Puerto Aventuras Mexico Part 1

{Music] The world of American Angler you are up with the sun with a fish on your line Your day has just begun The world of America Angler On lakes and on Streams Now you are living the good life Catch the one of your Dreams [Music] Hi I am Pat Traynor this week on the
American anger were headed south of the border to beautiful Puerto Aventuras
Mexico our guess will be none other than the Mexican Sportsman Jeronimo Jergens Puerto Aventuras is located Yucatan Peninsula about 80 miles south of Cancun this area is
known for its beautiful white beaches world-famous diving it’s romantic sunsets and most of it’s large numbers of game fish Don’t go away we’ll be right back from Puerto Aventuras Mexico [Music] welcome back you I’m here with our
Captain Rick just before we get started Fishing here for someone that might be coming down
for the first time in this area to ether fish or just play or snorkel what kind of hints or suggestions would you have that might be helpful to
someone the first thing is protection from Sun Pat. The Sun here is on seas is very intense You need good sun block and if that does not work for you could bring some long sleeved shirt you know something you would be comfortable in. Huh. not only the fishing there’s also some
good snorkeling and diving and that Kind of stuff. I suggest he bring your own mask and
snorkel there are plenty of fins around.and that kind of stuff but your our mask that fits you good is an important thing As far as the fishing and the tackle is
concern we supply 15 pound 20,30 and 50 if you like to fish with something less something less than that
you need to bring iit or something heavier you need to bring it. which is not a problem in Mexico you can bring all the tackle you want. well really you got, these boats are well
equipped in pretty much got everything a man needs for a days fishing out here, but again this heat is pretty intense this sun glair of this water you really
need to protect yourself down here. right nothing ruins your vacation faster then to be sun burned and you can’t wear clothes Not to say the heats that tough the fishing is too good to pass this up. well sounds like Jeronimo is getting impatient Maybe we otto get on the water and get after them. OK let’s get going. Ok let do it. you said weare running 8 patterns out here
we are running two teasers and 6…. 6 natural Baits we are running Ballyhoo running 4 ballyhoo..5 no we have 6 out 6 Ballyhoo out and two treasers little squids we just had our first strike in less than.. we haven’t even finished putting the baits out in less than three minutes Yeah The baits were not 2 minutes and the first sail came up. the thing here is the number of fish down here here is tremendous This area here is so remote you can
look out here there is not boat to be seen. anywhere The thing about that for an example a 20 fish day here. is very very very common look it’s got teeth marks all over it. Yeah was it a Sail Oscar? Yeah. Yeah this is fabulous this is absolutely fabulous and the nice thing is we set baits out about 8:30 and 8:32 we had our first strike. shoot we are only what? about a 150 yards off shore. Yeah of the shore That big shelf laying in here. white sand beaches in there I mean it’s gorgeous in here they have beautiful oceans they have the color of the waters is fantastic get out of Oscar way here and let him do his job. I will tell you our Captain Rick Rick is probably one of the best bill fish Captains there is. He worked in the states for years…he is just the best! I will fish with Rick above anybody else that I know. That’s pretty evident it did not take three minutes to have
a fish up It helps to be on good fish but he really know what he is doing. you know these boats there is something about these boats they don’t seam to scare the fish which is very nice some boats attract them and some scare them. but this one Fish come right up to the boat and take the baits. these diesels are really quiet They are single
engine and single engine diesels they are quiet but they give you a good smoth ride. they are fantastic fishing boats got it! got him? We got it hook up! she’s hooked [reeling] move over therework [Splash] how is the sun? okay [Motor] OK right up there right there! See him! over there beatiful jump man she took off they really are beautiful fish aren’t they when they get out of the water like that you know the Atlantic sailfish are a lot smaller but they they really put up a great fight. don’t they. A lot more silver to them than the fish we catch out of Mazatlan That’s right for there size you are fishing with lighter tackle So it really makes a lot more challenging and you have a 50 pound fish on it feels like you got something a lot bigger That’s a good sized sailfish Boy look at him greyhound he is coming to you. coming right at us [Reel sound] boy he is look at that. Man! look at him go! Look at him go! Boy has he! Boy he is active huh? They are beautiful fish Oh man! One of the things that you’re doing Pat is very important is use use the railing you bend your Knees and what you are doing is perfect you are using the railing to lean against this takes a lot of pressure of
your back It really allows you to move with the movement of the boat. this pading on this railing and really
nice on your knees to all good boats have it. and its it’s just a lifesaver the leader is right there he your fish we got him coming he is 15 feet away from you. He is coming up! He is coming up!!. There he is right here stay with us baby! we got this fish he is right there he’s
right here Man! is he mad t look at him pose right there. he said I knew this dinner would be an experience but nothing like this. don’t go over to the left, Left coming up coming up There he is Oh man! look at him shake that head Looks like this one may have though it’s stomach up. They do. what that all is it doesn’t hurt the fish all it is that they feel there is something wrong and they try and empty it out [Splash] [Splashing] Alright he put up a great battle he did. I will tell you what he will live to fight another day yeah put all this back in. fill it up with water Kind of revive him a little bit. Yeah Boy they’re so pretty okay See now he has straighten out He will make it. He is fine. There he goes very good congratulations Atlantic Sailfish I was great aren’t they beautiful Fish You know what Pat they really fight don’t they Oh man! on that spinning rod you Jennings those gears in that thing. I will tell you they are great fish he moved so fast there at first that fish is young and frisky He my be old but frisky but he is a good fighter. yeah he was! let’s catch some more. I’m ready you and don’t leave us we’ll
