President Trump Gives Remarks at the United States Coast Guard Academy Commencement Ceremony

The President: Thank you, and
congratulations to the Class of 2017. Great job. And, General Kelly, I want
to thank you for your leadership as the Coast
Guard’s Service Secretary. You’ve really been
something very, very special to us as a
country, and to me and our administration. You’ve done throughout
your entire life an incredible job
defending your country. Thank you very much, John. (Applause.) And John and all of his folks are also doing an incredible job
protecting our homeland and our border. And I’m thrilled that
my first address to the Service Academy is the
graduation ceremony for the United States
Coast Guard. Believe me, it’s
a great honor. (Applause.) I’ve been here
before and it’s a very, very special place. Every cadet graduating
today, as your Commander-in-Chief, it is
truly my honor to welcome you aboard. (Applause.) And you should
take a moment to celebrate this incredible
achievement. Governor Malloy, thank
you for being here. Governor, thank you. We’re glad you
could join us. And I know how busy the
governors are nowadays, and they’re out
there fighting. It’s never easy. Budgets are a little
tight, but we’re doing a job, all of us are doing
a job, working together. I want to also thank
Admiral Zookunft and his leadership. His leadership
has been amazing. Today’s graduates will be
fortunate to serve under such capable and
experienced Commandant. He really is fantastic. Thanks also to Admiral
Rendon, the Academy Superintendent. Admiral, I understand you
come from a true Coast Guard family. Two brothers, a nephew,
a cousin have all passed through these halls. That’s very impressive. I guess you like
the place, right? (Applause.) Somebody in your family has been doing something right, I can tell you that. I’m sure they all are very
proud, just as we are very proud of the fine
young officers who are graduating today,
Admiral, on your watch. I would also like to
take this opportunity to express our appreciation
to all of the parents and the grandparents and
family members who have supported these
amazing graduates. Give your parents
and everyone a hand. Come on. (Applause.) Because America has families like yours, and we’ll keep all
of those families safe and very, very secure. You’re keeping your
families safe now. If you are not already,
you’re about to become military families. So, starting today, I
hope you feel the full gratitude of our nation. These fine young cadets
are about to take their rightful place on the
front line of defense for the United States
of America. Cadets, you deserve not
only the congratulations but the gratitude of each
and every American, and we all salute you. (Applause.) A proud nation. And you’re a part of a
very, very proud nation which salutes the 195 199
cadets of the Coast Guard Academy Class of 2017. Good job. (Applause.) And I understand from the admirals that this has
been a very special class. You’ve been trained here
to handle the toughest of situations, the hardest of
moments really that you can experience, and the
hardest in people’s lives, and to help the weak
in their hour of need. But even for the Coast
Guard, this class has been exceptionally dedicated
to public service. You served breakfast at
the local food bank every single weekday. You rebuilt a home with
Habitat for Humanity. Last year, you led cadets
in donating a total of 24,000 hours — a lot
of time — to community service. You’ve done amazing work. And in the true Coast
Guard fashion, you had fewer people and fewer
resources, but you accomplished the
objectives, and you did it with skill and with pride
— and, I’d like to say, under budget and
ahead of schedule. We’re doing a lot of that
now in the United States government. (Applause.) We’re doing a lot of that. I won’t talk about how
much I saved you on the F-35 fighter jet. I won’t even
talk about it. Or how much we’re about
to save you on the Gerald Ford, the
aircraft carrier. That had a little bit of
an overrun problem before I got here, you know that. Still going to have
an overrun problem. We came in when
it was finished. But we’re going to
save some good money. And when we build the new
aircraft carriers they’re going to be built under
budget and ahead of schedule, just
remember that. (Applause.) That will allow us to build more. Now, of course, there are
always a few slip-ups from time to time —
you know that. For example, I understand
that once or twice, First Class Cadet Bruce
Kim — where’s Bruce? (Applause.) Where’s Bruce? Oh, Bruce, how do you do
this to yourself, Bruce? (Laughter.) As Regimental
Parking Officer, might have accidentally caused a
few tickets to be issued or a few of your
cars to be booted. Bruce, what’s
going on with you? (Laughter.) But, Cadets,
from this day forward, we want everyone to have
a clean slate in life. That includes
Bruce, right? (Laughter.) And so, for
any oversights or small violations that might have
occurred this year, as tradition demands, I
hereby absolve every cadet serving restrictions
for minor offenses. Now, Bruce — stand
up once again, Bruce. (Laughter.) They saved
you, Bruce, because they all wanted me to
