Polish Girl buys Sail Boat for €1 !! …… Yes, that is ONE EURO. Ep. 122

Oh, thanks Coffee, my darling Alright, so since Riley’s “solo sail” we have been here, in Marina De Valeta Just chilling, catching up on some work The main town is just over in here to the hub It’s where all the museums, the restaurants. It’s where you wanna go and hang out, so this is a really cool little marina to… Sautee into there. It really is.. Sautee? im not sure It really is just a walk away and like Riley’s the history nerd and I’ve found myself just absolutely blown away. Like, we are next to a fort There is a fort, just outside. It can be annoying in Europe, like going from marina, to marina, to marina But when you are surrounded by the most insane history in the entire universe, that’s pretty cool Yeah,so Elayna and I are solo now, Troyer has done his tour of duty He was a fantastic help for us around the Mediterranean, but I think he’s gonna do his own thing He’s looking at buying a boat or.. he’s got quite a few ideas so yeah, the interested to see how he goes But he was a fantastic help He taught us so much And you know we taught him how to sail and it was just a really good experience overall and we love you Daniel Thank you so much for your help. Honestly. We are off to Africa… Yes What’s that song? …I bless the rains down in Africa… Yeah, can you cover that? Yeah, I should, shouldn’t I ? Yeah,
yeah We’re going to Africa. We’re super-excited Firstly, Malta! Yes I could spend a very, very long time in Malta. Two things: that we’re gonna do while we’re here is: I bumped into a young girl by the name of Justine or Justina, who’s a Polish girl who bought a boat for one euro And she’s gonna refit the entire thing herself, so we’re gonna go and hang out with her a bit. Hopefully help If we can Yeah, I really want to go scuba diving, while we’re here I heard about wreck, its massive. Apparently there was an explosion in the middle of it, and they sunk it And yeah, it’s just perfectly laying on the bottom So, there’s like, it’s world-class diving here. World-class wreck diving in Malta. So, that’s what’s up The next day the Dive Center picked us up from the marina and we headed into their shop to grab some gear Then we drove to the other side of the island, where the shipwreck was Today we’d be exploring the remains of the 115 metres long “Um El Faroud”, lying on the ocean floor at about 35 meters deep. Due to its size and depths, we’d only get to see the front half, according to our camera-shy dive guide, Marco Oh, I cannot … Yeah, come on.. The history of it.. Where’s the ship come from? The ship…No, guys., I can not do it… Want some help? The “Um El Faroud” was built in 1969 in England and used to carry fuel between Italy and Libya In 1995 she was docked in Malta when an explosion occurred in the center tank. Nine people, unfortunately, lost their lives She was considered to write-off due to structural damage And sat in the harbor of Valletta for three years, until they decided she would be better of under the surface as an artificial reef So they towed her around here and laid her to rest We found the middle section, where the ship was separated, either due to the explosion or from how it was sunk or both I’m not too sure We got to go inside and explore multiple levels of the ship, keeping an eye out for any sharp bits or loose objects I get this indescribable feeling every time I’m exploring an unoccupied or historical place that humans once used to wander Occasionally barracuda and squid are seen around here, but we weren’t so lucky today Marco, the eel bit me…The eel bit me.
Uhm?… I was bitten by the eel What is eel? The Moray, eel.. No, see, no, ah come on! I tripped over I cut my foot the other day, I was drinking Marco drove us back to town, stopping off at a few of his favorite sites on the way. Then off we went to catch up with 22-year old Polish legend, Justina Where are we ? That’s a good question. In a quarry We’re in a quarry She was taking us to see her sailboat “Juanita” that she purchased for a euro. Yes, that is 1 euro Awesome Wait until you get inside Prior to the purchase “Juanita” had been in the water in a marina, here in Malta But Justina got her hauled out and put somewhere cheaper, for the future refit in the middle of the island, in a quarry Everything is rusty That’s a really proper lock And no one break into that No one, for sure Oh my gosh, cute I think I’m more lucky than… It’s all about luck, I would say Why? It’s not a really common story to get a boat for one euro But, if you wouldn’t try then obviously you wouldn’t get it. So, it’s… Exactly.
You need to try, but… And how did you get the boat for one euro? So, I’ve just seen an announcement on the net that there is a guy, who owns quite old boat, and he wants to sell it but It was like… it was written, like he wants to sell it to the person who is young and who have a dream University is not the thing I wanted to do, and I’ve seen this announcement, and I sent an email to the guy It seems like I am quite right person, so if I want to see the boat and talk about details then I need to go to Malta So, it was, like in winter and the flight from Poland to Malta are extremely cheap, like I paid, like 20 euro, so I had nothing to lose. I was really impressed I didn’t expect that the boat would be in this condition, cause it’s quite old boat, she was built in 1971 So, she’s pretty old and she’s really well kept, so… I was expecting something more like a wreck Me too! So So, I was really surprised and the owner and his wife, there are such a lovely couple, and They just asked me… What I can offer, like what kind of price I can offer them, because they didn’t want to tell me the price But at this moment I had no savings at all. So, I just said that right now I can not offer you anything, which would be sufficient for this kind of boat, for this size, for this condition of the boat so He told me It doesn’t matter, seems like you are the right person and let’s make a deal. I will give you this boat for 1 euro I started crying I bet We were sitting, like on the table having a dinner, and I started crying, cuz I wouldn’t expect something like that I have goosebumps, honestly, that’s amazing That’s so nice of them. So, we signed, we signed the contract and then I Flied back to Poland, realised that I have a boat And I have to change my life, so I left my university, I moved to Malta, I started to live on my boat because it was in the marina And I was, like work in the random bar, and then I started working on boats as day worker and… Everything went really good, and I got this permanent job And I can, I’m able right now to save up money and… We come for the day to hopefully get our hands dirty and help Justine and with a job on board But it turns out what she valued most about us coming along today, was just our advice She asked us everything from very technical yachting stuff, all the way through to just standard sailing destinations We spoke for hours and tried to help her out as much as we could And so Justina, this is a pretty Like, I think this is a really huge Undertaking, what did your parents say? What the parents say? They didn’t say that loud, but they weren’t happy that I moved here, obviously, but they think I’m a bit crazy and insane, but.. They might be right, but I am not sure yet We will see, like… We will see in few years what’s gonna happen Maybe I will end up like an old lady, extremely creepy living alone on my boat, who knows…With a lot of cats still in the quarry Still in the quarry, like ten years later… with cats.. No, I really don’t think so. How many years, do you think, it would take you? To be able to sail on my boat? I would say, like reasonable Two years. It’s kind of big project, cause you need to… Like, when I’m changing the mast than I also have to change, like all the deck design… All the winches, everything, like the first step to start this work is, like to do welding and sandblasting and It’s the first step, and I need to know everything about the later works Because if I’m doing the welding and I need to have prepared everything, like for the mast I need to know exactly how the lines for the sails will be going on the deck Like I, obviously… Some people would have to help me, because I have no idea how to design all these things But, I already realized how amazing and helpful people are.. Anyone who wants to give a hand… If anyone have a aluminum mast, I would, I would like to have it So, aluminium mast… A place to put the boat, place to have it on the hard, where she can work, preferably somewhere with a bit of shade General advice… Just general advice, someone who can weld… Particularly Malta base would be .. Malta base… I think, at some point every hand will be helpful, when I will actually start working here Like painting, removing stuff, stripping the inside Cool, and we’ll put your email… Contact details down there, anyone would like to contact Justina God im feeling really weird, seriously Join us next week with new faces, before we go against what everyone told us and sail over to Tunisia With a new crew member and a few dramas on the way

