100 thoughts on “President Trump Attends the 2019 Army-Navy Game

    VOTE TRUMP 2020

    VOTE TRUMP 2020

  3. Wow, that is impressive stuff. And I wouldn't have a single clue about it, if it weren't for the White House Newsletter's sending me here. This event was big news that the Fake News Media didn't have the decency to report. Unbelievable. It's as if there are two separate countries going on. But I'm glad that I'm a citizen of THIS one.

  4. Big respect n Thank you to the US military.
    The men n women ,past n present for your service dedication, commitment and sacrifice for your great country and to the free world.
    Trump smackin the Democrats way way out of the ball park and beyond the carpark.
    Trump Legendary Mighty US President
    In Australia we say Merry Christmas and will forever say it.
    Merry Christmas

  5. Eat your heart out hillary you will never get there respect from americas military so take that to your grave🇺🇸💪🇺🇸💪😎

  6. Why is he wearing a KAG hat when the KAG domain is owned by STOYER DEMOCRATS? Thanks for your support, dumb Donny.

  7. MAGreater President Trump! You are the business man that our Creator God placed here — not another politician! Thank you Lord Jesus!

  8. did you know that some drug companies put a "gag" on pharmacists so they couldnt advise customers of better deals on generic drugs?! well they did, & president trump signed into law that they could NO longer do that. president trump also pushed thru FDA reforms so that they could ramp up their testing & approval of generic drugs so the public can get access to them. before trump became pres, drug prices rose almost 4% every year. trump made it a priority to lower those prices. last 10 months, over a 1% drop in some drugs. so this is an important issue that previous presidents have ignored because they got campaign donations from the drug companies & they had strong lobbys in the WH. trump is the first one to take them on for the benefit of the american people & wouldnt take their campaign donations. its just another promise he has kept & you wont ever hear about it on the fake news. my brother is in pharmaceuticals, so thats how i know about these great changes trump has done. maga 2020 for more good things to come.

  9. Goof Morning Dear President Trump: Wow you are incredible. Must be God helping you giving you all that strenght. Awesome. Have a Good Morning. God Bless you. Read Mathew 28. Always Pray in Season and out of Season. Prayer woks. So far this week I read 15 Chapters for healing Scriptures in the New Testament. Because we have the Old Testament and the New Testament. I felt much better after reading my Bible.

  10. Let's ALL remember the true 'Reason For The Season'… Merry Holy Christmas to all! 
    AND: A 'Wonderful Mystery' solved! https://zionsgate.wordpress.com/2007/06/02/eulogy-to-a-step-father/

  11. The girl that Prince Andrew molested was recruited while at work, working as an attendant at President Trump's Mar-a-lagon resort. Epstein and his girlfriend were members for more than a decade, Trump invited Epstein to parties at Mar-a-lago.

    Epstein was able to plead his crimes down to a minimum sentence, and as part of the agreement the documents (including all of the other implicated participants) were sealed and a blanket immunity given to other abusers. The U.S attorney who signed off on this deal? Alex Acosta, who Trump appointed his Secretary of Labor.

  12. Let keep it 100% fact. Mr President Trump only look good on Obama leftover. Economy was already getting good when Obama left the office. Trump is shining on Obama spotlight.😂😂😂😂 If yall know anything about that? Because economy can't change from very bad to very good in 4 years. Is impossible. 😂😂😂 is Obama. Low tax is what Bush did before, and it crash America to the ground. Trump is doing the same on lowing taxes. Lowing tax do not boost up an economy. It don't do nothing but putting money in to a rich men pockets. That was Bush did.

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  14. Army veteran laughing at the picture with our president with all the sailors he looks snug as a bug in the rug!!!!!

  15. Will you keep retainer like Iran is important no thert seike place is important but there's like a really major small issue here and is me and if you don't give me my money cap hes knee

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  17. You want to keep America great then Mr. President you MUST publicly expose and warn the American people of the Baal idols (false gods= satan) that are deceiving billions of people. Everywhere you look in America (and worldwide) on TV, music videos, celebrities, politicians, YouTube, food products, drink products, clothing, children's cartoons, books, fast food restaurants etc!
    Prepare for the kingdom of heaven is at hand! Make straight his paths.

  18. General Milley is standing tall and looking good in his ASUs. Dang he makes the uniform look good! Great video White House!

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