do that, okay? Thank you, Bruce. Congratulations, Bruce. (Applause.) Good job. By the way, Bruce,
don’t worry about it. That’s the tradition. I was forced to do that. You know that. Don’t worry. (Laughter.) This is truly
an amazing group of cadets that are here today
for commission. You could have gone to
school anywhere you wanted — and with very, very
few responsibilities by comparison. Instead, you chose
the path of service. You chose hard work, high
standards, and a very noble mission — to
save lives, defend the homeland, and protect
America’s interests around the world. You chose the Coast Guard. Good choice. Good choice. (Applause.) You’ve learned skills they don’t teach at other schools
right here on the grounds of this academy and also
on your larger campus — the open sea. That is a large, large
campus, isn’t it? A beautiful campus. But the greatest lesson
you’ve learned at this proud institution is the
knowledge you’ve learned about yourself. It’s the knowledge that
each and every one of you is something very special
— you are leaders. From the first stormy days
of your Swab Summer to your final weeks as a
first class cadet, you have been expected to take
responsibility, to make decisions, and to act. And I — like all leaders,
that’s exactly what you have to do. You have to act, and you
have to act properly. And you have to learn how
to act under great, great pressure. You’re all going to be
under great pressure. You have to learn how to
respond and to act under great pressure. Just days from now, you
will put this vital skill into the service of your
ships, your sectors, and your country. You’ll serve as deck watch
officers on our amazing Coast Guard cutters. You’ll bring law and order
to the dangerous waters as boating officers. You will block illegal
shipments of cash, weapons and drugs. You will battle the
scourge of human trafficking — something
that people haven’t been talking about. One of the big, big
plagues of the world. Not our country
only — the world. Human trafficking. Americans will place their
trust in your leadership, just as they have trusted
in generations of Coast Guard men and women, with
respect for your skill, with awe at your courage,
and with the knowledge that you will
always be ready. You are Always Ready. Not only will our citizens
trust in your leadership, your commanders will
trust you as well. The Coast Guard is
the gold standard in delegating decision-making
down to chain command. So just as your
instructors have at the academy, your Coast Guard
commanders will explain their vision, and then
they will trust you to get the job done. Just like I, as your
President, will also trust you to get the job done. It’s amazing to think of
the adventures that are about to begin for you. Across the country this
month, millions of other students are graduating
high school, college. Many others are wondering,
just what am I going to do. They’re saying to
themselves, what are they going to do. You know what
you’re going to do. Many, many students are
graduating from college right now. They’re saying, what
am I going to do? Where am I going
to go to work? You know it. You picked a good
one, by the way. You picked a beautiful
one, a good one, and we’re really proud to have
you, I can tell you. (Applause.) Years from now, some of them may look back and ask themselves
whether they’ve made the right choice, whether
they’ve made the most of the opportunities
they’ve been given. In the Coast Guard, you
will face many challenges and many threats, but one
thing you will never have to face is that question
of what will I do. When you look back,
you won’t doubt. You know exactly how you
spent your time — saving lives. I look at your admirals, I
look at General Kelly, I look at some of the great
people in service, and I want to tell you, they’re
excited about life. They love what they do. They love the country. They love protecting our
country, and they love what they do. Is that right? Good. I didn’t think anyone
was going to say no. (Laughter.) That would have ruined our speech, right? (Laughter.) They’re great people. You always know just what
you’ll be: the leaders and officers of the United
States Coast Guard. (Applause.) And when they
see your uniform, everyone in the world will know
exactly what that means. What standard — and
really if you think of it, when you talk about the
great sailors, and the great sailors of the
world, we have them. But what stranded sailor
doesn’t feel relief when those red racing stripes
break the horizon? What drifting soul at sea,
with only a short time left to live, doesn’t
rejoice at the sound of those chopper blades
overhead, coming back and coming down to rescue
them from death? What poison-peddling drug
runner, the scourge of our country, doesn’t tremble
with fear when the might of the Coast Guard comes
bearing down on them? In each case, we know
the reason –America’s lifesaving service
is on the way. The Coast Guard is truly
vital to the United States Armed Forces and truly
vital to our great country. (Applause.) Out of the
five branches of our Armed Services, it’s only the
Coast Guard that has the power to break through 21
