Princess Cruises Royal Princess Cruise Ship Tour And Review

Join me as we take a tour of the
magnificent Royal Princess, part of the Princess Cruises fleet. I’m Gary Bembridge
of Tips For Travellers. I’m here on board the Royal Princess, and I’m going to show
you around every part of this ship.Tthe Royal Princess was originally launched
in 2013 and was christened by Her Royal Highness the Duchess of Cambridge.
There are 19 decks, it holds 3,560 passengers and right across the ship
there is a lot of things to do. What I like about the Royal Princess is the
decor. It feels very understated. It feels very stylish but at the same time it
feels pretty luxurious. It’s not glitzy, it’s not brash, it’s very refined.
So what about the choice of things to do? In terms of dining, included in your fare
are a whole lot of options including dining in one of the three main
restaurants. You can either go for traditional dining (so early sitting or late
sitting) and you’ll have the same table, the same waiting staff or you can go for
“anytime dining” which basically means that the dining room is open normally
around about 5:30 until nine o’clock in the evening and you can either make
reservations or just arrive and be either sitting by yourself or with other people
if you want to meet people. Other dining options which are included in the fare:
You have the Horizon Court, which is the huge buffet restaurant with lots of
choice. And it’s open for breakfast, lunch and dinner and has all sorts of amazing
foods. They also have a fantastic area, which is hugely popular, with the
most amazing range of pastries. The Horizon Court buffet is really really
popular. There’s a 24-hour dining option which is called the International Cafe
down in the Atrium. Food appropriate to the time of day id served here. It’s also a
coffee shop where you can have your specialty coffees. Every afternoon at
around about 3:30 in the afternoon is afternoon tea, served very traditional
afternoon tea and that’s included within the fare. You can also go for the Royal
afternoon tea which does have a surcharge and this is held
within the atrium. You also have 24-hour room service which is included in the
fare and also you can have dining at Alfredo’s pizza – really really tasty
pizza. In terms of alternative dining venues there’s the Crown Grill. This is steak and seafood which is renowned across the fleet.
There’s an Italian on board called Sabatini’s, again a very popular spot. You
also have a sushi option which is called the Ocean Terrace Seafood Bar. You can
get free ice cream up in the Horizon Court but there’s also a gelato shop
where you can have various gelato or Sundaes, and there is an additional
charge here. There is an enormous selection of bars. Many of the
popular bars are located close to or around the Magnificent atrium area. The
atrium is the real heart of the ship and that stretches between decks five, six
and seven. So some of the most popular bars include the Vines which is a wine bar,
Bellinis bar which is a really great bar which overlooks the atrium, you have the
Wheelhouse Bar which is located just near the Crown Grill, Crooners bar is a
really popular venue before or after dinner, and you have someone playing the piano
here. And then if you’re looking for something later at night there’s Club
Six. This is the nightclub and it goes on to all hours of the early morning. In terms
of entertainment on board of course the most important entertainment venue of
all is the Princess Theater. This is a massive theater and it holds around about
950 people with two shows in the evening and it’s either a production
show or will be various guest artists brought on board. Also in the theater
you’ll have the enrichment lectures where speakers talk about history or
destinations. Another popular entertainment area is the Vista lounge
on deck 7 and there might be bands performing or singers performing in here
during the evening. Sometimes during the day there will be a string quartet or
some music down in the atrium area. Another really important
entertainment area is the casino. This is a huge casino with lots of very modern
machines and lots of tables. Really popular venue. One of Princess Cruises signatures
is Movies under the Stars, and this is a massive big screen out on the pool deck
where they may show concerts during the day and they will often show movies in
the evening. Princess Live is kind of the television studio space onboard and a lot of
the quizzes are held in here and if there’s ever any sort of events
or talks these can also be held in here. In terms of fitness and the outdoors:
first of all of course there are swimming pools. The Fountain Pool
which is where the Movies under the Stars are and then you have the retreat
pool (which is actually my favorite pool) towards the front of the ship and near
the Sanctuary. The Sanctuary is a premium area where you can hire a cabana or
beautiful loungers here and relax in a more quiet and peaceful area
if you don’t want to sort of hang around by either Retreat pool or the Fountain
pool. You have a huge and very well-equipped fitness center, and you
also have classes held in here. The classes held in here tend to have an
extra charge associated with them, however if you’re into something like
Zumba often and particular sea days there’s Zumba classes held right down
in the Atrium, and they are included within your fare. If you’re into running there
is a very nice running track out on deck, and then there’s also other sports
facilities including a place where you can practice golf, there’s places we can play
sport outside and often there’ll be various sports activities held out on
the sports deck. There’s a huge big spa on board and this is called the Lotus
Spa, where you can have your various treatments. They have saunas and
hairdressers. If you’re planning to get married at sea, there is a wedding
chapel where you can actually get married or renew your vows. There’s a
number of Kids Clubs and their zoned around different age groups. There will
be programs run in the morning, the afternoon and the evenings. On the
Royal Princess there’s a wide range of shops. Of course you’ll also have the
photographic section where all the various photographs taken during the
cruise are for sale, a little camera shop and then there are the other shops
which sell pretty much everything you want so jewelry, clothes, watches,
cosmetics, there’s a chocolate shop on board and also there is one of those
things that many cruise ships have – the artworks and the art auction
section. There are laundry rooms dotted around the ship, and these are pretty big.
There is a cost for using them but it’s not very much. Of course you’re going to
have things like your shore excursions desk, you’re going to have your future sales
desk and of course guest service desks. So the usual sort of facilities
you would expect. The Royal Princess is a very beautiful ship. It’s got a very
stylish decor, it feels very luxurious, it feels very
premium, it feels a little bit understated, it’s not loud and glitzy and I
really like the feel of the ship. It did just have a nice calming feel to it and
a very stylish feel to it. As I mentioned earlier it doesn’t have all the glitz
that you might have on a resort style ship with climbing walls, ice-skating
rinks, bowling rinks. It tends to be a relatively traditional style cruising,
really focusing on the accommodation, focusing on places to eat and to drink, to
socialize and of course traditional shows and talks. It’s a big ship with
lots and lots of choice. I really like the ship, as you can probably tell, and
hopefully this video has helped you decide if this is a ship suitable for
you. If you enjoyed the video I’d love it if you “liked” the video. You can watch
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