Port Ginesta in Castelldefels Barcelona. A Fantastic Place to Keep a Yacht

Greetings I’m Rob Woodward from Network Yacht Brokers Barcelona I work in Port Ginesta Barcelona. I put this video together to show you what a great place Port Ginesta is to keep a motor boat or
yacht. Sailing all year round and lots of things to do for friends and family I
hope you enjoy the video (Music) In the summer Yeh we are happ hapy da dada de dadde da da dar (Music) by Queen – Barcelona I had this perfect dream this dream was me and you I want all the world to see you are a sensation my my guiding inspiration now my dream is slowly coming true wind is a gentle breeze The bells are ringing out They are calling us together it will be forever wish My Dream would never go away BARCELONA! It was the first time that we met! How could we forget the moment you stepped into the room you took my breath away BARCELONA! God willing we will meet again…… some day….. Thanks for watching the video if you’d
like more information about keeping a boat in the Mediterranean or selling a
boat. Please get into it with us at Network Yacht Brokers Barcelona We will be
more than happy to help

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