be right back [Music] Boy look at him go Man! It’s not a Sail! [Reel] Boy we got them going now! Get em get em [Reeling] We got a triple! We got a Triple!!! Get down here there’s another right there! there is another eating that other bait I think I lost this one! We got what we wanted out of him Here. [Captian] you lost one here’s another one. Ok get over here There is a double jumping over here. they are everywhere llook at this. Oh Man! look at them Go! we got them all over the qcean Look at him go he is just grayhounding he is coming right at us. Look at this OH!! Man! look at this! Look at this! There another on look at that! Look at him go! [Reeling] come on up baby come on up. he’s coming up again OH..MAN!! He is a little white Marlin Yeah I got a little white [Reeling] I got a white. and we had a triple on sailfish and one white we had 4 on at one time!! [reeling] move please for the Camera [in Spanish] Thank you [reeling] That’s a nice little white huh? is pretty fair sized Dorado here. look at it the color in that fish. that would be great wouldn’t Look at that.. over here! Look at that action over there! There is too much going on Jeronimo! I love it. I love this stuff This almost not fair. Aw! look at him I thought this was male it is a female thou Alright! [reeling] Alright! Pat will you get your dolphin in so I can get my Marlin in. I had him in once just you know. hang lose we will be right there. this is great I lost a sailfish, I have another Marlin on and you got a Dorado on. And here I am playing with this Dorado and we got two more sailfish that we do not know what to do with There was a sail running out the back I thought was hooked up it was hooked up I lost it! Then another two hit [Reeling] Ok just bring it in. Because we are going to lose this Marlin other wise. You ready to get him. you ready OK move behind me Pat. There you go a little female You going to gaff this fish? Yeah bring him in. He might have yes he did. No it is a bull I’ll be darned he’s gonna jump in the boat alright he is still a little green We blew the Marlin. we will get another one yeah
that was too bad. It was to good almost to believe. To many fish at one time. I would have loved to seen that White Marlin at the boat we got to do a a slam today. [pounding inside the ice chest] this fish is about to kill our camera guy. we got tonight’s
dinner flopping around there in that bait box Hey is great or what? now when I tell you I got great…… earth quake earth quake [Laughter] I am going to tell when I tell you I am inviting you fishing I invite you fishing don’t I this will work big boy. I will tell you I have never seen anything like this it’s incredible you know even some our over trips were just excellent but this is Phenomenal and look! got a fish on you bring it in I not not to bring in a dolphin you are the dolphin man here I don’t want tough a dolphin anymore that dolphin cost me my Marlin. so you bring him in Eldorado
strikes again that going to be your..slowly slowly That’s going to be your punishment your going to bring every dolphin in. every dolphin everyone? every dolphin we ctach you will bring in. that’s alright . that’s your punishment for the day. I can stand it. aaw! put the thing in right it keeps slipping out. oh no rick? rick is helping you. You bet! this takes team work I know. nothing but team work. I wonder when the blue comes up. and you take an hour to fight it no we are going to catch a big one before this day is over.We have almost been on a a slam A sailfish. we can’t get all the lines out and we are bite. if it is a female we will let her go. what we doing here is to we let all the female dolphins go because right now they are full of row right now.Yes they are full of row and we want to make sure they keep these waters are just infested with guilty fish we have a lot of fish out here. Look at him jump Oh man! it’s that fantastic. [Music] [Music] that is Jet these are small fish this is
something I have to remember I have to get used to smaller fish you got to be more gentler with them I am a little too rough on them I think. you are to use to those Pacific sails while these little fish are so acrobatic thou They just get up and stay up and they open that sail they liked about
the same size as that you know you know they’re not the same
side but they look bigger than they really are. they really do. Tose fish look 80 90 100 pounds when
they jump I will get this one out of your way there you go, thank you one of the most important
things to do is you clear the deck. as soon as one angler has a fish on all
the other anglers and mate clears the deck. what that allows is a fish not to run
into more than one line these fish are very acrobatic and they like to jump and run. and they’ll run back and forth and you will ead up with a fish in 5 different lines right away you clear the deck. this gives the angler an opportunity
to move and use the whole boat yeah he can move from one side to the
other chase the fish. another important factor you notice most of these boats have pad on them. that’s used you lean against his pad when you’re
fishing this gives you a lot of balance even if the boat is rocking and rolling this allows you to have good balance good positioning on the fish it also take a lot of strain off
your back Nice fish aw watch him go. Look at him jump what size, it is actually a pretty good sailfish yes it is look at him go Man! when you got a smaller fish like this one of the things I was doing wrong I was playing him to hard. take your time go up or come down gently they have a softer mouth some of the
Pacific and some the bigger Bill fish. you have a tendency to tare that’s coming up coming up he’s coming up he is starting to run I am not letting him. aw good that makes a fun fish. He’s coming up he is going to jump! alright! Yes! Look at that something else that is very important when you’re fishing you to keep moving your line. so you are always goes back on your
reel very smooth when that fish does that run like he just did
he will take the line out if it is stack up in one area it will fall and break the very important okay he is right here getting him close. this is a pretty nice little fish now yes he is he is 60, 50 pounds think files over 50 yeah over 50 which is pretty good for an Atlantic sailfish na this fish is going to be fine. he is just shin hooked grab the leader Pat that’s how you do it. Grab the leader and swim him the other way. the more active, There he goes how about that for a release. Look at him go Alright! That was a wonderful fish wasn’t he? aw he is not hurt a bit and he toke right off. That was a great fish. the thing about
it is that you have to remember they are smaller fish Alantic to Pacific you play them a lot lighter you did a great job wow what a trip be on the look at the very near future we are going back to this Cozumel channel area to do some bottom fishing So from beautiful Puerto Aventuras I’m Pat Traynor we’ll see you next week
on the American Angler [Music]

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