Passengers On Cruise Ship In New Jersey Screened For Coronavirus

22 thoughts on “Passengers On Cruise Ship In New Jersey Screened For Coronavirus

  1. That ship looks like Putin’s yacht!!! I don’t know how he bought that on a $100 thousand dollar a year salary though ??????

  2. If you're going to be stuck on a ship it doesn't get much better than being stuck with people who can play bagpipes .

  3. The Chinese doctor who warned about the outbreak of the coronavirus has died from the virus. Had it not been for him, the government would have kept it a secret

  4. Dang… it's already bad that there is a new virus, but to put the ACTAUL virus as a background picture to start your news report… well it's just manipulative …

  5. These people who are waiting to board that cruise ship are dangerously stupid.  It is impossible to clean that ship with a crew and cleaning supplies, and anyone 'cleaning' it should have to go under quarantined, but you can't run a ship without a crew.

  6. LOLOL  That woman said it was expensive to stay at the hotel an extra day.  She has no idea of the cost of getting on a ship that carried infected people.  DUMB should be a virus.

  7. Why the fuck are ppl still traveling. Stop stay fucking home this is some bullshit. No should be allowed to come in America only out at there own risk.

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