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  1. This is quite a surprise seeing my home country in this video. I come from a boat building family and I built boats myself and often sailed around Malta. I was born in Malta and apart from 15 years in Britain, I lived on the island and I know every square inch that was shown in this video including the quarry. Yes. I fully agree. that Malta and its harbours are amongst the best in the world with the added advantages that we have some very historic Bastions all around the Harbour. The weather in Malta is kind through out the year and perhaps December, January and February could be a little cold, but it never snows so that will give some idea of what we face. That boat seems to be made of steel and nothing that a little welding could not fix. This young lady is to be admired and I do not think that it is beyond her capability to get it all trimmed to take to water.
    Malta is not the place it used to be. About 80 years ago, it was a remarkable place where we could build the traditional boats without too many restrictions. We built the traditional, Luzzu, Kajjik, Frejgatina, Dghajsa, Firilla, and others.
    The El Farouk which exploded at the dockyard, I know the full story as though I did not cover the court investigation, I did cover many court cases during the last 50 years, including death at the local Dockyard and industry. Dockyards are wonderful places as far as technology is concerned and joining the Royal Naval Dockyard in 1954 was such an exciting time working on all types of Naval craft including gun control and secret coding machines and torpedoes. I proceeded with all this at Chatham Dockyard before I went to Newcastle upon Tyne, where I even played with the models Parsons made and also climbed on the Turbina the first steam turbine ship. That had nine propellers, three on each shaft as they had trouble with cavitation with the high speed turbines.
    Well good luck to this lady, coming summer I shall try to look her up as see how she is getting on with this venture. Any way , Congratulations for her courage.

