Pietta 1851 Navy Black Powder Revolver .36 Caliber Gun Review

hi it’s AlaskaGranny if you like cap and ball revolvers you might try to find one of the Colt Model 1851 this one is a copy of an
original so this one is only fifteen years old it’s still cap and ball it is still a 36
caliber and the handle I thought it was very pretty and has fake ivory very nice gold detailing and it has a
lot of inscriptions and detailing on the barrels its by I’m not sure Pietta
but these are beautiful gun and they’re like $100 so this one is a copy of the
Wild Bill Hickok gun this one is a copy of one that he liked and he loved ivory handles and so
you can get a little bit of history with one that is a copy and it still just
as much fun to shoot you still put it in half cock and then you release the gate and you put
your ball in there and then you put the cap and the Gunpowder
and then you push it down that is how you would load it this one actually had a fast action put
on it so it’s very smooth if you’ve ever heard of Bob James he used to
be the single action shooter faster champion he is a gunsmith a very
knowledgeable wonderful person lives in Arizona and sometimes I have him
work on guns for me so he put a fast action on this and he thought it was funny he
never worked on just copy of a gun before you know he’s worked on Colts he’s a
revolver expert so he said it was fun to work on this and for me Bill Hickock
used to get in gunfights and he actually was credited with the first real gunfight in the West in Missouri and someone in a bar or something supposedly had an argument with him and
he said let’s go outside and when he got outside he put his gun up here like this
boom that guy was dead and he laid it across his arm and that was it that was all it took if you like cap and ball look for the copies of the Colt Model 1851 like this one was only about
$100 it’s absolutely beautiful and it’s definitely a shooter you don’t have to worry
about taking this out and shooting it you just need to remember to clean them
very well so you don’t have any problems because black powder makes a heck of a
mess so I hope that you leave a comment and that you’re enjoying my firearm
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