feet of rock-solid Arctic ice, right? You’re the only ones. And I’m proud to say that
under my administration, as you just heard, we will
be building the first new heavy icebreakers the
United States has seen in over 40 years. We’re going to
build many of them. (Applause.) We need them. We need them. The Coast Guard stands
watch at our ports, patrols our waterways,
and protects our infrastructure. You defend America in a
world of massive and very grave threats. Soon, some of you will
be leading boardings of suspicious vessels,
searching for the most deadly weapons, and
detaining criminals to keep our people safe. Others of you will work
with partners in scores of countries around the
globe, bringing in the full power of the United
States Coast Guard right up to those
distant shores. And some of those shores
are very far away. To secure our borders
from drug cartels, human smugglers, and terrorist
threats, Coast Guard Cutters patrol more than
1,500 miles below our southern border. A lot of people
didn’t know that. When enormous pride hits
your heart, you realize that it’s with this great
skill and tremendous speed, our Coast Guard
men and women interdict dangerous criminals and
billions and billions of dollars’ worth of illegal narcotics every single year. Your helicopters launch
from the decks of world-class national
security cutters, and they chase drug smugglers at
speeds far in excess of 50 knots. In rough seas, at high
speeds, our incredible Coast Guard snipers
take their aim at the smugglers’ engines. And time after time, they
take out the motors on the first shot. They don’t like wasting
the bullets, right? (Applause.) They actually don’t. Your slice through roaring
storms, and through pouring rain and crashing
waves is a place where few other people will ever
venture — exciting. Exciting. But you have to have
it in your heart. You have to love it. You love it. In the Coast Guard, you
don’t run from danger, you chase it. And you are deployed in
support of operations in theaters of conflict
all around the world. But not only do you defend
American security, you also protect
American prosperity. It’s a mission that goes
back to the earliest days of the Revenue
Cutter Service. You’ve read about
that and studied that. Today, the Coast Guard
helps keep our waters open for Americans
to do business. It keeps our rivers
flowing with commerce. And it keeps our ports
churning with American exports. You help billions and
billions of dollars in goods to navigate our
country every day. You are the only federal
presence on our inland waterways. You police the arteries
we need to rebuild this country and to bring
prosperity back to our heartland. And we are becoming very,
very prosperous again. You can see that. Think of the glorious
mission that awaits. You will secure our
harbors, our waterways, and our borders. You will partner with our
allies to advance our security interests
at home and abroad. And you will pursue the
terrorists, you will stop the drug smugglers, and
you will seek to keep out all who would do harm to
our country — all who can never, ever love
our country. Together, we have the same
mission, and your devotion and dedication makes me
truly proud to be your Commander-in-Chief. (Applause.) Thank you. Now, I want to take this
opportunity to give you some advice. Over the course of your
life, you will find that things are not
always fair. You will find that things
happen to you that you do not deserve and that are
not always warranted. But you have to put your
head down and fight, fight, fight. Never, ever, ever give up. Things will work
out just fine. Look at the way I’ve
been treated lately — (laughter) — especially
by the media. No politician in history
— and I say this with great surety — has been
treated worse or more unfairly. You can’t let
them get you down. You can’t let the critics
and the naysayers get in the way of your dreams. (Applause.) I guess that’s
why I — thank you. I guess that’s why we won. Adversity makes
you stronger. Don’t give in. Don’t back down. And never stop doing
what you know is right. Nothing worth doing ever,
ever, ever came easy. And the more righteous
your right, the more opposition that
you will face. I’ve accomplished a
tremendous amount in a very short time
as President. Jobs pouring back
in to our country. A brand-new Supreme Court
justice — who’s going to be fantastic for 45
years — (applause) — a historic investment
in our military. Border crossings — thank
you to our General — are down more than 70 percent
in just a short period of time — a total record,
by the way, by a lot. (Applause.) We’ve saved the Second Amendment, expanded service for our
veterans — we are going to take care of our
veterans like they’ve never been taken
care of before. (Applause.) I’ve loosened
up the strangling environmental chains
wrapped around our country and our economy, chains so
tight that you couldn’t do anything — that
jobs were going down. We were losing business. We’re loosening it up. We’ve begun plans and
preparations for the border wall, which is
going along very, very well. We’re working on major
tax cuts for all. We are going to give you
the largest tax cut in the history of our country if
we get it the way we want it, and we’re going to