  2. guess the boat is still in the quarry ? does it stay there or is it almost ready ? whazzup ?? love to hear of your situation .

  3. I'm really sad that Daniel was on your boat for ages, and gets a 30 second off camera send off, after all he's done :/

  4. One Euro …
    ..It would have cost her 1500 euros to move it …She done the owner a favour …In the past a long time back we were paid to take these type of boats out and sink them as they are a liability when they get old ..

  5. Hi guys, recently found your channel and I'm already hooked, you're both awesome and love your adventures. About the wreck dive, do guys have a wreck speciality or can you go in there with a regular advanced open water?

  6. How do you find boats like this for $1, I live in Miami FL and I have found alot of beautiful sailboats but definitely not ready to sail and too expensive. Any advice on how or who I could speak to. I'm thinking of spending more than a year fixing it and getting it ready before setting sail. I appreciate your help

  7. I am interested to help the 1eru lady. I am rebuilding my Steel yacht. And have my on eng. Company. My name is Aubrey

  8. @Sailing La Vegabonde
    Could you tell Justyna that she should wear a respiratory mask when welding. This is very important. Welding fumes can be very unhealthy and there is a story on youtube about a guy who tried to build a 74 foot steel boat and died of cancer because of inhaling all the welding fumes of all his welding work on his boat:
    Search for:
    "74 Foot Homemade Boat Part 1 of 3"

  9. Wow! Talk about chasing your dreams. I wish her all the best for the future and hope she can achieve all she dreams of. Having worked on the restoration of several I know how much work it can be. The best tool is friends. Getting support and help from friends is the key to getting it done, and being a good cook! You will be amazed just how much help you get in return for a tasty dinner. Making you needs known is also a big help. Never ceased to amaze me just how much stuff there is, cluttering up people's sheds,workshops and garages that they happy to give to somebody who genuinely needs it.

  10. Justyna the song you're thinking about is—Africa by Toto

  11. In 1983 I was on a ship tied alongside in Maputo, Mozambique. The town was a wreck, empty stores, bullet holes on the walls and Viva Frelimo! graffiti everywhere. The Civil War was raging across the country. We enjoyed forklift racing on the quayside, football with AK-47 toting Frelimo soldiers, watched through binoculars all the Russian trawlers moored in the bay with myriad antennae bristling their monkey islands, and ate prawns on the beach at Catembe….and all the while the sound of Tot's 'Rains of Africa' blared out from a PA system on the rooftop of the old LMRadio building, about 18hours a day, every day, seven days a week. I cannot hear that song without being taken straight back to those days….parties on Russian freighters, mountains of surplus oranges being discharged from a bulk carrier from Israel, sporadic gunfire outside the town at night every night, and trading bars of Lux soap for tins of cashews from willing stevedores…..good times! Nice video, btw.

