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there’s three bucks to the right of
those cedars along the top of the ridge over there. I can’t tell what they are. headed right like angling right down towards that right in that bubble right
there there’s more of them down in there that I can see just through the through
the trees they’re going down in there I’m guessing to bed well it’s about 8
o’clock now and we’ve been glassing since first light up on this High Point
it’s our first morning in Nebraska and I’ve got Jake and Brody with me these
guys came out last week and hunted for three days but we came back this week
and we’re gonna try to stay for five to seven days we’re gonna try to learn a
little bit about this open country this is something that I’ve never hunted in
Jake has hunted here for several years so he’s got some experience here a lot
of what we’re gonna be doing he’s gonna be doing a lot of glassing obviously
with this open country you can see a long way so we’ve got optics we’ve got a
spotting scope everybody’s got a pair of binoculars on them we’re not going to be
very picky we’re out here trying to learn some new stuff for future years
trying to fill some tags we’re super excited about it like – awesome area
we’ve got a lot of ground to cover we’ve got a lot of places that we’ve
mapped out and that’s one of the things that I think is key for us I like to
really get a good idea of what the area is like based off of maps and have
several places of interest pointed out just like when we’re hunting public land in
an Iowa we’re pretty far off the road right now it probably was an hour walk
this morning to get back to this high point and it paid off
we actually spotted three at least three nice bucks up there what they’re doing
is they’re coming off the hills and going down into these marshes and right
where it falls off a lot of times there’s some trees and there’s not a lot
of trees out in this area as you can tell but where there are trees down
along the marsh those deer coming off those sand hills feeding staging up
before they go to bed and then going to bed right down the edge of those trees
we don’t have a lot of opportunity for tree stands we have a tree stand
with us but it’s a whole different ballgame out here I’m excited about it
as a group feel pretty confident that three is a pretty good number we can
have two people hunting and one guy glassing at all times and that’s kind of
the strategy that we have going into this very excited about it we’ve got
some Bucks that we’ve seen already and we know right where they went to bed so
we’ve got a plan for this afternoon I think we’re just gonna basically get as
close to them as possible and hunt them and coming out the same way that they
went in we’ll be hunting for probably at least five days so should be fun and
hopefully we can fill some tags here in Nebraska we’re geared up and we’re
headed back towards where those Bucks went down into the marsh and bedded down
this morning and that’s where we’re gonna ease into this evening we think
one buck might have even bedded down right in there so what we’re gonna do is
try to use the terrain and the thick vegetation to our advantage we think
these Bucks are bedded down in the marsh which is good for them they’re in the
middle of a lot of thick cover but it’s also good for us because I don’t think
they’re gonna be able to see us from their beds today we’ve probably got a
steady 15 20 mile an hour breeze and that’s gonna conceal our sound and the
wind is also in our favor so we know it’s gonna be pretty consistent coming
down through this Marsh we’re gonna ease our way into the wind and like I said
we’re gonna try to get as close as possible to these Bucks because when
they get up out of their bed they can do a number of different things generally
they go up into the hills but there’s a lot of different routes that they can
take like I said we’re just gonna get try to get as tight to them as possible
and hopefully we can get one of them to come close enough for the Hoyt tonight I mean he was like 4 yards after that coyote came through we looked up and there was an eight point year-old buck coming across I grunted
at him a couple times and he showed interest but he was headed up into the
hills and then a doe and her fawn went the same exact path so we came up here
probably another 80 yards they were right on the point of this thick
vegetation I don’t even follow the deer coming right around the corner of that
that’s what they were doing this morning now that we’re down here we can tell
that nice thing about being on the ground he can make small adjustments
like that in the last minute we crept up here if any big buck comes following we
should be right in the right position I was getting pretty excited won’t even
show an interest but we might have seen a bigger one in here this morning so
maybe I’ll come through yet

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  1. I don’t know how far west you were but wait until you’re crawling on your hands and knees like that and you run up on a rattlesnake… I’m from Mn and went Muley hunting west river sd with my bow last year. After glassing a group that I was going to make a move on, I got up and took two steps and heard the scariest noise ever! Not a big fan of snakes as it is and this rattlesnake was as big as any I’ve ever seen on tv… that’ll wake you up in the morning lol

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