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Diving in never responds. Oh, well, you did this ready. Did you put it back in? I put it back in you dig that Hey guys, we are the cast of Pretty Little Liars the perfectionist and we are about to dive in with MTD. Yes What is do that rhyme your show in emojis who describe our show in emojis? Okay, I’m gonna go with the flame Yeah, double horn smirky face black hearts Nice Good emoji that has no mouth. It’s just the eyes eyes looking like lurking mana tree woods That was my sister’s face watch eating a pie like she was like Very literal, but we can go In the world of Pretty Little Liars relationships are a big deal. So who will everyone be shipping on the perfectionist? Wait do relationships also count as friendships. Oh, that’s true. Because what would the perfectionist ship name? Who never responds and the perfectionist group chat Eli Guilty face. Did you really you’re such a hipster? You look at the og hipster. None of you have really annoying Eli has made our group chat green Vote you know, add my add my your Gmail my gmail Okay Really incredibly What was the last text message reflecting you guys are gonna have to do this I Can’t remember but I think it should have been me spamming you with pictures of my cats because I just know how much you loved All that it doesn’t stop No one is safe the truth comes out See, but but then you were like you made the mistake of saying no Sydney if you want to send me a photo or video So did my GP Back in this town. All right. What’s the last white lie you’ve told oh that my cat looks skinny Story, you know Joey’s are beautiful fluffy Oh Joey. Yes. Well, he got a little bit sick. So we took him this weekend anam They had to completely Shave him they had to know anybody. I know we don’t want to photograph it We don’t want him to be scarred by the trauma of what he looks like right now But the first thing the white light I told Vince is that he still looked really cute But it’s white Larry exactly was he shaved his whole body? All right, here’s our last question what is the deal with Emily and Alison aka hashtag Alison is still very much in love there Mary. They’ve got two beautiful girls and they are just wanting to be better people and Alison’s way of becoming a better person is going to get her degree in a weird town called Beacon Heights and things don’t Necessarily go her way, but they love each other very good answer they do love each other very much

100 thoughts on “‘Pretty Little Liars: The Perfectionists’ Cast on Who They’re Shipping & #Emison | Dive In

  1. I’m watching Pretty Little Liars: The Perfectionists right now and it’s so good! I’m enjoying it a lot! They did a fantastic job on it!🤩

  2. It's like Sasha and Janel on a vacation with their three children 🤣🤣🤣🤣💀💀💀 it's a big happy family

  3. I feel bad for janel she’s the oldest of the group and now she’s like the outcast. Sasha used to

  4. who Shay Mitchell
    DID U Know Sasha Played the ICE Princess and Marissa on Shark Boy and Lava GIRLS AND She was on Dancing with the stars Like Janel Parrish was
    Janel Parrish Played Jade on BRATZ

  5. Sasha looks more happier in interviews now with the other girls in the show pll she looked left out /: she was hardly talking and now she talks and laughs and they pay attention to her that makes me so happy

  6. They didn't show Shay Mitchell's face on the picture in episode 1, does that mean Emily will never guest star?

  7. I’m gonna need Emily to at least make a guest appearance like come on they are still married with kids for at least one episode she should come visit after all Alison is her wife!

  8. Wait so.. no more Emison tho??! 😭😭
    I swear if someone tries to get in Emison’s way, especially a boy, Imma freak the freak out (HEEYYYY)

  9. Mona on the phone to Hanna and asking about the baby, learning about Spencer and Toby eloping just had me feel so nostalgic tbh

  10. I hope janel has a real love interest, I was sad when she and Mike didnt end up together, I know that doesn't have anything to do with the show, but just something I thought about.

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