this historic
ship turned hotel. If you like this video please click the like button, and subscribe
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high seas.

14 thoughts on “Queen Mary Ship Hotel Tour – Cruise Tips TV

  1. Sorry those shops are not there anymore and Those are the original life boats, the Russian Scorpion has been there since 1999 and Ghosts & Legends of the Queen Mary! 2:54 is Where the ship passenger and crew cabins were located on E deck.

  2. great video! my husband and i are stsying here tge night before cruise Valentine's week ! cant wait! its close to the inspiration so embarcation will be a breeze the next day!

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