give you major tax reform. (Applause.) And we’re also
getting closer and closer, day by day, to great
healthcare for our citizens. (Applause.) And we are
setting the stage right now for many, many
more things to come. And the people understand
what I’m doing, and that’s the most important thing. I didn’t get elected to
serve the Washington media or special interests. I got elected to serve the
forgotten men and women of our country, and
that’s what I’m doing. (Applause.) I will never
stop fighting for you, and I will never stop fighting
for the American people. As you leave this academy
to embark on your exciting new voyage, I am heading
on a very crucial journey as well. In a few days, I will make
my first trip abroad as President. With the safety, security,
and interests of the American people as
my priority, I will strengthen old friendships
and will seek new partners — but partners
who also help us. Not partners who take and
take and take, partners who help, and partners who
help pay for whatever we are doing and all of the
good we’re doing for them — which is something that
a lot of people have not gotten used to and they
just can’t get used to it. I say, get used
to it, folks. (Applause.) I’ll ask them
to unite for a future of peace and opposition
opportunity for our peoples and the
peoples of the world. First, in Saudi Arabia,
where I’ll speak with Muslim leaders and
challenge them to fight hatred and extremism, and
embrace a peaceful future for their faith. And they’re looking very
much forward to hearing what we — as your
representative — we have to say. We have to stop radical
Islamic terrorism. (Applause.) Then in Israel, I’ll reaffirm our unbreakable alliance
with the Jewish state. In Rome, I will talk with
Pope Francis about the contributions of Christian
teachings to the world. Finally, I’ll attend the
NATO Summit in Brussels and the G7 in Sicily
— to promote security, prosperity and peace
all over the world. I’ll meet scores of
leader, and honor the holiest sites of these
three great religions. And everywhere I go, I
will carry the inspiration I take from you each day,
from your courage and determination to do
whatever is required save and protect
American lives. Save and protect
American lives. We want security. You’re going to
give us security. (Applause.) In just one
example, we see how priceless that gift of
life is to the people you touch every day. A few years ago, a Coast
Guard helicopter and rescue swimmer took off
in the direction of three terrified fishermen who
clung to their sinking and burning vessel. That day, our Coast Guard
heroes did their jobs well. They flew over the sea,
despite tremendous danger, and extended a helping
hand at the moment it was most urgently needed. There was very
little time left. But that’s not the most
remarkable part of that story. As one Coast Guard swimmer
put it, you do that stuff all the time. You do it every
hour of the day. Something is happening all
the time with the United States Coast Guard. You do an amazing job. A remarkable thing
happened with that rescue, but when you think of it,
you do those rescues all the time. There, the Vietnamese
fishing captain grabbed the swimmer’s hand. He looked his Coast Guard
rescuer in the eye, and said: “I was asking God to
please let me live….I need to see my kids. Please, God, please, let
me live so that I can see my kids. Then God sent me you.” That’s what he said. (Applause.) To every new
officer, and to every new Coast Guard member here
today, or out protecting life around the world
on some of the roughest waters anywhere, you truly
are doing God’s work. What a grateful heart
you must all have. Because it is with my
very grateful heart, and America’s cheers for the
Coast Guard — and America cheers for you often —
but we wish you good luck. As your
Commander-in-Chief, I thank you. I salute you. And I, once again,
congratulate the Coast Guard Class of 2017. (Applause.) God bless you. God bless the Coast Guard. And God bless the United
States of America. Thank you very much. Thank you. (Applause.) Thank you very much. Thank you, everybody. Great honor. Good luck. Enjoy your life. (Applause.)

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  43. "You cannot escape the responsibility of tomorrow by evading it today". Abraham Lincoln
    May peace prevail

  44. it is time that peace and security become the norm for our great homeland! Trump, Illegalize Antifa.

  45. Trump is being falsely accused by the media , just like Obama was . Why can't more people just see , that Orange is the new Black ?

  46. people complain about this speach but guess what. its inspring to have a president who is in the navy speak to graduates fro the navy!! its better than if they had george cloney or brad pits giving a speach! we should RESPECT are president!

  47. 19:20 always gotta make it about himself. The media reports on him so much because he has zero respect for anyone who doesn’t hold the same ideas as he does.
    “Hi Mr. Trump, I’m a democrat but I’m-“
    Honestly if he could act professionally once in awhile he might have more supporters.

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