  12. I just bought a wooden yacht for a dollar too .I am in Australia and only good with steel if anyone wants to lend a hand hit me up I am in Brisbane QLD

  13. How far can you guys motorsail on the engines? How much fuel does the boat carry? How much propane do you have in your stores?

  14. Elayna, great scuba diving video. You should stream line your octopus (safe second) so that it does not drag and can easily be reached.

  15. And I am just a polish Italian boy with the same dream so hard to change your life I admire what Justyna did taking control of her life and following her passion

  16. Please keep us posted on Justyna's progress on her boat!! As other's have suggested, she should start her own YouTube channel and show her progress!

  17. Pani Justyno podziwiam pania i to co pani robi , powodzenia ! I like watching this young couple sailing , I wish I could do that .

  18. Don't forget to tell budget cruisers HOW TO DIY wind gen for under $100 bucks…I used it for 12 years until I could afford solar and when a solar panel died I still depend on more reliable cheap wind…anyone can do it. The free blade carving class is at windgenzen (c0m) and the skill can take you anywhere in the world…like a fishing village that wishes they had a lihhtvulb or radio without petro. Also remind everyone in a yard; there are boat builders and sailors; the two are often different people so get out of the yard.

  19. Not sure exactly when but seems sometime over the next year or so, if the polish girl needs some help, it would be a fun experience for me to lend a hand. I’m an almost retired engineer / general contractor and love to build, considering doing a lot of sailing in the next few years.

  20. The dock yard (quarry) is opposite to our fields and often wondered who owned that yacht. It has been there for quite a while and often wondered if anyone owned it. What are the odds of me stumbling on this episode and finding an answer to my wonders.😂 You guys are awesome! I wish I found out before that you docked in Malta. Would love to have met you! Keep exploring!

  21. This is my first comment because i really want to know if you Have met with Humaid again since 2017?
    I am a new subscriber and since the day before yesterday i have watched season 1 until this episode im hooked.

  22. Should have opened a go fund me for her! That story! People would give money I'm sure of it! I want to see her get that thing into the water. It's going to cost a lot! She can't build her own ropes and rigging

  23. Watching this again… where can i get my boat for 1 EUR… I am also from the slav country of Slovenia, i have been sailing before, i like sailing. im planning on becoming a skipper. But i also want to travel and work from the boat. I want a boat to live on… but boats are quite expensive in Slovenia

  24. Hi I was wondering how me and my gf can get on with you guys and get a bit of hands on experience this is something we wanted to do for a wile and now we are In a place in our life that we can do it if you do something like this please email me and we can talk a bit and we hope you safe travels always and thanks for the videos it gave me hope when I thought all was going to end

  25. Tavares com saudade deste lindo vídeo e está linda rainha muito bonita Deus abençoe gatinha e o amigo

  26. Muito obrigado por mostra o lindo fundo do mar filmagem excelente parabéns obrigado fica com Deus gatinha e amigos

  27. All of these people chearing on Justyna, and rightfully so. But can we take a moment to appreciate the old sailor that just wanted someone else to live free and gave away his boat to a fellow dreamer? I would LOVE to buy that man and his wife a couple of rounds of drinks and hear their stories!

  28. Nice story! Hopefully she can fix her boat soon and follow La Vagabonde into some amazing places. That is how the dreams start!
    Powodzenia Justyna.

  29. I agreewith DADA 5000. Your So Awsome You two Riley and Elayna for helping out Justina, I'd LOVE to see her dreams come true, How She doing thus far? All my LOVE and GOD BLESSINGS ALOHA Always Sister Chrissy Honolulu Hawai'i Untied States 💙💜💙💜💙💜💙💜💙💜💙💜💙💜💙💜💙

  30. Congratulations Justyna, on Your new boat yacht. Wonderful Beautiful people who litterally gave it to You. What a Blessing. LOVE and GOD BLESS You All ALOHA Always Sister Chrissy Honolulu Hawai'i United States 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜

  31. Just saw this video. I wish I was 22 years old again so I could fly there, introduce myself to Justyna, win her heart and sail the world with her. *sigh*

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